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I was born in the town of Sharon. Windsor Co., Vt. on the 23. day of Dec. in the year of our Lord, 1805.
When I was 10 years old my Father, . emigrated to , Ontario Co (now Wayne.) Co, N, Y, After residing there about four years. he removed with his Family, to , in the same County. His Family at this time consisted of about Eleven Souls, viz .— his consort whose maiden name was Mack. (daug[h]ter of . of [blank].) my Brothers; . (now deceased.) . myself. . . <​and​> . my Sisters. , and ,
During the Second year of our residence in this place an unusual excite of religion commenced in the Methodist Church and soon in this <​place. I being about 15 years old.​> there was an unusal religious excitement. Commencing in the Methodist Church <​Society​> and <​and​> soon became<​ing​> general among all <​the sects​> in that vicinity, The results of which. were that multitudes <​many​> united with the different Sects. which cre caused causing much strife and division among the people, Some crying lo here, and some lo hence there. some contending for one faith, and some for another.
And notwithstanding the love which they expressed. at the time of their conversion. and the zeal of the respective clergy. who had been active in getting up. and promoting this excitement. with the avowed object of “converting every body;” professing to care but little, <​with​> what church <​Society​> the converts united; themselves. Yet Yet when the converts began to unite themselves with the different sects. it became evident. that the professed love. and zeal. of both converts and Priests. were more pretended than real, And a scene of great confusion. and bad feelings. ensued—Priest at war with Priest—convert with convert—convincing and unprejudiced mind. that their professed love [p. 1] and zeal. were lost in a strife of words. and contest of opinions. During this excitement, I made it an object of much study and reflection. Although my feelings were deeply interested. still I kept myself aloof from all parties. In process of time, however. I became partial, to the Mithodist<​s​> Chursociety I and I felt some desire to unite <​with​> them. But the confusion and strife rendered it impossible. for a person of my age. and little acqu of my limited acquaintance with men and things. to determine, who were right. & who wrong. While in this situation. I often said to myself. what is to be done. who <​which​> of all these are right. or are they all wrong together. If any of them are right. which is it. and how shall I know it. While in this state of perplexity. I was one day reading the Epistle of St. James. 1st chapter. fifth ver. where. I found the following the words. If any of you lack wisdom. let him ask of God. that giveth to all men liberally. and upbraideth not. and it shall be given him.
Never did any passage of scripture. make a deeper impression. on the heart of man than This than was made on mine. by this. Knowing as I did. that I needed wisdom from God. & unless I obtained it. I could not <​detirmne​> assertain which were right. And the teachers of the different sects, interpreted this passage of scripture. so as <​to​> destroy all confidence. in settling the question by an appeal to the Bible. this <​thus​> compelled <​compelling​> me to conclude that I must remain in darkness. or do as James directs. which is to “ask of God”. At length I came to the conclusion, to ask of him for wisdom, believing that he “that giveth giveth to all men”. liberally and upbraideth not. would not refuse to verify his promise to me, [p. 2]
Accordingly I retired into the woods, to make the attempt. It was on the morning of a clear and beautiful day, early in the spring of Eighteen hundred and twenty. It <​and it​> was the first time that I ever made such an effort; for amidst all my anxieties. I had as yet never made the attempt to pray vocally. After arriving at the place where I had previously designed to go I looked around me. and finding myself alone, kneeled down. and began to offer up <​to God.​> the desires of my heart. I had scarcely done so, when I was immediately seized upon, by some power which entirely overcame me, and had such astonishing influence over me, as to bind my tongue so <​so as to​> depriving <​deprive​> me of the power of speech— Thick darkness gathered around me, and for a time it seemed that I were doomed to distruction. But exerting every energy to call upon God. to deliver me out of the power of this enemy; at the very moment when I was sinking into dispair and abandon myself to distruction. <​an​> not a imaginary. but to the power <​influence​> of some being from the unseen world. who had such marvelous power as this. Just at this moment of alarm, I saw a pillar of light. over my head, exceeding the brightn <​far more bright and dazling than the sun in his meridian splendor​> the brightness of which. exceeded that of the sun; which gradually decended untill it fell upon me. and I found myself. delivered from the enemy which held me bound. When the light rested upon me I saw two personages. (whose brightness and glory defy all description.) standing above in the air. One of them called me by name. <​and​> said (pointing to the other) this is my beloved son hear him. My object in going was to assertain. which of the sects were right. that I might join it. <​Consequently​> as soon as possible. I asked the Personages who stood in the light; Which [p. 3] of the sects were right. (for I supposed that one of them were so.) and which I should join. I was answered “join none of them; they are all are wrong—their creeds are an abomination in my sight—those professors are all corrupt—they draw near <​to​> me with their lips. but their hearts are far from me.— They teach for doctrine. the commandments of men. having a form of Godliness. but they deny the power thereof”. He again borfade [forbade] me to join any of them; and many other things. did he say unto me; which I cannot write at this time.
When I came to myself again, I was lying on my my back, looking up into heaven. A few days after this, I happened to be in company, with one of the Methodist preachers. who had been very active in the before mentioned excitement; whilst conversing with him on the subject of religion. I gave him an account of the vision which I had I seen, I was greatly surprised at the manner he treated my communication; avowing it to be of the Devil; that there could be no visions or revelations from God in these days: that they had ceased with the Apostles. and never would be restored again. I soon found that a relation of the this fact excited the prejudice of the professors of religion. and caused them to persecute me.
Although an obscure boy. <​about​> fifteen years old. my circumstances in life being such as to make me of but little consequence in the world. Yet men of high standing. endeavored to excite the publick mind <​against me.​> against me and cause the sects to unite in persecuting me. My mind was now satisfied. that it was my duty to join none of the sects. but to continue as I was, untill further directed. I had found the testimony of James true to be true; that a man lacking wisdom might <​ask of God.​> call upon [p. 4] and obtain it and not be upbraided. I continued to pursue my common avocasions in life. until the 21st sep.t. 1823. suffering severe persecusion from both religious & irreligious; because I asserted the truth of what I had seen. Professors of religion neglecting to obey the precepts of the religion <​Saviour;​> which they professed inasmuch as instead of extending towards me that kindness of demeanor. which my extreme youth demanded. and endeavoring in kindness and with affection. to win me back from my fanaticism and delusion: (as they were pleased to term it.) they heaped upon me bitter persecutions. and revilings. Consequently I was Subject to all kinds of temptations. and mingling with all kinds of company. I frequently fell into my many errors. and displayed the weak (evinced evincing the weakness of youth and corruptions of human nature.) which were offensive in the sight of God. In co. In consequence of which, I often felt condemned; for these <​this​> my imperfection and weakness. On <​the evening of​> the above mentioned. 21st of Sep.t. after I had retired to rest, I betook myself to prayer and supplication. to Almighty God; asking forgivness for all my sins. and follies. also for a manifestation of my state and standing before him; still having full confidence. that my prayer would be answered. as it had previously been. While in the act of calling upon God. I discovered a light in the room. which continued to increase untill it exceeded that of the sun at mid.day. when a person appeared at my bed side. standing in the air. for his feet did not touch the floor; having on a robe of most exquisite whiteness. exceeding anything I had ever seen. nor do I believe. that any earthly thing could [p. 5] be made so exceedingly white. and briliant.
