Docket Entry, between 20 and circa 26 December 1842 [Canfield v. Morey]

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) In suit on Account.
Vs.) Suit brought on Account of $14.50 for Work & labour, & Goods Sold & delivered, or furnished by to , at sundry times, as per filed.
Mayors fees $1.06¼
Constable’s .85
Decr. 20th. 1842.— On application of the , a Summons issued, returnable 26th inst., at 10 OClock A. M. before Joseph Smith J. P.— & was directed to the .
Decr. 20th. 1842. Subpoena issued for Maryann Morey, Joseph Hamilton, & Samuel Hamilton, as Witnesses to appear at 10 OClock A. M.— & directed to the , and Summons & Subpoena were both delivered to , Constable.
Decr. 26th.. 1842.— filed an additional Account, or further claim, to the Amount of $4,62½,— Summons returned, endorsed, ‘served by Copy on s , on the 20th. day of Decr. 1842. Const.,— fees 30 Cts.’— Subpeona returned, endorsed ‘personally served on Mary Morey, Joseph Hamilton, Samuel Hamilton, this 20th. Day of Decr. 1842. fees $0,55.—[’] & Squire Skinner acted as Attornies for , & Att.y. for .— Maryann Morey sworn & examined as to service of the Summons,— Upon hearing Arguments upon behalf of both Parties, & allegations produced by them. The Court decided, that, in as much as it appeared that the Summons was served when was absent from home, & it not appearing that he had absented himself to evade service of process, the s cause be, & hereby is dismissed, with Costs of Suit, taxed to $1.91¼.—
Decr. 26th. 1842. issued against the , for Costs, “to wit,” $1.91¼, & delivered to Const, on the 31st. Jany. 1843.—
March 1st. 1843. Execution returned, endorsed, “no property found on which to levy, March 1st. 1843. fees 50¢ , Con.” [remainder of page blank] [p. 43]


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    Notations in handwriting of James Sloan.