Docket Entry, circa 8 January 1838 [Allen v. JS et al.]

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Joseph Smith Junr. & being the Steam Company
Debt. 23.57½
Original Cos. 1.31½
Const[able] Cost. .60
Just[ice] Cost. .72½
Action of debt on judgement rendered by <​​> late justice of the peace for Geauga Co. against defendants on the 8th day of August 1837 for the sum of $23. debt and 1.31½ cents cost us thy the docket of said appears.
On the third day of January 1838 issued returnable on the 8th at 10 o. clock A.M. which was returned endorsed personally served by reading to four of the within named defendants. not found f◊◊◊ .60
On the 8th the defendants not appearing the interest was calculated and judgement rendered for the sum of twenty dollars & fifty seven ½ cents debt and two dollars and sixty four cents costs of suit
J. P.
to , Constable by Plaintiffs Attorney Jany. 8th
Jany. 24th execution returned $9.25 endorsed and no more property found on which to Levy co◊◊rt additional cost. 1.20
Recd January the 26the 1838 five Dollars and forty one cents of on the above Judgement.
Execution issued 2 5th of April 1837 To Plaintiff recalled by my orders——
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    TEXT: Possibly “fees”.  

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    Notation in handwriting of Warren A. Cowdery.  

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    Notation in handwriting of James Markell.  

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    Notation in handwriting of Warren A. Cowdery.