His hands and arms were naked. alittle above the wrist. so also <​were​> his feet and legs alittle ab[o]ve the ancles; his head and neck were also bare. I could discover that he had no other clothing but the robe. as it was open so that I could see his bosom. Not only was his robe exceedingly white; but his whole person was glorious beyond discription. and his countenance truly like lightning. The room was exceedingly light but not so much so as immediately around his person When I first looked upon <​him​> it I was afraid; but the fear soon left me: calling me by name, <​he​> said. that he was a messenger. sent from the presence of God to me. and that his name was Nephi.— that he had a work for me to do that my name should be had for good and evil. among all nations. kindreds. & tongues— that there was a book deposited: written upon gold plates, giving an account of the former inhabitants of this Continent. as well as their origin— that the fullness of the everlasting Gospel as delivered by the Savior. to <​the​> ancient inhabitants. was contained in them— that there were two stones in silver bows. and these (stones fastened to a brest plate.) constitutes what is called the Urim & Thummin. deposited with the Plates. the possession. and use of which. constituted seers in ancient times— that God had prepared them for the purpose of translating the book! After telling me these things. he commenced quoting the prophecies of the old testament. He first quoted part of the first <​third​> Chapter of Malachi. He also quoted the fourth or last chapr. of the same prophecy; though with a little variation [p. 6] from the way it reads in our Bible Instead of quoting the first verses as it reads in <​the present translation​> our book, he <​rendered it​> quoted as follows. For behold the day cometh that shall burn as an oven. and all the proude, yea and all that do wickedly. shall burn as stubble, for they that cometh shall burn them. saith the Lord of Hosts. that it shall leave them neither root nor branch. Then quoting the fifth verse thus; Behold I will reveal unto you the priesthood. by the hand of Elijah the prophet. before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. quoting the next verse in this manner; And he shall plant in the hearts of the children the promises made to the fathers. and the hearts of the children shall turn the to their fathers; if it were not so. the whole earth would be utterly wasted at his coming. Then he quoted quoted the Elevnth Chap of Is[ai]ah. Saying. “it is about to be fulfilled”. He then quoted the 3d Chapr. of Acts. as they <​it​> reads in <​the​> our new Testament saying. that. the Prop[h]et spoken of was Christ; and that the day would soon come. when they who would not hear his voice would be cut off from among the people. He then qu[o]ted the 2d. Chapr. of Joel. saying. that this was not yet fullfilled. but soon would be— That the fullness of <​the​> Gentiles was soon to come in;— he <​He​> quoting <​quoted​> many other passages. and <​made​> many explanations. which cannot be mentioned here.— That when I should get those plates of which he had spoken. (for the time had not yet arrived when they should appear.) I should not show them [p. 7] if I showed them. (either (the br[e]ast plate with the Urim & Thummin <​and​> plates.) to any person save those to whom I should be commanded to show them; I should be destroyed.— While he was conversing the with me. the vision was opened so that I could see the place where the plates were deposited so clearly and distinctly. that I knew the place when I visited it.
Then the light in the room began to gather<​ed​> around him, who had spoken. until the room was left dark, except immediately around his person; when instantly I saw an aperture open up into Heaven. and he asscended up. disappearing from my sight; leaving the room as dark as it was previous to <​his​> His appearance. While Meditating upon this wonderful vision. and <​being​> much surp[r]ised at what this messenger had told me; I discovered that my room was again suddenly illuminated. and the same messenger standing before me. He again related the same without any vairation. Then informed me of great judgments which were coming upon the world. desolations by famine sword and pestilence. should visit the earth in this generations; Having related these things he disappeared as before,— The impressions on my mind were of such a nature, that I could not possibly sleep. but lay obsorbed in astonishment. and surprise at what I had seen and heard. What was my surprise to again behold the same Messenger at my bed-side and hear him rehears the same things as before, adding a caution to me that satan would tempt me. (because of the indigance of my s family.) to enrich myself with the plates; This he forbid me. saying. that I [p. 8] must have no object in view. and <​be​> influenced by no other motive. than the building up of his kingdom. otherwise. I could not get them. When he again ascended up into heaven, and <​I​> was left to wonder upon the results of what I had seen.
Immediately after the third departure of the Messenger. the cock crew. I and I found day was approaching. so that our interviews must have lasted the whole night. A I shortly time after rose from my bed. and went to the usual labors of the day; but found my strength so exhausted. as to render me entirely unable to <​labor;​> so to do My who. was with me, discovered my weakness; and told me to go home. In attempting to do so. while getting over the fence. my strength entirely failed me; and I fell helpless on the ground. for a time unconscious of any thing: The first that I can recollect. was a voice. calling me by name. I looked and beheld the same Messenger. standing over me surrounded by light as before
He again related all that he had spoken the previous night. and commanded me to tell my of the vision and commandments, I had received— I returned back to the field. and rehearsed to my the whole matter: He replied to me that it was of God. advising me to obey the commandments I had received— I then went went to the place where. the Messenger told me the plates were deposited. and owing to the distinctness of the vision I had concerning it; I knew the place the instant I arrived there.— Convenient to the vilage of , Ontario. Co.. N. Y. stands. [p. 9] a hill of considerable size. and <​the​> most elevated of any in the neighbourhood; on the west side of this hill. <​which​> near the top under a <​large​> stone of large size. lay the plates deposited in a stone box— This stone. was rounding. thiner at the edges than in the middle which was visible above the ground—
Having removed the earth which covered the thin edge of the stone. I fixed a lever under it. and <​raised it.​> with little and raised it with <​a​> little exertion—I looked in there indeed did I behold the plates. with the Urim & Thummin. & the breast plate— The box in which they lay were <​placed​> was formed of stones, laid in some kind of cement— In the bottom of the box. were two transversed stones. on which lay the plates &c. I made <​an​> en◊◊ attempt to take them. but was forbidden <​by the Messenger.​> as the time for bringing them forth. had not yet arrived; neither would <​it​> untill four years had expired: but he told me to visit the plats place. in one year from that time. and that he would <​be​> with me and I should continue to do so until permitted to obtain them. Accordingly I went at the end of each year <​&​> found the Messenger there. receiving instruction, and inteligence. from him of what the Lord was going to do; and how his kingdom was to be conducted. in the last days
In the year 1824. my s family. met with a great affliction. in the death of my eldest — In Oct.. the following year. I. hired to . an elderly Gent.. risiding in N. Y.
He had heard something of a silver mine. in [p. 10] Susquehannah, Co, Pa. which had been discovered by the Spaniards. and had previous to my hiring with him. been endeavouring to find it: He placed me with the rest of his hands. digging for silver: At which. I continued to work. nearly a month, without success; when I prevailed with the old gentlemen gentleman to <​abandon​> cease the undertaking. <​T​>hence arose the very prevalent story. of my having been a money digger— While being the thus employed. I boarded with Mr. . where I first saw my wife. (his daughter .). On the eighteenth <​day​> of Jan. 1827. we were married. I being yet in the employ of
Persecution still followed me, and & family were very much opposed of <​to​> an intermarriage with me <​to the intended marriage​>. I was therefore under the necessity. of taking her elsewhare: so we went and were married. at the house of a Esq Tarbill [Zechariah Tarble]. in south. bainbridge. Chenango. Co.. N Y I Immediately after my marriage. I returned to my s. and farmed with him that season—
At length the time arrived for obtaining the plates. Urim & Thummin. & Breast plate.
On the 22d. day of Sept.. 182 1827. having went as usual to the place where they were deposited. the same havenly Messenger delivered them up to me. with the charge. that I should be responsible for them— that if I should let them go carelessly. or through neglect. I should be cut off. But if I should use all my endeavouers. to preserve them. until he should call for them. they should be protected. the The reason why I had received such charges soon became evident. [p. 11]
No sooner was it known. that I had them than the most strenuous exertions. were made. to get them from me. persicution became more bitter; & multitudes were on the alert. to get them from me.— But by the wisdom of God. they remained safely in my hands. until. I accomplished all that was required, when the Messenger called for them, I delivered them to him in whose charge they <​now​> are now kept.
The excitement still continued. and rumor with her thousand tongues was busy in circulating them tales. about myself. and ’s family.— and persecution. became so intolerable. that I was compeled to leave . and go to Susquehannah. Co,. Pa..— While preparing to start. (being very poor.) in the midst of our afflictions. we found a friend in a Gent. by the name of ; who presented me with fifty dollars who was a farmer of respectibility. residing in . Wayne. Co. N Y. who presented me with fifty dollars, to assist us in our afflictions; by the assistance of which. I was enabled to reach to reach the place of my destination. in , and commenced copying the characters of the plates.—
I copied quite a number of them— and <​translated them​> by the assistance. of the Urim & Thummin— Sometime in the month Feb. came, to our place. got the characters. and <​carried​> started with them to the City. of
On his return. he gave me the following particulars.
