Docket Entry, Sheriff’s Return, between 9 November 1842 and circa 27 March 1843 [Bump Administrator of the Estate of Stannard v. Young and JS]

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The State of Ohio Lake County ss [scilicet]
of Claudius Stan[n[]]ard
& Smith Jr
[fieri facias]
Dams $256.40
s Cost 9.83
Def[endan]ts 61
Int from april 3d 1838
Cost on of [Scire facias]
s $6.30
deft $3
this Ex[ecution] 35
Be it remembered that I L[uther] P Bates Sheriff of the County aforesaid by virtue of a certain writ of to me Directed by the Clerk of the Court of Common pleas of on which writ for want to goods and Chattels of the defendants whereof to sattisfy the same I on the 9th day of November A D 1842 Leveed the same on the following real Estate to wit one peice of Land situate in the township of being No 9 in the 9th range of townships of the of the State of and is also in the County of Lake being a part of Lot 17 and formerly owend by Joseph Smith Jr and is bounded East on the Chillacotha road & running Eight Rods on said road then running west about 16 rods then north Eight rods then East 16 rods to said road Containing about 108 rods of Land
Also one other Peice on the oppisite side of said road in said & county running 12 rods alonge the said road and running about four rods East Containning about forty Eight rods of Land also one other Peice on Lot No 30 lying in the forks of the roads of Chilicothea and Smith Street according to the City Platt and running about 16 rods on Each road and is also bounded on th[e] South by Land formeley owend by Sln Smith Containning about sixty rods of Land also one other Peice in said and known as the Lot and is bounded north by Land owend by Dixson East by the Highway and half acre Lot owened by Hiram Howe and South by Land owend by Shelden west by Land owened by Tomilson More and Baxter it being Lot 42 in 9th range and tract one Containning thirteen acres of Land.
I at the same time had the Said Lands & tenements <​duly​> appraised by Clemont Messenger & Edmund Pettingill who were by me first duly sworn and they did return to me in writing under seal<​s​> that they did app[r]aise the first above described peice of Land to be of the value of $650, the second peice to be of the value of $0.30 the the third Piece to be of the value of $250 the fourth or Last above described Peice of Land to be of the value of $104 Making the full sum of one thousand and thirty four dollars I duly advertised the above Lands for sale & offered the same March 15th [18]43 & not sold for want of bidders & said writ returned wholly unsattisfied March 27th 43 [10 lines blank] [p. 11]


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    TEXT: Possibly “Sloan” or “Stan”.