Docket Entry, circa 25 July 1842 [State of Illinois v. Little]

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State of ) Assault and Battery.
Edwin Little)
Fine— $5.00
Mayors fees— 1.25
Consts fees— 68¾
July 21st 1842, upon the affidavit <​in Writing​> of William Seely, a Warrant issued against Edwin Little for an Assault and Battery, committeed on the said William Seely, on the Day and year above Written, in the City of , in the County of .— And at request of the Complainant a Subpoena issued for Miles Bosworth and Solomon Freeman as Witnesses for the People.
July 25th 1842. warrant executed by Constable, by bringing the Defendant forward, Constable fees endorsed 31¼ cts. The above Subpoena was served by , and endorsed, duly served by reading, fees 37½, and the Witnesses attended. The Defendant, upon the hearing, pleaded guilty, and the Court fined him in a Sum of five Dollars, & Costs of Suit.
July 25th. 1842, issued for $5,00 Debt, and $1,93¾ Costs, directed to the City , and returnable in 70 days.
Octr. 3rd.. returned, endorsed, “Octr 3rd. received in full & paid the Cost, & the balance over to the which was five Dollars, High Const..”
The Cost above mentd, being in all $1.93¾, was recd in Corpn. papers.— [remainder of page blank] [p. 33]


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    Notation in handwriting of James Sloan.