“I went to the City of and presented the characters. and the translation of them. to . a Gent celebrated for his literary attainments. [p. 12] stated, that the translation was <​more​> correct. more so than any he had before seen. translated from the Egytian. I then showed him those which were not translated, and he said that they were Egyptian, Chaldean, Assyric, &and Arabic, and that they were true characters.
He gave me a cirtificate. that they were true characters, and that the translation was correct.— I took the certificate and was leaving the house, when <​he​> called me back, and asked me how the Young man. ascertained that the gold plates, were in the place where he found them. I answered that an Angel of God had revealed it to him. He then said, let me see that certificate; I accordingly gave it to him; when he tore it in pieces. saying, there is now no such thing. as the ministering of Angles, and that if I would bring the plates to him. he would translate them. I informed him that part of the plates were sealed, and that I was forbidden to bring them.— He replied. “I cannot read a sealed book”.— I left him, and went to , who sanctioned, all that had said. respecting the characters & translations of the plates. having returned from his tour, went home to . and arranged his affairs, and returned again about the twelvth of April, 1828. and commenced writing, while I translated: which we continued, until the 14th of June; at having written. 216—pages of manuscript, on fools cap paper—
Sometime after began to write, for me he requested me to give him liberty. [p. 13] to carry the writings home. and exhibit them. and desired me to enquire of the Lord, through the Urim & Thummin; if he might do so. I did enquire, and the answer was, that he must not.
He was not sattisfied with this answer, and desired, that I would enquire again. I did so, and the answer was as before.—
Still he could not be contented. and insisted. that I should enquire. once more.
After much solicitation, I again enquired of the Lord; and permission was granted. was granted on certain conditions:— which were that he should show them, only to his brother, (,) his own , his , his , and a , a Sister of his . In accordance with this last answer, I required of him. that he should bind himself, in a covenant to me, in the most solemn manner; that he would do as directed— He bound himself, as I required of him. took the writings, and went his way. Notwithstanding the great restrictions, that had been laid upon him; and the solemn covenent, which he had made with me; he did show them to others; and by stratagem, they were taken from him: and they never have been recovered—
In the meantime, I went to visit my s family, at , After returning to my place in , I was walking out, when behold the former heavenly Messenger appeared, to and handed to me the Urim & Thummin again, (for they had been taken from me because of having wearied. the Lord in asking, that might take the writings, that <​which​> he lost by transgression)— [p. 14] And I enquired of the Lord. through them, and obtained the following Revelation.
The works, and the designs. and the purposes, of God cannot be frustrated; neither can they come to nought: for God does doth not walk in crooked paths, neither doth he turn to the right hand, or to the left; neither doth he vary from that which he hath said: therefore his paths are straight, and his course is <​is​> one eternal round.
Remember, remember, that it is not the work of God, that is frustrated, but the works of men: for although a man may have many revelations. and have power to do many mighty works,— Yet if he boast in his own strength. and set at nought, the counsels of God; and follow after the dictates of his own will, and carnal desires. he must fall and incur the vengeance of a just God upon him.
Behold you have been intrusted, with these things; but how strict were your commandments, and remember. and remember also. the promises, that which were made unto you, if you did not transgress them; and behold how oft you have transgressed the commandments, and laws of God: and have gone on in the persuasions of men; for behold you should not feared men. more than God; although men set at nought the counsels of God; and despise his words: yet you should have been faithful, and he would have extended his arm, and supported you, against all the fiery darts of the. Adversary; and he would have been with you. in every time of trouble.
Behold thou art Joseph. and thou wast chosen to do the work of the Lord; but because [p. 15]
of transgression, if thou art not <​cautious​> aware, thou wilt fall; but remember God is merciful. Therefore repent of that which thou hast done. which is contrary to the commandment. which I gave, and thou art still chosen. and art again called, to the work. Except thou do this, thou shalt be delivered up, and become as other men. and have no more <​having no​> gift.
And when thou deliverdest up, that which God gave you thee sight and power to translate; thou deliverdest up that which was sacred, into the hands of <​a​> wicked man; who has set at nought the counsels of God; and broken the most sacred promises, which were made before God, and depended upon his own judgment. and boasted in his own wisdom; and this is the reason why thou hast lost thy privileges for a season; for thou hast suffered the counsel of thy director, to be trampled upon from. the beginning. Nevertheless my work shall go forth, for inasmuch as the knowledge of a Saviour, has come unto <​the world,​> through the testimony of the Jews; even so shall the knowledge of a Saviour. come unto my people, and to the Nephites, and to the Jacobites, and the Josephites, and the Zoramites, through the testimony of their fathers, and this testimony shall come unto the knowledge, of <​the​> Lamanites, and the Lemulites, and the Ishmaelites, who <​dwindled​> dwindled in unbelief, because of the iniquities, of their father’s, whom the Lord has suffered to destroy their bretheren, the Nephites, because of their eniquities, and abominations; & for this very purpose, are these plates preserved, containing these records; that the promises of the Lord might be fulfilled, which he made to his people; and that the Lamenites, might come to a knowledge of their fathers, and that they might know the prom[i]ses of the Lord; and that they might believe the Gospel, and rely on the merits, of Jesus Christ, and be glorified through faith in his name, and that through their repentance, they might be saved. [p. 16]
After I had obtained the above revelation, both the plates and the Urim and Thummin were taken from me again; but in a few days they were returned to me, when I enquired of the Lord. and the Lord <​he​> said thus unto me.
1 Now I Behold I say unto you, that because you delivered up those writings which you had power given unto you to translate, by the means of the Urim and Thummin; into the hands of a wicked man, you have lost them, and you also lost your gift at the same time, and your mind became darkened; nevertheless it is now restored to you again. Therefore see that you are faithful and continue on unto the finishing of the remainder of the work of translation. as you have begun; Do not run faster or labor more than you have strength and means provided you to enable you to translate, but be diligent unto the end; pray always that you may come off conquerer, yea that you may conquer Satan and that you may escape the hands of the Servants of Satan. that do uphold his works. Behold they have sought to destroy you, yea even the man in whom you have trusted has sought to destroy you; And for this cause I said <​that​> ‘he is a wicked man,[’] for he has sought to take away the things wherewith you have been intrusted; and he has also sought to destroy your gift, and because you have delivered the writings into his hands, behold wicked men have taken them from you: Therefore you have delivered them up, yea; that which was sacred unto wickedness. And behold satan has put it into their hearts to alter the words, which you have caused to be written, or which you have translated; which have gone out of your hands, and behold I say unto you that because they have altered the words they read contrary from that which you translated. [p. 17]
and caused to be written; and on this wise the Devil has sought to lay a cunning plan, that he might destroy this work; for he has put it into their hearts to do this, that by lying, they may say, they have caught you in the words which you have pretended to translate.
2 Verily, I say unto you that I will not suffer that Satan shall accomplish his evil design in this, thing, for behold he has put it into their hearts to get theee to tempt the Lord thy god, in asking to translate it over again; and then behold they say and think in their Hearts, we will see if god has given him power to translate; if so he will give him power to translate again, or if he translate again, or in other words, if he bring<​eth​> forth the same words; behold we have altered them, therefore they will not agree, and we will say that he has lied in his words, and that he has no gift, and that he has no power: therefore <​we​> will destroy him, <​and​> also the work; and we will do this, that we may not be ashamed in the end, and that we may get glolry of the world.
3 Verily, verily. I say unto you, that Satan has great hold upon their hearts; he stireth them up to iniquity against that which is good, and their hearts are corrupt and full of wickedness, and abomanations, and they love darkness rather than light. because their deeds are evil; therefore they will not ask of me. Satan Stireth them up, that he may lead their souls to destruction. And thus he has laid a cunning palan th plan, thinking to destroy the work of God; but I will requ[i]re this at their hands, and it shall turn to their shame and condemnation in the day of judgement. Yea he stireth up their hearts, to anger against this work; yea he saith unto them decieve, and lie in wait to catch that <​ye may decieve​> you may decieve ye may destroy: behold this is no harm, and thus he f[l]attereth them, and telleth them that it is no sin to lie that they may catch a man in a lie. that they may destroy him; and thus he he flattereth them also and leadeth them along, until he drageth their souls down to hell, and thus he causeth them to catch themselves in their own Snare, and thus he goeth up and down to and fro, in the earth, seeking to destroy the souls of men.
