Docket Entry, Fieri Facias, between 20 November 1844 and circa 18 February 1845 [Dana v. Brink et al.]

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No Parties Names Epitome Fee Book To whom Issued Officers Return
[. . .]
Execution Sold lot two in Block no one hundred & twenty one after legal notice to for the sum of twenty five Dollars & 37/100 cents which I have applied in satisfying the fees of the attorney of record & s Costs to this date Jan 31st. AD 1845 Shff Ill
Damages $168.98½
Cost 6.81¼ $175.79¾
Defts fee bill 1.12½ of
1706 vs G. 436
Judgment Oct 23. 1844. $20,00 Received of Sheriff on the within Execution Twenty Dollars Jany 31st. 1845 Atty for
Jonah R. Ball Issued Nov 20. 1844
(impleaded &c) Return day. Feby. 18. 1845
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    Notations in handwriting of David E. Head.