Docket Entry, between 17 and circa 24 August 1837 [Usher v. JS–B]

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Whitmer Rich & Co.
Moses Unsher [Usher]
Joseph Smith Jr.
Debt $36.60
original cost 2 91
Jus. fees 37½
const " 17½
Received on the within 59 cents of
Action of debt on transcript from the docket of late Justice of the p[e]ace for $35.70 dated July 31 1837 by which it appears that Moses Usher obtained judgment Joseph Smith Jr, on the 15th day of March, 1837 of $355,70 [$35.70] debt and $2.60 costs. August 24 17th 1837 Scire facias issued to B[urton] H. Phelps Const. returnable on the 24th inst. at 10 o’clock A.M. which was returned endorsed not found Fees 17
August 24 the defendant not appearing judgment is entered against him for the sum of thirty six dollars and sixty cents debt and costs of original suit and this suit taxed at the three dollars and twenty eight and half <​thirty six​> cents
August 17, 1837 Moses Usher <​as​>signed over all his right title and interest in and to the above judgment to by a receipt on the transcript
Red [received] my fee in the above suit of $1.41 Esqr it being the am[ou]nt Due me on the Tran[scri]pt
Late JP— [13 lines blank] [p. 196]


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