4 Verily, Verily, I say unto you, wo be unto him that [p. 18]
lyeth to deceive, because he supposeth that another lyeth to decieve; for such are not exempt from the Justice of God.
5 Now behold they altered those words. because satan saith unto them; He hath decieved you, and thus he flattereth them away to do iniquity, to get thee to tempt the Lord thy God.
6 Behold I say unto you, that you shall not translate again those words which have gone forth out of <​your​> your hands, for behold they shall not accomplish their evil designs in lying against those words, for behold if you <​should​> bring forth the same words they will say that you have lied, that you have pretended to translate, but that you have contradicted yourself. And behold they will publish this, and satan will harden the hearts of the people, to stir them up to anger against you, that they will not beli[e]ve my words: Thus satan thinketh to overpower your testimony in this generation, that the work may not come forth in this Generation; but behold here is wisdom, and because I show unto you wisdom, and give you commandments concerning these things. what you shall do; show it not unto the world, until you have accomplished the work of translation.
7 Marvel not that I said unto you, here is wisdom, show it not unto the world; that you may be preserved. Behold I do not say that you shall not show it unto the rightious, but as you cannot always judge the righteous. or as you cannot always tell the wicked from the righteous; therefore, I say unto you, hold your peace until I shall see fit to make all things known unto the world; concerning <​this​> matter.
8 And now verily, I say unto you, that an account of those things that you have written, which have gone out of your hands, are engraven upon the plates of Nephi; Yea and you remember it was said in those writings, that a more particular account was given of these things upon the plates of Nephi.
9 And now because of the account. which is engraven upon the plates of Nephi, is more particular concerning the things which in my wisdom I would bring to the knowledge of the people; in this account therefore, you Shall translate the engravings [p. 19]
which are on the plates of Nephi, down even till you come to the reign of King Benjamin, or until you come to that which you have translated <​that​> which you have retained: and behold you shall publish it as the record of Nephi, and thus I will confound those who have altered my words. I will not suffer that they shall destroy my work, yea I will show unto them, that my wisdom is greater than the cunning of the Devil.
10 Behold they have only gotten a part of or an abridgement, of the account of Nephi; behold there are many things engraven on the plates of Nephi, which do throw greater views upon my gospel; therefore it is wisdom in me, that you should translate this first part of the engravings of Nephi, and send forth in this work: And behold all the remainder of this work, does contain all those parts of my gospel, which my holy prophets, yea and also my disciples desired in their prayers should come forth unto this people; and I said unto them, that it should be granted unto them, according to their faith in their prayers; yea and this was their faith; that my gospel which I gave unto them that they might preach in in their days, might come unto their bretheren, the Lamanites; and also all that had become Lamanites, because of their dessentions.
<​11​> Now this is not all; their faith in their prayers were, that this Gospel should be made known also, If it were possible that other nations should possess this Land; and thus they did leave a blessing upon this land in their praye[r]s, that whosoever should beleve in this Gospel, in this land, might have eternal life. Yea that it might be free unto all, of whatsoever nation, kindred, tounge, or people, they may be.
12 And now behold, according to their faith in their prayers, will I bring this part of my gospel to the knowledge of my p[e]ople; behold I do not bring it to destroy what they have recieved but to build it up. [p. 20]
13 And for this cause have I said, if this generation harden not their hearts, I will establish my church among them. Now I do not say this to destroy my Church, but I say this to build up my church: Therefore whosoever belongeth to my church, need not fear, for such shall inherit the kingdom of heaven; but it is those who do not fear me; neither keep my commandments, but build up churches unto themselves, to get gain; yea, and all those that do wickedly, and build up the kingdom of the devil; Yea verily, verily, I say unto you, that it is those, whom I will disturb, and cause to to tremble; and shake to the center.
14 Behold, I am Jesus Christ the Son of God. I came unto my own, but my own recieved me not. I am the light; that shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not. I am he who said, other sheep have I, who are not of this fold unoto my disciples; and many there were, that understood me not me not
15 And I will shew unto this people, that I had other Sheep, and that they were a branch of the house of Jacob, and I will will bring to light their marvellous marvellous works, which they did in my name; yea &, and I will also bring to light my gospel, which was ministered unto them; and behold they shall not deny what you have received, but shall build it up, and bring to light the true points of my doctrine. Yea and the only doctrine which is in me. and this I do. that I may establish my gospel. that there may not be so much contention. Yea Satan doth stir up the hearts of the people. to contention, concerning the points of my doctrine; and in these things they do err, for they do wrest the Scriptures, and do not understand them. Therefore, I will unfold unto them. the this great [p. 21]
mystery; for behold, I will gather them, <​as​> a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, if they will not harden their hearts: Yea if they will come they may, and partake of the waters of Life freely.
16 Behold this is my doctrine. whosoever repenteth and cometh unto me, the same is my Church; whosoever declareth more or less than this, the same is not of me, but is against me; therefore he is not of my Church.
17 And now behold whosoever is of my Church, and endureth of my church to the end, him will I establish upon my rock, and the gates of hell Shall not prevail against him. And now remember the words of him, who is the life and the light of the world; your Redeemer, your Lord, and your God— Amen
I did not, however immediately commence translating, but tilled a small farm, which I purchased of my ; to provide for my family, In the month of Feb. 1829, my came to visit me me, at which time I recieved the following Revelation for him.
Now behold, a marvelous work, is about to come forth among the children of men; therefore, O ye that embark in the service of God, see that you serve him with all your heart, might, mind, and strength; that you may stand blameless before God at the last day. Therefore if ye have desires to serve God, ye are called to work. for behold the field is white all ready to harvest and lo he that thrusteth in his Sickle with his might, the same layeth up in Store that he perish not but bringeth Salvation to his soul and faith hope charity, and Love with [p. 22]
an eye single to the glory of God; Qualifies him for the work. Remember, faith, virtue, knowledge, Temperance, patience, brotherly kindness, godliness, Charity, humility, diligence— Ask and ye shall recieve, knock and it shall be opened <​un​>to you.
At the request of the afore mentioned , I applied for the following Revelation for him.
