Execution, 4 April 1843 [State of Illinois v. D. Brown and Edwards]

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State of Illinois)
Hancock County)
City of )
The people of the State of to the of said , Greeting:
We command you that of the Goods and Chattels of William Niswanger in your , you make the Sum of Six dollars and fifty Cents Cost, which said lately recovered against him, before me in a certain plea, against Daniel Brown and Thomas S. Edwards, and hereof make return to me within seventy days from this date. Given under my hand and Seal, this fourth day of April 1843.—
Joseph Smith
Seal [p. [1]]
April 4th. 1843.
City of
Wm. Niswanger
for $6,50 Cost.—
Received this writ April 26th. 1843.— 8 oclock A. M.
, Con
levied on our Lime Kiln and Lime in said Kiln now under Execution in favor younger Mc.Caslin this 1st. Day of May 1843.
Property Sold to May 11th. 1843
Said Day 11th.Day of May at 4: oclock P. M.
Received order by order of the Mayor for 6,50 Six Dollars fifty Given to this 30th. Day of May 1843
[2 words illegible] $.◊◊
Con fees— ,50
advertising ,25
per Cent on ,65
Demand—— 6,50
Paid in full May 30th. 1843
The above $6,50 is to be deducted out of a claim of & , agst the , as night Watch, & sd. claim is now before the City Council. [p. [2]]


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    Docket in handwriting of James Sloan.  

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    Notations in handwriting of John D. Parker.  

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