Docket Entry, circa 11–18 December 1843 [State of Illinois v. Elliott–A]

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State of ) Ss [scilicet]
Justice fees $◊◊◊
Compant [complaint] 25
war[ra]nt 25
adminstry oth [administering oaths] 18¾
regni◊◊ [recognizance?] 50
" 50
Const fees $2.25
wit fes [witness fees]tD $1.50
December the 11 1843 Upon the Compant [complaint] of issued a warrant for for the Crime of kidnaping <​which was put into the hands​> Directed or <​of​> Const whuch was retined on the 18 day of Dec 1843 Endorsd Servd on the 18 day of Dec by reading to the sd. and have him now before you Const fees $.2.25 cents the being ready for trial plad not guilty but upon examenaten it apeard that the sd. was guilty of the first chargds and held to bail for his app[ear]ance to the first day of the first term of the Cuircuit Coart to in in the panel sum of three Thousand Dollars <​to answer to the above charg​> and and and in the sum of fifteen Dollars each for thear apparance on sd. day of Sd. term of sd. Curcut Coart as wittness on the above Case
J. P. [p. 178]