Behold I say unto you, that as my servant , has desired a witness at my hand that you, my Sert. Joseph Smith Jr. have the plates of which you have testified & borne record, that you have recieved of me; & now behold, this shall you say unto him, he who spake unto you said; I, the Lord am God, and have given these things unto you my servt. Joseph Smith Jr. and have commanded you, that you shall stand as a witness of these things; & I have caused you, that you should enter into a covenant with me, that you should not show them except to those persons to whom I commanded you. & you have no power over them, except I grant unto you, and you have a gift to translate the plates, and this is the first gift I have bestowed upon you; and I have commanded you, that you pretend to no other gift, until my purpose is fulfilled in this, for I will grant unto you no other gift until it is finished. Verily, I say unto you, that wo shall come unto the inhabitants of the earth, if they will not harken unto my words; for hereafter you shall be ordained, and go forth and deliver my words unto the children of men Behold if they will not beleive my words, they would not beleive you my servant Jose. [p. 23]
if it were possible, that you could show them all these things which I have committed unto you. O this unbelieving and stiffed necked generation, mine anger is kindled against them.— Behold, verily, I say unto you I have reserved these things, which I have entrusted unto you, my servant Joseph for a wise purpose in <​me​> me; and it shall be made known unto future generations, but this generation shall hear <​hav​> my word through you, and in addition to your testimony, the testimony of three of my Servants, whom I shall call, and ordain. I shall show these things, and they shall go forth, with my words that are given through you, yea they shall know of a surety that these things are true; for from heavn will I declare it unto them. I will give <​you​> power to behold and view these things as they are, and to none else will I grant this power. to reciev this same testimony among this generation, in this the beginning of the rising up, and the coming forth of my chu[r]ch out of the wilderness. Clear as the moon, fair as the Sun, and terrible, as an <​army​> army with banners; and the testimony of three wittnesse, will I send forth with of my word, and behold whosoever believeth on my words, them will I visit, with the manifestation of of my spirit, and they shall be born of me of the water and of the Spirit: and you must wait yet a little while, for ye are not yet ordained, and <​their​> bear testimony unto shall also go forth unto the condemnation, of this generation, if they harden their hearts against them; for a desolating scourge shall go forth, among the inhabitants of the earth, and shall continue to be poured out if they re from time to time, if they repent not. untill the earth is empty and the inhabitants thereof are consumed away, and utterly destroyed, by the [p. 24]
brightness of my coming; behold I tell you these things even as I also told the people, of the destruction of Jerusalem; and my words shall be verified at this time, as it hath hitherto been. And now I command you my Servant Joseph, to repent and walk more uprightly before me, and yield to the pursuasions of men no more; and that you be firm in keeping the command<​ment​>s wherewith I have commanded you, and if you do this, behold I grant unto you eternal life, even if you should be slain. And now again again, I speak unto you my se[r]vant Joseph, concerning the man, who desires the witness. Behold, I say unto him, he exalts himself and does not humble himself sufficiently before me, but if he will bow down before me, and humble himself in mighty prayer and faith, in the cincerity of his heart; then will I grant unto him a view of the things which he desires to see, and then he shall say unto the people of this generation, behold I have seen the things which the lord has shown to Joseph Sm[i]th Jr; and I know of a surety that they are true, for I have seen them, they have been shown unto me by the power of <​and​> god <​and​> not of man. And I the the lord command him my se[r]vant , that he shall say no more unto them concerning these things, except he shall say, I have seen them, and they have been shown unto me by the power of god. And these are the words which he shall say; but if he deny this, he will break the covenant which he has made with me, and behold he is condemned. And now except he humble himself and acknowledge unto me the things that he has done that are wrong; and covenant with me, that he will keep my commandments, and exercise faith in me, behold. I Say unto him he shall have no such views; for I will grant unto him no views of the things of which I [p. 25]
have spoken. And if this be the case I command you my se[r]vant Joseph, that you shall say unto him that he shall do no more, nor trouble me any more concerning this matter; and if this be the case behold I say unto thee Joseph. when thou hast translated a few more pages, thou shalt stop for a season, even until I command thee again, then thou mayest translate again. and except thou do this, behold thou shalt have no more gift, and I will take away the th[i]ngs which I have entrusted with thee, and now because I foresee the lying in wait to destroy thee; yea I foresee that if my Se[r]vant , humbleth not not himself, and recieve <​a​> witness from my hand, that he will fall into transgression, and there are many that lie in wait to destroy thee. from off the face of the Earth; and for this cause <​that​> thy days may be prolonged, I have given unto thee these commandments. Yea for this cause, I have said stop and stand still, until I command thee, and I will provide means whereby thou mayest accomplish the thing which I hav commanded thee. and if thou art faithful, on in keeping my Commandments, thou shalt be lifted up at the last day.
On the fifth day of April. 1829, cam[e] to my house. (untill which time I had never seen him) and stated to me that having been teaching school, in the neighbourhood where my resided, and <​learning​> from him some of the family, learning that I had received the plates, and now came to make inquiries of me, Two days after the arrival of , I commenced translating the Book of Mormon: and he commenced writing for me; which having [p. 26] continued for some time. I enquired of the Lord through the Urim & Thummin, and obtained the following Revelation.
A great and marvelous work, is about to come forth unto the children of men; behold I am god, and give heed unto my word, which is quick and powerful, sharper than a two edged Sword, to the dividing assunder of both joints and marrow: therefore give heed unto my words. behold the field is white allready to harvest, therefore whoso desireth to reap, let him thrust in his sickle with his might, and reap while the day lasts, that he may treasure up for his soul, everlasting salvation, in the kingdom of God. Yea whoso[e]ver will thrust in his sickle, and reap, the same is called of god, therefore if you will ask of me, you shall recieve; if you will knock, it shall be opened unto you; now as you have asked, behold I say unto you, keep my commandments, and seek to bring forth, and establish the cause of Zion. Seek not for riches, but for wisdom; and behold the mysteries of God, shall be unfolded unto you, and then Shall you be made rich; behold he that hath eternal life, is rich. Verily, Verily, I say unto you even as you desire of me, so shall it be unto you; and if you desire you shall be the means of doing much good. in this generation. Say nothing but repentance, unto this generation; keep my commandments, and assist to bring forth my work, according to my commandments; you Shall be blest. Behold thou hast a gift, and blessed art thou because of thy gift; remember it is sacred and cometh from above and if thou wilt inquire, thou shalt know mysteries, which are great and marvellous: therefore thou shalt exercise thy gift, [p. 27]
that thou mayest find out mysteries; that thou mayest bring many to the knowledge to of the truth, yea, convince them of the errors of their ways. Make not thy gift known unto any, save it be those who are of thy faith; trifle not with sacred things. if thou wilt do good; yea, and hold out faithful to the end, thou shalt be saved in the kingdom of god, which is the greatest of all the gifts of god; for there is no gift greater than the gift of salvation. Verily Verily I say unto thee blessed art thou for what thou hast done for thou hast enquired of me and behold as often as thou hast enqu[i]red thou hast recievid instruction of my spirit if it had not been so thou wouldst not have come to the place where thou art at this time behold thou knowest thou hast enquired of me and I did enlighten thy mind and now I tell thee these things that thou mayest know that thou hast been enlightened by the spirit of truth yea I tell thee that thou mayest know that there is none else save god that knowest thy thoughts and intents of thy hearts I <​tell​> thee these things as a witness unto thee that the words or the work which thou hast been writing is true Therefore be diligent stand by my sevent [servant] Joseph faithfully in whatsoever difficult circumstances he may be for the words sake admonish him in his faults and also recieve admonition of him be patient be sober and be temperate have patience faith hope and charity behold tho[u] art and I have spoken unto thee because of thy desires therefore treasure up these words in thy heart be faithful and diligent in keeping the commandments of god and I will encircle thee in the arms of my love behold I am jesus Christ the son of god I am the same that came unto my own [p. 28]
and my own recieved me not. I am the light that shineth in darkness but the darkness comprehendeth it not Verily verily I say unto you if you desire a further witness cast your mind upon the night that you cried unto me in your heart that you might know concerning the truth of these things did I not speak peace unto your mind concerning the matter what greater witness can you have then <​than​> from God and now behold you have reccieved a witness for if I have told you things which no man knoweth have you not recid. a witness and behold I grant unto you a gift if you desire of me to translate even as my servant Joseph Verily Verily I say unto you <​that​> there are records <​which​> that contain much of my Gospel which have been kept back because of the wickedness of the people and now I command you that if you have good desires a desire to lay up treasures for yourself in heaven then shall you assist in bringing to light with your gift those parts of my scriptures which have been hidden because of iniquity and now behold I give unto you and also my servant Joseph the keys of this gift which shall bring to light this ministry
and in the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.
Verily Verily I say unto you if they regect my word and this part of Gospel and my ministry blessed are you <​ye​> for they can do no more unto you than unto me and if they do unto you even as they have done unto me blessed are ye for ye you shall dwell with me in glory But if they reject not my words which shall be established by the testimony which shall be given blessed are they and then shall ye have joy in the fruit of your labours.
Verily verily I say unto you [p. 29]
as I said unto my disciples where two or three are gathered in my name as touching one thing behold there will I be in the midst of them even so will <​am​> I be in the midst of you Fear not to do good my sons for whatsoever ye sow that shall you <​ye​> also reap therefore if you sow good you shall also reap good for your reward—
Therefore fear not little flock do good let earth and hell combine against you for if ye are built on my rock they cannot prevail against you Behold I do not condemn you go your way and sin no more perform with soberness the work wich I have commanded you look unto me in every thought doubt not fear not Behold the wounds which pierced my side and also the prints of the nails which are in my hands and feet be faithful keep my commandments and ye shall inherit the Kingdom of heaven, Amen,
After we had recd. this Revelation stated that after having been told by some of my s family that I had the plates he retired to rest and called upon the Lord asking him if these things were so and that the Lord had manifested to him that they were true— that he had divulged this to no one consequently he knew this work to be true because none but himself and God knew of the thing alluded to in the Revelation During the month of April we continued to translate and write during which we time we received several Revelations— A difference of opinion arising between us relative to the account of John the Apostle mentioned in the New Testament John 21st & 22d ver[se] whether he died or continued we mutually agreed to settle it by the Urim & Thummin & the following [p. 30] is the word that we received
And the Lord said unto me John my beloved what desirest thou for if you ask what you will it shall be granted unto you and I said Lord unto him Lord give me power over death—that I may live and bring souls to thee.
