Docket Entry, circa 1 January 1838 [Bump v. JS]

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Joseph Smith Junr)
Debt— 100.
Cost— .35
fees— 74 x
Action of debt on promissory note of which the following is a copy,
11th 1837 April 1837
Due or Bearer eight hundred dollars and fifty four dollars and twenty eight cents value Received
Joseph Smith Junr.
On the following above note are the following endorsements (Vz.)
April 20th 1837 recvd [received] on the within note by three hundred dollars. Reved, on the within note three hundred and seventy five dollars April 26th Recd Jany 1st 1838 twenty five dollars
On oath of the issued a on the first of Jany. 1838 to Constable which was returned endorsed corpus, and defendant were present and judgement was rendered on the above note for one hundred dollars debt and one dollar and nine cents cost of suit
to per
January 22d execution returned endorsed received on the within one hundred dollars and ninety nine cents
Constable [13 lines blank] [p. 280]


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    Notation in handwriting of Warren A. Cowdery.