Docket Entry, between 14 July and circa 2 August 1842 [City of Nauvoo v. McGraw]

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City of )
William H. McGraw)
Fine— $25,00
Costs of Court—
Consts fees—
The Defendant having lodged an appeal Bond, appealing from a decision of the Mayor, and required a Jury, and two of the Witnesses for the having been bound in a Recognizance to appear at this Municipal Court, on the first day of August 1842.—
1842, July 14th., Subpoena issued for , as a Witness, which was returned, endorsed, “the within is served by reading to the said , fees 12½¢ , Marshal”.—
Same day a Venire issued for a Jury, which was returned, endorsed “this precept served, and a pannel of Jurors names annexed to the Writ, fees $— 25¢ , Marshal.” John Bills, Joshua Smith, Asa Smith, , Robert Snyder [Snider], , David Grant, Perrygreen [Perregrine] Sessions, Daniel Cathcart, Norman Head, Benjn. F. Bird, & Hiram W. Mikesell.
August 1st. 1842. The Court was adjourned until tomorrow, at ten OClock A. M.
August 2nd. 1842. The Court, <​sat,​> The Mayor as Chief Justice, & , & as associate Justices, and the Defendant or any person on his behalf, not appearing, when the Cause was called on, and without empanneling the Jury, the Court pronounced Judgment, to wit: that Judgment be, and hereby is rendered, for the , by default, with all Costs, against the Defendant. and The Costs were taxed at $ [p. 5]