Docket Entry, circa 10 July 1837 [C. Lake for the use of Quinn v. Millet et al.]

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for the use of
Joseph Smith Jr. &
Debt. $52.39
Jus[tice] fees 25
const[able] fees 35
<​Bail​> <​25​>
Action of debt on duebill drawn by said , Joseph Smith Jr & , payable to or bearer for $50.00 dated Sep. 26th 1836 due four months after date with interest summons issued July 8th, 1837, to constable returnable on the 12th inst at 4 o’clock. P.M. July 10th constable returned summons endorsed “personally served July 8th”— thereupon the defendants not appearing judgment is rendndered against them
Whereupon the interest was calculated and judgment rendered against said defendants Jos[e]ph Smith Jr. & for the sum of fifty two dollars and thirty nine cents debt and costs of suit amount to sixty cents
In the above suit of , for the use of against , Joseph Smith, jr and , I, , do acknowledge myself bail for & Joseph Smith, jr. in the sum of one hundred dollars, to be levied of my goods and chattles, lands & tenements, in case the said , Joseph Smith, jr & , fail to make payment of the sum for which judgment is rendered against them in said suit.
Taken, signed and acknowledged, this 22nd day of July, 1837, before me, , J. P. Seal
15th of 1st month 1838 Recd. the amt of the above Judgement
[9 lines blank]
[p. 91]


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