Execution, 19 November 1839 [Boosinger v. O. Cowdery et al.]

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State of Missouri) sct [scilicet]
County of )
The State of To the Sheriff of the County of Greeting: Whereas on the twelfth day of November Eighteen hundred and thirty nine at our circuit court hath recovered judgment against Joseph Smith, Junr and on for the sum of Two hundred dollars debt and twenty three dollars 61/100 damages and also his costs and which to the said were adjudged for his debt damages and costs.
These therefore command you— that of the property attached to wit The east half of South West qr of of South West quarter of Sec Two Township 56. Range 29. Also S. W. qr of North East qr of Sect eighteen Township 56. Range 28. Also north east qr of north west qr of Sec 18. Town. 56 Range 28— also N.W qr of N.E qr Sec 24 Town. 57 Range 29. Also N.E qr of S. E qr Sec. 12. Town. 56. Range 29. Also the dwelling houses and lots of and Joseph Smith also one book cupboard, one bed stead, one wash stand, one table 2 bureaus, one clock, one carriage one bay horse & one two horse waggon [p. 9] You cause to be made the debt— damages and costs and that you certify how you execute this writ. Witness Clerk of said court with the seal thereof LS affixed this 19th day of Novr 1839.
[. . .]
I do hereby certify that I executed the within by levying on the following land of the within namd to wit. The E ½ of the S.W. quarter of Section 2. Township 56 Range 29. also S.W. quarter of N.E. quarter of Section 18. Township 56 Range 28. also N.E qr of N.W quarter of section 24. Township 57. Range 29— also N.E. quarter of South east of section 12. Township 56 Range 29. and putting up notices for twenty days before the sale as the law requires and on the first day of the court which was on the 9th. day of this month and while the circuit court was in session put up the interest right title & claim of said to said lands and Asa D. Brasher being the highest and best bidder for said land for Forty five dollars it was struck [p. 10] off to him accordingly— all done in — this 9th day of March 1841
John Skidmore Sheriff
[. . .]
Debt— $200.
Damages— 23.61
Clerk’s fees 3.62 ½
Sheriff of Clay 2.50
Do 1.00
Serving 1 00
Calling each parties 50
State of Missouri) ss.
County of )
I Elliot Roberts Clerk of the Circuit Court within and for the county of and aforesaid do certify that the foregoing Eleven pages of which this constitutes one do contain a full, true, and complete transcript of the record and proceedings had and taken in a certain action of debt lately determined in our said court between the parties therein named as fully as the sam[e] remains of record in my office.
In testimony whereof I have here unto set my hand & affixed the seal of said court at office this the 8th. day of January 1842.
Elliot Roberts Clerk [p. 11]
I sole Judge of the fifth Judicial Circuit of the state of composed of the counties of , , , and Carroll do certify that Elliott Roberts whose name and attestation is affixed to the foregoing certificate was at the time of making the <​same​> Clerk of the Caldwel[l] Circuit Court (it being a court of Record) duly commissioned and qualified as such, and that his said certificate is in due form of law. Given under my hand the 28th day of february 1842
[p. 12]


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