Docket Entry, Judgment, 11 June 1842–30 January 1851 [United States v. Haws et al.]

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REGISTER of MISCELLANEOUS SUITS in which the is a party, or interested.
[When instituted.] [By whose direction.] [Name of Attorney and District.] [Against whom.] [Residence.] [Nature of Suit, or cause of .] [Amount claimed.] [When due.] [Amount recovered.] [Judgment or Decree, when rendered.] [Amount received.] [To whom paid.] [REMARKS]
[Attorney.] [District.] [Principal.] [Sureties.] [Dollars.] [Cents.] [Dollars.] [Cents.] [Dollars.] [Cents.]
[. . .]
" " [June 1st. 1841] Same [Secretary of War] Mont[gomer]y. Blair Same as above [Upon a note to Capt. R[obert] E. Lee Engnr Cap as agent ] 4866. 38. <​1542​> 5184. 31) 1842 June 11 See leter from Secry. of War May 29 1841 directing suit— Wrote June 1st. 1841 to to obtain note from Bank of State of Missouri and proceed to sue all the parties &c.— Judgt in District June T[erm] 1842 for Atty/Clk Ret— issued July 18, 1842 Returnable in 90 days— See letter 2d. Aug <​1842​> from stating that Smith has applied for benefit of Bankrup laws. Sending paper developing his forms & asking whether he shall resist the application— Ansd. Aug 17 1842 directing him to resist & <​[3 words illegible] D A Decr 17 1842— ending proposition to [illegible] debt in 4 [3 words illegible] ansd. Jan 10 1843​> [illegible] returned July 1843 “Nulla bona” <​[3 words illegible] 1843​>— See letter from Aug. 6 1844 <​[2 words illegible] Treasury Department docket​> has defeated attempt to obtain discharge under Bankrupt law & will file bill to [illegible] the [illegible] property of Smith— See s letter Sept. 28 1846— Ansd Oct 6 1846 See letter from & Jan 1843 to postpone judgt— [illegible] answer to Mr Jany 31 1843 <​, D. Atty, submits a proposition of J. A. Morris to collect this Judgt by letter dated Oct 14, 1849. Answd Oct 24. See letter of D. Atty Nov 19 1849— Answer of Jan. 10 1850 & Attys reply Jan. 26 1850​>
costs 41. 96)
Jos. Smith 5226. .27 (Transferred to page 110 in this Docket.
(See Page 110)
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REGISTER of MISCELLANEOUS SUITS in which the is a party, or interested.
When instituted. By whose direction. Name of Attorney and District. Against whom. Residence. Nature of Suit, or cause of . Amount claimed. When due. Amount recovered. Judgment or Decree, when rendered. Amount received. To whom paid. REMARKS.
Attorney. District. Principal. Sureties. Dollars. Cents. Dollars Cents. Dollars. Cents.
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June 1 Secretary of War Montgy Blair Upon a note to Capt. R E. Lee. Engr Capn as agent 4866 38 5184 31) 1842 June 11 See proceedings, ante page 37
Costs 41 96) See Letter from Dist. Atty, dated Jan. 20 1851 to Solr. of Treasy, stating that he had commenced proceedings in Circuit of for the Dist. of , by a Creditor’s bill, against the , and heirs at law of Joseph Smith decd., and others, 53 defts,— the bill embracing 108 Town lots in & 14 tracts of land in the counties of and . Estimated at about $20,000. Thirty two of the [defendants?] failed to appear & and answer, and as to them the bill was taken as confessed, and the lands claimed by them, being 6 tracts, and 106 town lots, estimated at from $5,000 to $6,000, decreed to be sold. Supplemental Bill filed 5 Decr. 1851 against 22 other defts, claiming 15 tracts of land & 52 town lots. Sale to take place in the spring, & advises the appointment of some person to attend the sale or part of Government, to prevent a [illegible]. Employed Geo. Edmunds Esq. to investigate letter for a confirmation of $500, and asks Solicitor to ratify the same. Jan 30th 1851 Letter of Solicitor to Esq Dist. Attorney, in reply, stating he has sent copy of his letter to Sec. of the Interior recommending the allowance to Mr. Edmunds, and requesting to be informed in due time of day of sale. 30 Jan 1851, Letter of Solicitor to Sec of Interior, enclosing copy of letter from Dist. Attorney, and recommending the allowance proposed, to George Edmunds Esq for professional services &c
Jos. Smith
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