Docket Entry, circa 5 February 1838 [Allen v. O. Granger]

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Debt. 17.58½
Jut. [Justice] Costs. 1.87
Court. Cost .15
Defind [Defendant] W. 2.00
E Smalling .25
Taking B[ail] .25
Action of debt on judgement rendered by on the 8th day of Augu[s]t 1838 against Joseph Smith Junr , , & Being the Steam Company as appears from for the sum of twenty three dollars for debt and one dollar and thirty one ½ cents costs as per the docket of said appears.
On the 16th of August became surety for the said J. Smith Jnr and others aforesaid for the stay of .
January 3d 1838 issued a to const. returnable on the 8th at 10 o— clock A.M.
January 8th 1838 Defendants not appearing the interest was calculated and judgement rendered against them for the sum of 23.57½ debt and two dollars and sixty four cents cost.
Issued an execution, to ◊◊◊ Constable for the debt and costs aforesaid. which was returned Jany. 24 endorsed nine dollars and twenty five cents made and no more property found to levy on.
January 24th issued against said as surety, returnable on the 29th day of January 1838 at 10 A.M. which was returned personally served Jany, 25th fees— taxed— at .15
Parties appeared at <​on​> the time <​29th​> by counsel and a continuance was granted by application of defendants counsel till the 30th at 1 o— clock P.M. Defendants counsel applied for a subpoena for and .
Parties appeared at 1 o— clock and a further continuance was granted till Febr 1st at 10 A.M. on app. of Defend. Counsel.
Jany Feb. 1st Parties attended and answered to the call of the court, issued a subpoena on application of Defendant for a Benj Seely and by cons[e]nt of parties this suit is continued till Saturday 3d at 2 o clock P.M. Feb. 2d Defendant applied for subpoena, which was granted. Feb. 3d parties appeared. , , Benj Seely, were called by plaintiff Defend[a]nt after hearing testimony and remarks by counsel it was considered that at 2. o clock on the 5th of Feb. judgement should be announced. Feb. 5th judgement rendered against the Defendant for balance due judgment redit◊◊ <​Plaintiff in $17.58½​> twenty one dollars & sixty cents ½ debt & four dollars and twenty <​seven​> cents cost.
J. P. [p. 358]


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