Docket Entry, 21–22 April 1835 [State of Ohio v. JS for Assault and Battery]

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The State of )
Joseph Smith Junor)
The State of Ohio ss [scilicet]
April 21<​th​> 1835
Dockett fees
Deposition 25
warrent 25
Sopney [subpoenas] 5— 24 <​26​>
Bond— 25
Adn 10
Judgment 25
so H 16
Rec[ognizance] for defen 25
Do for witness 25
Safaitio [satisfaction?] 10
T Script [transcript] 31
Cone [constable] fees
S[erve] warrent 10
Travel— 05
Attending 2 D[ays] 1 50
S. Sopeney 1—
witnesses fees
Lusa [Lucy Mack?] Smith 50
on the oath of A A Warrent was issued Against Joseph Smith Junor
This action is Brot for and Assalt and Batery on the Body of of <​inst in County of ​> April 21<​th​> 1835 wrrant returned By Cons<​i​>table of of St County indorsed as followes April 21<​th​> I have Arrested the within named Joseph Smith Junor and is Before the Cort travil 5<​6​> arrest of 10 Attending Cort 2 dayes 150–$165 Cone[constable] on Application of Counsel for defandand he was held to Bail until the 22 of st month. Return day Partyes appeared & for the and and for defendant after hearing evidence and alagationes it is considered that the Charge is sustaned and the Defendant is required Gave Bail in Bonds of two hundred dollares to Appear at the next Cort of Common Please for ware upon the defendant entered in Bonds with and Joel mcwthy [McWithey]
— J[ustice of the] Peace
Transcrip April 25<​th​> 1835 to [p. 332]


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