Docket Entry, Confessed Demurrer, Leave to Amend Declaration, and Judgment, 10 May 1841 [Gray v. Allen]

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James Gray)
vs) In Debt upon Bond
This day came the parties by their attorneys and the plaintiff confesses the to the declaration. and thereupon on said plaintiffs motion leave is given him to amend his declaration filed herein. And the saying nothing further. It is Considered that the plaintiff ought to recover his Debt and damages by reason of the premises and because they are unknown to the court, it is ordered that [p. 119] the clerk assess the same, and thereupon said clerk assessed and reported the damages to the sum of six hundred and eighty seven dollars and sixty six cents which report being approved it is therefore considered by the court that the plaintiff recover from said the sum of damages aforesaid assessed and also his costs herein expended and may have execution &c. [p. 120]