Docket Entry, circa 29 November 1842, Copy [City of Nauvoo v. Hunter]

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City of )
Thomas J. Hunter)
Municipal Court, at the Mayors , five oClock P. M. November 29th. 1842.
Fine— $10,00)
Aldermens fees— 4,00)
s fees— 1,43¾)
s fees— 2,06¼)
1 Witness— .50)
Aldermen , , , , & . was elected President pro tem. opened the Case on behalf of the and read the complaint made by Joseph Smith before upon the 28th day of Novr. Inst..
Novr. 28th. 1842.— Warrant issued to bring Deft. before the Municipal Court, forthwith, & was returned endorsed by Constable, (through the to whom it was directed,) endorsed, “duly served by reading, & delivered the said Prisoner into the charge of by Order of the City , Novr. 29th. 1842, High Constable, fees 31 Cts..
Novr 29th 1842. Subpoena issued by , for , Wm. Thompson, A. E. Miles, , Charles Seidel, & Alexr Gravel, & returned by the , endorsed, “the within served on Messrs. , Wm. Thompson, Chas Seidel, & Alexr. Gravel,— fees 75 Ct. , Marshal.— Same date the returned his claim of $1,00 for notifying the municipal Court to assemble for the Trial of this Cause. Joseph Smith made a further affidavit on same day before , which was read.— The Deft. pleaded guilty to the charge, which charge was for using and making ridiculous and abusive language concerning Joseph Smiths Character, thereby depreciating his moral and religious Character, & using said language contrary to an Ordinance, entitled, “an Ordinance in relation to religious Societies.”
The Court then decided that they would hear Testimony. Wm. Thompson, Alexr. Gravel, & were produced, Sworn, & examined, as Witnesses for the prosecution, the two first named were cross examined by on behalf of Deft.— & was questioned by Deft..—
Wm [p. [1]]
Wm Thompson claimed pay as a Witness.
The Deft was then fined Ten Dollars for contempt of Court, in using disrespectful and abusive language, & stating that he disregarded the Municipal Court. The spoke. Deft. spoke. spoke on behalf of the Prosecution. spoke on part of Deft., The again spoke at length, & recommended the Deft. to the mercy of the Court. Whereupon, the Judgment of the Court is, that the Deft. be discharged without payment of any fine, except the fine for contempt of Court, and full Costs of this Suit.
State of Illinois)
City of )
The people of the State of , to the of said . Greeting:
I Clerk of the Municipal Court of the City of , within and for said , do hereby Certify, that the foregoing is a true Copy from the Docket of the proceedings and Judgment in the above Case.
Given under my hand, and Seal of said Court, this fifth day of December A.D. 1842.—
, Clerk of the Municipal Court of the City of , Illinois.—
Seal of the Municipal Court of the City of .
Decr 5th 1842.
City of
Thos J. Hunter
Transcript of the Proceedings and Judgment in this Cause.—
No 74
Filed Dec 7th 1842
Clerk By M. Avise D C. [Deputy Clerk] [p. [2]]


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