Docket Entry, 10–11 July 1840 [State of Illinois v. Owsley et al.]

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State of Illinois) State of ) 1840
County of ) John H. Owsely [Owsley]) July 10th.
Upon the complaint of stating that certain citizens of this had been unlawfully illegally and forcibly taken from this into another &C
Warrant issue into the hands of Lewis Robison Constable which was returned by him served &C with two other persons as well as the Defendant in custody taken on suspicion of being engaged in the same affair Named James Howard & John M. Strother. examination postponed <​until​> unlit to morrow in order to prepare for the examinamination July 10th A D 1840 , J. P.
July 11th 1840 Defendants brought forward Mr Samuel Thompson Joseph Smith Jr wer sworn as witnesses whereupon <​their evidence being heard​> it was adjudged that the sd John M Strother and James Howard be acquited it was then professed that they should be admitted at witneses in behalf of the Defendant John H Owseley which <​was​> granted their evidence being heard it was decided that the Defendant be Discharged without cost
. J. P. [p. [40]]