Execution, 19 December 1842 [City of Nauvoo v. Clements and N. Tanner]

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State of Illinois)
City of )
The People of the State of , to the City of said , Greeting:
We command you that of the Goods & Chattels of Albert Clements and Nathan Tener [Tanner] in your , you make the sum of Twenty Dollars Debt, and Five Dollars and thirty and and <​one​> fourth Cents Costs, which the City of lately recovered before me in a certain Plea against the said Albert Clements & Nathan Tener, and hereof make return to me within seventy days from this date.— Given under my hand and Seal, this 19th. day of December 1842.—
Joseph Smith Seal
Mayor, and J. P. in and for said .— [p. [1]]
Decr 19th. 1842.
City of ) Exeon. []
Albert Clements)
& Nathan Tener)
Debt $20,00
Costs— 5,31¼
Received this writ Dec 19th. 1842 <​at 5 oclock, P. M.​>
. Con.
amount. Due $25.31
interrest 013
ballance fwd $25.44
orders from 12.85
Subtracted $12.59
Serving writ. 0050
Received Citty Levyd –8.00
Subtracted $3.09
yet Due $3.09
no Property found on which to levy.
March 1st. 1843
March 7th. 1843 Received of Albert Clemant 13 Bushels Potatoes at 25 Cts Per Bushel—
balance carried to Henry Tanner execution by order of Clemant
March 7th. 1843
Received on the with in writ by <​order​> from <​the​> Recorder — $15.85
, Con.
Demand $25.31¼
interrest 00.14
Amount pyd 1485
by 10.60
Cemans Paid by, 50
Received $10.10
800 Levyd
fees for $2.10
Returning writ 0.50
Docketed. [p. [2]]


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    Docket in handwriting of James Sloan.  

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