And the Lord said unto me Verily Verily I say unto you thee thou because thou desiredst this thou shalt tarry until I come in my glory and shall prophesy before nations kindreds tongues & people.
And for this cause the Lord said unto Peter If if I will that he tarry till I come what is that to thee— For he desired of me that he might bring souls unto me; but thou desiredst that thou might speedily come unto me in my kingdom—
I say unto thee Peter this was a good desire, but my beloved has desired that he might do more or a greater work yet among men than what he has done yea he has undertaken a greater work; therefore I will make him a flaming fire and a ministering angel— He shall be a minister to those who <​shall be​> are heirs of salvation who dwell on the earth; I will make thee to minister for him and for thy brother James: and unto you three will I give this power and the keys of this ministery untill I come— Verily Verily I say unto you ye shall both have according to your desires for ye both joy in that which you have desired.
Whilst continuing the work of translation, (during this month of April,) become exceedingly anxious to have the power to translate bestowed upon him, and in relation to this desire the following <​Revelation​> translation was obtained—
verily, verily I say [p. 31]
that assuredly as the Lord liveth who is your God and your Redeemer even so sure shall you receive a knowledge of whatsoeve[r] you things you shall ask in faith with an honest heart beleiving <​that​> you shall receive a knowledge concerning the engravings of old records which contain those parts of my scriptures that have been spoken <​of​> by the manifestation of my spirit; yea behold I will tell you in your mind and in your heart by the Holy Ghost which shall come upon you and which shall dwell in your heart— Now behold this is the spirit of revelation. Behold this is the spirit which brought the children of Israel through the red sea on dry ground; therefore this is thy gift
Apply unto it and blessed art thou for it shall deliver you out of the hands of your enemies when if it were not so they would slay you and bring your soul to destruction.
O remember these words and keep my commandments. Remember this is your gift. Now this is not all thy gift, for you have another person gift which is that of Aaron: Behold it has told you many things. Behold there is another <​no other​> power save the power of God that can cause this gift <​of Aaron​> to be with you. Therefore doubt not for it is the gift of God and you shall hold it in your hands and do marvelous works; and no power shall be able to take it out of your hands, for it is the work of God. And therefore whatsoever you shall ask me to tell you by that means I will grant unto you and you shall <​have​> knowledge concerning it. Remember that without faith you can do nothing; therefore ask in faith. Trifle not with these things; do not ask for what you ought not to that you may know the mysteries of God [p. 32]
and that you may translate and receive knowledge from all those ancient records which have been hid up that are sacred and according to your faith shall it be done unto you
Behold it is I that have spoken it, and I am the same who spoke unto you from the beginning. Amen,
Revelation to April 1829
Behold I say unto you my son that because you did not translate according to that which you desired of me, and did commence again for my servant Joseph Smith Jr. even so I would that you continue until you have finished this record which I have entrusted unto him.
And then behold other records have I that I will give you power to assist in translating them— Be patient my son for it is wisdom in me and it is not expedient that you should translate at this present time. Behold the work which you are called to do, is to write for my servant Joseph; and behold it is because you did not continue as you commenced to when you began to translate that I have taken away this privilege from you
Do not murmur my son for it is wisdom in me that I have dealt with you after this manner. Behold you have not understood— you have supposed that I would give it unto you when you took no thought save it was to ask me; but behold I say unto you that you must study it in your mind then you must ask me if it be right. and if [it] is right I will cause that your bosom shall burn within you: Therefore you shall feel that is it is right. But if it be not right you shall have [p. 33]
no such feelings but you shall have a stupor of thought that shall cause you to forget the thing wich is wrong; therefore you cannot write that which is sacred save it be given you from me.
Now if you could had known this could you could have translated; Nevertheless it is not expedient that you should translate now.
Behold it was expedient when when you commenced but you feared and the time is past, and it is not expedient now; for do you not behold that I have given unto my servant Joseph sufficient strength whereby it is made up and neither of you have I condemned.
Do this thing which I have commanded you and you shall prosper. Be faithful and yield to no temptation. Stand fast in the work wherewith I have called you and a hair of your head shall not be lost and you shall be lifted up at the last day amen
We still continued the work of translation and in the ensuing month (May 1829) on a certain day we went into the woods to pray and inquire of the Lord respecting baptism for the remission of sins spoken of in the translation of the Plates.
While we were thus praying & calling upon the Lord a Messenger decended in a cloud <​of light from​> from heaven and having laid his hands upon us ordained us saying upon you my fellow servants in the name of the Messiah I confer the Priesthood of Aaron which holds the keys of the ministering of Angels and of the Gospel of repentence and baptism by immersion for the remission of sins and this shall never be taken from the earth until the sons of Levi do offer [p. 34] again make an offering unto the Lord in righteousness”. He said this Aronic Priesthood had not the power of the laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost but this <​that​> should be confered upon us at some future time. He also commanded us to go and be baptized—that I should baptize and that he should then baptize me
He also said that his name was John; the same that was called John the Baptist in the new Testament—that he acted under the direction of Peter, James & John who held the keys of the priesthood of Melchisedeck which should in due time be confered upon us— Accordingly we went and wer baptized and ordained as directed by the Messenger on the (15 day of (May <​15​> 1829)
Immediately upon our coming up out of the water we experienced great and glorious blessings from our heavenly Father no No sooner had I baptized than the Holy Ghost fell upon him and he stood up and prophesied many things which should shortly come to pass. again so
I also had the spirit of propesy and standing up I prophesied concerning the <​rise​> Church rise of the church and many things connected with it and this generation of the children of men We were filled with the Holy-Ghost and rejoiced in the God of our Salvation. Our minds being now enlightened we began to have the scriptures laid open to our understanding and the true meaning of the more misterious passages of were revealed to us in a manner we had never before thought of— In the mean time we were forced to [p. 35] keep our baptism and ordination a secret owing to a spirit of persecution already too prevalent in the neighbourhood, Mobs had threatened us from time to time and that to composed <​too,​> of professors of religion from which we were only preserved under divine Providence by the influence of my ’s <​and​> family who had now become very friendly and were anxious that I should continue the work of translation without interuption and were determined to protect us. After a few days feeling it our duty we began to reason out of the scriptures with our acquaintances and friends in accordance with our holy calling.
About this time my brother visited us, We informed him of what the Lord was about to do for the children of men and reasoned with him out of the Bible and laboured labouring to convince him of the truth of the Gospel now about to be revealed in its fullness<​*​>. <​taking the acknowledged​> <​ the bible for our guide​> Not being very easily convinced of these things he retired into the woods that by secret and fervent prayer he might obtain <​wisdom​> of a benevolent God wisdom that he might judge for himself[.] The result was that he was <​became​> convinced by revelation of the truth of the doctrines we presented to him. In accordance with the commands of the Gospel he was baptized by and returned home greatly blessed praising God <​and​> being filled with the holy <​Ghost​> Spirit Shortly after my brother came enquiring <​after​> for these things At his earnest request I inquired of the Lord through the Urim & Thummin and received for him the following to Revn. <​Revelation​> [p. 36]
<​*Appealing to Holy Bible for the truth of the doctrines we advanced​>
A great and marvellous work, is about to come forth among the children of men; behold I am God and give heed to my word, which is quick and powerful. sharper than a two edged sword, to the dividing asunder of both joints and marrow: therefore give heed to my word
2 Behold the field is white allready to harvest; therefore whoso desireth to reap, let him thrust in his sickle. with all his might and reap while the day lasts, that he may treasure up for his soul everlasting salvation in the kingdom of God: yea whoso will whosoever will thrust in his sickle and reap, the same is called of God: therefore if you will ask of me you shall recieve; if you will knock it shall be opened unto you.
