Docket Entry, between 20 and circa 22 December 1842 [City of Nauvoo v. Clements et al.]

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City of ) Disorderly Conduct.
Albert Clements)
Henry Tener [Tanner], &)
Albert Tener [Tanner])
Fine— $1.00
Mayors fees— 1,93¾
Marshal— 68¾
Decr 19th. 1842.— Complaint made on Oath by , before Joseph Smith, Mayor, against Defts, for Slanderous and abusive language used by them of & concerning the Wife, Son, & Daughter of
Same day.— Warrant issued against Defts, directed to the , & delivered to Const, & returnable forthwith.—
Decr. 20th. 1842.— Subpoena issued for Levi Knight, Alvin Clements, & , as Witnesses & was returned, endorsed, personally served on Levi Knight, Alvin Clements, & .— Const., fees 37½ cts.—
Decr. 20th. 1842.— Warrant returned, endorsed, “Henry Tener taken & here present, others out of the ,— Decr. 20th., Const.,— fees 31 Cts..
The Deft Henry Tener pleaded not guilty, & the Witnesses were all examined, Whereupon, & on hearing the allegations of the Parties, the Court adjudged that the Deft Henry Tener do pay a fine of One Dollar, & Costs of Suit, taxed to $2,62½.— The Warrant was reissued against the other Defts..—
Same day.— issued agst. Henry Tener, directed to the & delivered to Const..
Decr. 22nd. 1842.— Warrant returned, endorsed, “Albert Clements taken and here present, Decr. 22nd. 1842, fees 31 cts,— Const..
Fine— $5,00
Mayors fees— 1,50
Marshals fees— 1,12½
2 Witnesses— 1,00
Same day.— Subpoena issued for Levi Knight, Alvin Clements, & Henry Tener, as Witnesses, which was returned, endorsed, “served by reading, on Henry Tenner, Alvin Clements & Levi Knight, fees 81¼ Cts, Decr. 22nd. 1842. , Const..— Deft. pleaded not guilty,— The Witness’s were all examined & Sworn, as also , Whereupon, & on hearing the allegations of all Parties, the Court adjudged that the Deft Albert Clements pay a fine of Five Dollars, & Costs of Suit, taxed to $3,62½.
Same day. issued against Deft. Clements, directed to the , & delivered to Const on the 3rd. Jany. 1843.— this was returned Jany. 28th. 1843, endorsed, “received in full by Order from the Recorder. . Amount received $9,15 Jan 21st. 1843.
, Const
The Exeon agst. Henry Tenner was returned, endorsed, Recd pr Order from , City Recorder for the Mayor, two dollars & ninety three & ¾ Cts, Decr. 31st. 1842.
Received of Albert Clements 16 Cts to apply on the within. Received 1 and half bushel Potatoes 37½ No Property on which to levy. , March 1st. 1843.
, Const.
Debt & Cost— 3,62
order from 2,93¾
Subtracted— 0,69
fees for returning Writ— 0,50
yet due— $1,19
Brought to Page 35.— [p. 44]
Brought from Page 44.
City of )
Albert Clements)
Henry Tener, &)
Albert Tener)
April 4th. 1843. renewed for sixty six Cents Debt, and 25¢ Costs of this Renewal, against Henry Tener alone, & delivered to Const. April 26th 1843.
June 12th. 1843. Execution returned, endorsed, “no property found on which to levy, Costs fees 50¢.—
Con. [p. 35]


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