Docket Entry, Motion, Plea, and Judgment, 10 November 1839 [Boosinger v. JS et al.]

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vs) by
Joseph Smith jr & .
Defendants in this Cause by their Attorney file their Motion to dissolve the Attachment which is overruled. defendants then filed their plea of non assumpsit, and both parties being ready [p. 8] and neither party requiring a Jury the Cause is submitted to the Court
The Court doth find the issues for the and assess the damages to eight hundred and five dollars. It is therefore considered that the said recover against the said defendants the said sum of eight hundred and five dollars damages as aforesaid and also his costs herein expended. And it is ordered that the property attached be sold to satisfy said judgment. And it is further ordered that the Sheriff pay over monies made by Sale of personal property in this Cause. [p. 9]
State of Missouri) SS [scilicet]
County of )
I Elliot Roberts Clerk of the Circuit Court within and for the <​​> aforesaid do certify that the foregoing twelve pages of which constitutes one do contain a full, true and complete transcript of the record and proceedings had and taken in a certain action of debt lately determined in our said Court between the Parties therein named as fully as the same remains of record in my office.
In testimony whereof I have here unto set my hand and affixed the Seal of said Court at office this the 8th day of January 1842.
Elliot Roberts Clerk
I sole Judge of the fifth Judicial circuit of the State of , Composed of the counties of , , , and Carroll do certify that Elliott Roberts whose name and attestation is affixed to the foregoing certificate was at the time of making of making the sworn Clerk of the Circuit Court duly commissioned and qualified as such and that his said Certificate is in due form of law. Given under my hand this 28th day of february A.D. 1842
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