3. Now as you have asked, behold I say unto you, keep my comandments, and seek to bring forth, and establish, the cause of Zion. Seek not for riches, but for wisdom. and behold the mysteries of God shall be unfolded unto you, and then shall you be made rich; behold he that hath eternal life is rich
4 Verily verily I say unto you. even as I desire you desire of me, shall it be done unto you: and if you desire, you shall be the means of doing much good in this generation. Keep my commandments, and assist to bring forth my work, according to my, work, according to my commandments, and you shall be blessed
5 Behold thou hast a gift. or thou shalt a have a gift, if thou wilt desire of me with faith in faith with an honest heart, believing in the power of Jesus Christ; or in my power who speaketh unto thee: for behold it is I that speaketh; behold I am the light which Shineth in <​the​> darkness. and by my power. I give these words unto thee.
6 6 And now, verily, verily. I say unto thee put your trust in that spirit which leadeth to do good; yea, to do justly, to walk humbly, to Judge righteously; and this is my spirit
7 Verily verily I say unto you, I will impart unto you of my Spirit, which shall enlighten your mind, which Shall [p. 37]
fill your soul with Joy. and then shall you know. or by this shall ye know all things whatsoever you desire of me, which is pertaining unto things of righteousness in faith believing in me that you shall recieve 8
8 Behold I command you that you need not suppose that you are called to preach untill you are called: wait a little longer untill you shall have my word my rock my church and my Gospel that you may have of a surety my doctrine and then behold according to your desires yea even according to your faith shall it be done unto you,
9 Keep my commandments, hold your peace, appeal unto my spirit; yea cleave unto me with all your heart, that you may assist in bringing to light those things, of which have been spoken: yea the translation of my work. Be patient until you shall accomplish it.
10. Behold this is your work, to keep my commandments; yea with all your might mind and strength. Seek not to declare my word, but first seek to obtain it my word, and then shall your tongue be loosed; then if you desire you shall have my spirit, and my word; yea the power of God unto the convincing of men
But now hold your peace Sutdy [Study] my word wich hath gone forth among the children of men. And also study my word which shall come forth among the children of men or that which is now translating yea until you shall obtain all that I shall grant unto the children of men in this generation and then shall all things be added thereunto
11 Behold thou art my son seek the Kingdom of God and all things shall be added according to that which is just, Build upon [p. 38]
my rock which is my Gospel; deny not the spirit of revelation nor the spirit of prophecy for wo unto him that denieth these things; Therefore treasure up in your heart until the time which is in my wisdom that you shall go forth.
Behold I speak unto all who shall have good desires, and have thrust in their sickels to reap.
Behold I am Jesus Christ the Son of God I am the life and the light of the world I am the same who came unto my own and my own received me not:
but verily verily I say unto you that as many as receiveth me to them will I give power to become the sons of God even to them that believe in my name. Amen.
About this time came an old Gent. to visit us of <​whom​> whose name I wish to make honorable mention Mr. of Broom[e] Co, Pa. who having heard of the manner in which we were occupying our time very kindly and consideratel brought us a quantity of provisions that we might continue the translation translating <​without​> uninterupted <​from​> by the want of the necessaries of life. Being very anxious to know his duty relative to this work I enquired of the Lord and obtained for him the following Revelation
1 A great and marvelous work is about to come forth among the childdren of men. Behold I am God and give heed unto my word which <​is​> quick and powerful sharper than a two edged sword to the dividing assunder <​of​> both joints and marrow therefore give heed unto my word
2 Behold the field is white already to harvest therefore whoso desireth to reap [p. 39]
let him thrust in his sickle with his might and reap while the day lasts that he may treasure up for his soul everlasting salvation in the kingdom of God Yea whosoever will thrust in his sickle and reap the same is called of God therefore if you will ask of me you shall recieve if you knock it shall be opened unto you.
3 Now as you have asked behold I say unto you keep my commandments and seek to bring forth and establish the cause of Zion.
4 Behold I speak unto you and also all those who have desires to bring forth and establish this work and no one can assist in this work except he shall be humble and full of love having faith hope and charity being temperate in all things whatsoever shall be intrusted to his care—
5 Behold I am the <​light​> life and the light <​life​> of the world that speaketh these words therefore give heed with your might and then you are called Amen.
Shortly after com
In the beginning of June a of of Seneca Co. N.Y. with whom I had formed an acquaintance some shortly after commencing the translation came to the place where we were <​living​> residing with a carriage to take us to his ’s residence there to remain until we should finish the work. He proposed to <​gratuitously​> give us our board and the assistance of one of his brothers to write for me as well as his own when convenient free of c a
Having much need of such kindly <​timely​> aid and being informed by that the people of the neighbourhood were anxious to inquire into these things we accepted the invitation and accompanied him home where we remained [p. 40] until the translation was completed and copy richt secured In the mean time, , , and sons of became our zealous friends and assistants in the work; and being very anxious to know the will of the Lord concerning them after much solicitation I enquired of the Lord through the Urim and Thummin and recieved the following Revelations
1 A great and marvellous work is about to come forth unto the children of men: behold I am God and give heed unto my word, which is quick and powerful, sharper than a two edged sword, to the dividing assunder of both joints and marrow: therefore give heed unto my word.
2 Behold the field is white already to harvest. therefore whoso desireth to reap. let him thrust in his sickle with his might. and reap while the day lasts, that he may treasure up for his soul everlasting salvation in the kingdom of god: Yea, whosoever will thrust in his sickle and reap, the same is called of god: therefore if ye you will ask of me you shall recieve, if you will knock it shall be opened unto you.
3 Seek to bring forth and establish my Zion. Keep my commandments and endure to the end, & you shall have eternal life, which gift is the greatest of all the gifts of God
4 And it shall come to pass that if you shall ask the the father in my name. in faith believing; you shall recieve the Holy Ghost, which giveth utterance, that you may stand as a witness of the things which you shall both hear and see; and shall that you may declare repentance <​unto​> to this generation
5 Behold I am Jesus Christ the sun of the living God. who created the heavens and the earth, a light which cannot be hid in darkness: wherefore I must bring forth the fulness of my gospel from the Gentiles unto the House of Israel. And behold thou art and thou art called to assist: which thing if ye do, and are [p. 41]
faithful ye shall be blessed both spiritulally and temporally and great shall be your reward Amen
1 Hearken my servent , and listen to the words of Jesus Christ. your Lord and your Redeemer, for behold I speak <​un​>to you with Sharpness and with power, for mine arm is over you all the earth. and I will tell you that which no man knoweth save me and thee alone: for many times you have desired of me to know that which would be of most worth unto you
2 Behold, blessed are you for this thing. and for speaking my words wich which I have given you according to my commandments
3 And now behold. I say unto you that the thing which will be of the most worth unto you, will be to declare repentance unto this people, that you may bring souls unto me. that you may rest with them in my the kingdom of my Father
1 Harken my Servant and listen to the words of Jesus Christ your Lord and your Redeemer for behold I speak unto you with sharpness and power for mine arm is over all the earth and I will tell thee what no man knoweth save me and thee alone for many times you have desired of me to know that which would be of the most worth unto you
2 Behold blessed are you for this thing, and for speaking my words which I have given you according to my commandments
3 And now behold—I say unto you that the thing which will be of the most worth unto you will be to declare repentance unto this people that you may bring souls unto me that you may rest with them in the kingdom of my Father, amen. [p. 42]
We found the people of , in the main friendly and disposed to inquire into the truth of these strange things which were being noised abroad and many opened their houses to us so that we might have an opportunity of meeting with our friends and obtain instruction— We met from time to time at this place and found mayny m[a]ny that were willing to hear us and anxious to find out truth as in Christ Jesus and apparently willing to obey the Gospel. In this month (June) and my brother were baptized in Seneca Lake
From this time henceforth many became believers and were baptized whilst we continued to instruct those as many as <​who​> applied for information.
