Docket Entry, Certificate of Levy, circa 12 January 1846 [Coolidge Administrator of the Estate of JS v. Reynolds and Wilson]

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Certificate of Levy in the)
case of )
Administrator &c)
<​No 81​> vs)
State of Illinois) S S [scilicet]
I do hereby certify that by virtue of a certain to me directed from the Circuit Court of in favor of Administrator of the Estate Joseph Smith deceased and against and dated at in said County of on the Eleventh day of November A D 1846 I did on this twelfth day of Jany A D 1846 Levy on the following real Estate to wit The W ½ SE ¼ Sec 11 T 4 N R 5 W the W ½ SW ¼ Sec 9 T 4 N R 5 W the east 70 acres NW ¼ Sec 21 T 6 N R 5 W the S ½ SE ¼ Sec 26 T 3 N R 5 W the S ½ SW ¼ Sec 26 T 3 N. R 9 W. the SW ¼ NW ¼ Sec 21 T 4 N. R 5 W and Lot No 2 on Block No 35 in the Town of Illinois all West of the 4th principal Meridian
Sherriff Illinois By H. G. Ferris Depty [p. 45]