Docket Entry, Alias Fee Bill, between 29 March and circa 7 July 1845 [Davis v. JS et al.]

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[No] [Parties Names] [Epitome] [Fee Book] [To whom Issued] [Officers Return]
Fee Bill <​W½​> Lot 41 Block 15. Wells addition to Offered the foregoing Real Estate after legal notice of the time & place of sale & the same was sold for Twenty seven Dollars. & twelve & ½ cents To he being the highest & best bidder for the same & which satisfies this Fee Bill in full July 7. 1845. Sheriff By T. Gridley Jr Deputy
s Cost $21.37½
1993 vs Defendants Do 3:12½ G. 434. T[imothy] Gridley Jr Constable <​Same​>
Joseph Smith, & Fee Bill Issued March 29. 1845
Return day June 27. 1845.
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