Docket Entry, circa 25 January 1838 [Spencer v. Cahoon et al.]

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Joseph Smith Junr. &
Debt. 56.57 56.41
Just[ice] 1.01
Cont. [Constable] Cost. .75
Plaint[iff] cost. .50
Deffend.ts. [Defendants] .25
d[itt]o—— .25
Action of debt for money had and received, of which the following is a receipt from the defendants, Received of fifty dollars for which is to be paid when called for. Nov. 9th 1835
Cahoon Carter & Co.
January 25th 1838 on the oath of Plaintiffs attorney issued a to Constable which was returned executed by bringing forward and the others not found. fees .75 Issued a subpoena for which was served by Plff. attorney
Court called parties answered, but Defendants contended that the firm of Cahoon Carter & Co consisted only of & Plaintif called on who was sworn and testified. Defendant called on Plaintiffs attorney who was sworn & testified was also sworn and testified, It was considered <​by​> me after hearing all the evidence and the remarks of parties it was considered that Joseph Smith Jnr & were not members of the said firm of Cahoon Carter & Co. were consequently discharged from any libility in this suit, but that judgement be rendered against said & for the sum of fifty six dollars <​forty one​> fifty seven and a half cents and costs taxed at two dollars and seventy six cents
J. P.
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    TEXT: Possibly “1 d[itt]o”.