Docket Entry, Motion, 4 May 1841 [Patterson and Patterson v. Cahoon, Carter & Co. and Rigdon, Smith & Cowdery]

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& ) Mo[tion]. for Sh[eri]ff to make a deed—
N75 vs)
et. al)
It being shown to the Court, that on a writ of Vend. Ex. [] issued by the Clerk of this Court on the 23d day of April AD 1838 2d. late Sheriff of this sold certain lands therein described, and the Court having examined the proceedings of said in said sale, approve & confirm the same; and it further appearing to the Court that the said term of office of the said 2d has expired without his having executed a deed of said lands, therefore it is ordered by the Court that the present Sheriff of this do make execute and deliver to the purchaser named in the return of the said , a good & sufficient deed of conveyance of the lands so sold to him. [p. 254]