Docket Entry, between 24 November and 4 December 1834 [D. Lake v. JS]

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The State of Ohio)
vs. Jos. Smith Jr.)
10th. December 1835 1834.
Action of Debt on act. labour done money paid for Expenses.— Summons issued 24th November by order of pts. returnable 28th. November at 12 o’clock noon Returned in season, served on defendant by reading, by J[eremiah] Ames Const[able]. [p. 506]
November 28th. the parties present & the Court Called the parties answer to thier names.— After the proofs & allegations being heard the Court adjourns till December 4th..— December 4th the Court renders Judgement in favor of for sixty three dollars sixty seven cents, and costs of suit taxed at Eight dollars four cents.— I hereby certify the above to be a true copy of the proceedings had in the above entitled suit as recorded on my Docket.— the tenth day of December 1834. Justice of the Peace.— Suit appealed by defendant.— Bail entered for one hundred fifty dollars.— Copy of the bond.
In the action of against Joseph Smith Junr.. I Ebenezer Jennings acknowledge mySelf Bail for the appellant in the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars, to be levied of my goods & chattels, lands & tenements in cas[e] the appellant shall be condemned in the action, and shall fail to pay the condemnation money and costs that have accrued, or may accrue in the Court of Common Pleas.— Taken signed and acknowledged <​Ebenezer Jennings.— Taken Signed & acknowledged​> on this tenth day of December 1834. Before me <​Before me​> Justice of the Peace
I certify the above to be substantially a true copy of the bond as taken by me. the tenth day of December 1834.—
Justice of the Peace [p. 507]