Docket Entry, between 18 and circa 23 December 1837 [Foster Sr. v. Luke Johnson et al.]

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William Foster 1st)
Joseph Smith Junr.)
Debt. $9.02
Const. Cost .45
Just. Costs .60
Tak[i]ng Bail .25
Action of Debt on transcript from the on promissory note of which the following is a copy
By the first day of December next for value reeceived we jointly & severally promise to pay or bearer one hundred dollars and 45/100 with use
May 15th 1837
Said note was endorsed by & Joseph Smith Junr. There were also the following payments endorsed (to wit) one of thirty one dollars the 22d of June 1837 of $.31.00 and on the 13th of Sept. 1837 one of sixty six dollars and 12/100 On the 18th. of December on application of the plaintiff issued a summons returnable to constable Returnable on the 23d. at 1 o.clock P.M. which was returned endorsed served personally on , Joseph Smith Junr <​not found​> Decr. 18th 1837 fees for service .45
On the 23d defendants not appearing, the interest was calculated and judgement was rendered against the defendants for the sum of nine dollars and two cents debt, and one dollar & 0.5/100 costs of suit
J. P.
In the above suit of Wm. Foster 1st against & Joseph Smith Junr I do acknowledge myself bail for said & Joseph Junr Smith Junr for the sum of twenty dollars to be levied of my goods, chattels lands and tenemonts in case the said & Joseph Smith Junr shall fail to make payment of the sum for which judgement is rendered in the above suit.
Lyman Cowdery
Taken signed and acknowledged this 23d. day of Decr. 1837 before me
J. P. [p. 269]


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    TEXT: Possibly “Const.”  

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    TEXT: Written vertically to the right of costs.  

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    Signature of Lyman Cowdery.  

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    Possibly “Decer.”