We had learned during the work of translation that the Lord would provide three special witnesses to whom he would show the plates from which the Book of Mormon was translated that they (the witnesses) should bear record of the same see Book of Mormon 1st Edition page [blank] second edition [blank]
Immediately after we had made this discovery it occured to and (the latter having come to inquire ascertain our progress in the work) that the Lord would permit them to become these witnesses accordingly they became very solicitous that I should inquire of the Lord respecting it which I did and obtained the following Revelation [5 lines blank] [p. 43] [4 lines blank]
1 Behold I say unto you that you must rely upon my word which if you do with full purpose of heart. you shall have a view of the plates and also the breast plate the sword of Laben the Urim and Thummin which were given to the brother of Jared on the mount when he talked with the Lord face to face and the miraculous directions which were given to Lehi while in the wilderness on the borders of the red sea and it is by your faith that you shall obtain a view of them even by that faith which was had by the Prop[h]ets of old.
2 And after that you have obtained faith and have seen them with your Eyes you shall testify of them by the power of God And this you shall do that my Servant Joseph Smith Jr. may not be destroyed that I may bring about my righteous purposes unto the children of men in this work. And ye shall testify that ye have seen them with your eyes you shall testify of them by the power of God even as my Servant Joseph Smith Jr. has seen them for it is by my power that he has seen them and it is because he hath faith and he hath translated the book even that part which I have commanded him and as your Lord and your God liveth it is true
3 Wherefore you have received the same power and the same faith and the same gift like unto him and if you do these last commandments of mine which I have given you the gates of hell shall not prevail against you for my grace is sufficient for you and you shall be lifted up at the last day <​and​> I am Jesus Christ your Lord and your God [p. 44]
Revelation To Joseph Smith Junr given to July 1828 concerning the plates
have spoken it unto you that I might bring about my righteous purposes unto the children of men Amen
Not many days after the above commandment was given we retired into the woods, to obtain by fervent and humble prayer the fulfillment of the promises given in this Revelation that they should have a v According to previous arrangement I commenced by vocal prayer to Almighty God and was followed by each of the others in succession. We did not yet however obtain any manifestation of divine favor.
We again observed the same order of prayer but with the same result as before Upon this second failure proposed to withdraw himself from us fearing that his presence was the cause of our not obtaining what we wished he accordingly withdrew from us <​After he had retired​> and we bowed ourselves again in prayer and had not been many minutes <​so​> engaged when we beheld a light of exceeding brightness above us and behold an angel stood before us having in his hands the plates for a view of which we had been praying. He slowly turned <​over​> the <​leaves​> leaves over so that we could distinctly see the engravings thereon Addressing himself to said blessed <​be​> the Lord and he that keeps his commandments, And immediately after we heard a voice proceeding from the light above us saying “these plates have been revealed [p. 45] by the power of God and they have been translated by the power of God the translation of them which you have seen is correct and I command you to bear record of what you now see and hear—
I now went in <​Search​> pursuit of whom I found at a distance earnestly engaged in prayer from him I learned that he had not yet obtaiined what he wished <​and​> when I joined with him <​in prayer​> and ultimately obtained a view of the plates When and <​he​> cried out in an ecstacy of joy tis enough tis enough mine eyes have beheld mine eyes have beheld and jumping up he shouted hosanna and rejoiced exceedingly having through the mercy of God thus obtained these glorious manifestations It now remained for these individuals to obey the command which they had receivd <​Accordingly​> They drew up and subscribed to the following document testimony
Be it known unto all nations kindreds tongues and people unto whom this work shall come that we through the grace of God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ have seen the plates which contain this record which is a record of the people of Nephi and also of the Lamenites their bretheren and also of the people of Jared who came from the tower of which hath been spoken and we also know that they have been spoke by translated by the gift and power of God for his voice hath declared it unto us wherefore we know of a surety that the work is true. And we also testify that we have seen the engravings which are upon the plates and they have been shown to us by the power of God and not of man [p. 46]
And we declare with <​words of​> soberness that an angel of God came down from heaven and he brought and laid them before our eyes—that we beheld and saw the plates and the engravings thereon and we know that it is by the grace of God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ that we beheld and bear record that these things are true and it is marvelous in our eyes Nevertheless the voice of the Lord commanded us that we should bear record of it wherefore to be obedient unto the commandments of God we bear testimony of these things
And we know that if we are faithful in Christ we shall rid our garment of the blood of all men and be found spotless before the judgment seat of Christ and shall dwell with him eternally in the heavens. And <​the honor​> be to the Father and to the son and to the Holy Ghost which is one God. Amen
Soon after these things had transpired the following additional testimony was obtained.
Be it known unto all nations kindreds tongues and people unto whom this work shall come that Joseph Smith Jr. the translator of this work has shewn unto us the plates of which hath been spoken which have the appearance of Gold and as many of the leaves as the said Smith has translated we did handle with our hands, and we also saw the engravings thereon, all of which has the appearance of ancient works and of curious workmanship and this we bear record with words of soberness that the said <​Joseph Smith Jr.​> has shewn unto <​us​> for we have seen and hefted and know of a surety [p. 47]
that the said Smith has got the plates of which we have spoken And we give our names unto the world to witness unto the world <​to witness unto the world​> that which we have seen and we lie not God bearing witness of it.
After this we continued to translate when not attending to the numerous inquirers that now began to visit us some seeking for truth others desiring to confound us with many questions Among the latter were severel learned priests who came to dispute the truth of the word of God. I say dispute because they deny the power of Godliness as it is taught us in his word; however the Lord continued to pour out his Holy Spirit upon us
And as often as we had need he gave us in that moment what to say Although unlearned and inexperienced in religious controversies we were enabled to confound the learned rabbies of the day and at the same time convince the honest in heart that we had obtained through the mercy of God the true and everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ so that daily we administered the ordinance of baptism for the remission of sins to such as believed. We now <​now​> became anxious the that the promise of the Melchisedec priesthood which holds the authority for <​of of​> the laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost given us by the angel that confirred upon <​us​> the Aronick priesthood should <​now​> be fulfilled. Having for some time made this a subject of prayer we finally met [p. 48] to unitedly ask of the Lord what we so much desired and to our unspeakable satisfaction we realized a fulfillment of our Saviour’s promise ask and ye Shall receive Seek and ye shall find Knock and it shall be opened unto you; for we had been engaged in fervent prayer but a short time when the word of the Lord came unto us commanding me to ordain to be an Elder in the Church of Jesus Christ and that he should ordain— me to the same office and then ordain others as it should from time to time be made known unto us.
We were commanded however to defer our ordination until our bretheren who had been and should be baptized were assembled together when we <​might​> must have their sanction <​to​> such an ordination and ascertain if they were willing to receive us as spiritual teachers. if so If so we were to bless bread break and eat it with them to take wine bless and drink it with them then proceed to ordain each other according to commandment and such others as the Spirit should dictate and then lay <​on​> hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost upon all whom we had previously baptized doing all things in the name of the Lord 1 The following Revelation will further illustrate the nature of this priest hood
1 Behold 1 Now behold because of the thing which you my servant has <​have​> desired to know of me I give unto you the<​se​> words— Behold I have manifested unto you by my spirit in many instances that the things which you have written are true wherefore you know <​that​> they are true And if you know that they are true behold I have given unto you a commandment that you rely upon the things <​which are​> written for in them are all things written concerning the foundation of my church my Gospel and my rock. the gates of hell [p. 49]
shall not prevail against you.
2 Behold the world is ripening in iniquity and it must needs be that the children of men are stirred up unto repentance both the gentiles and also the house of Israel wherefore as thou hast been baptized by the hand of my servant Joseph Smith Jr according to that which I have commanded him he hath fulfilled the thing which I have commanded him. And now marvel not that I have called him unto my mine own purpose which purpose is known in me wherefore if he shall be diligent in keeping my commandments he shall be blessed unto eternal life and his name is Joseph.
3 And now , I speak unto you and also unto by the way of commandment for behold I command every all men every where to repent and I speak unto you even as unto Paul mine Apostle for you are called even with that same calling with which he was called. Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God for behold the Lord your Redeemer suffered death in the flesh wherefore he suffered the pain of all men that all might repent and come unto him.
And he hath risen again from the dead that he might bring all men unto him on conditions of repentance. And how great is his joy in the soul that repenteth wherefore you are called to cry repentance unto this people. And if it should so be that you should labour all your days in crying repentance unto this people and bring save it be one soul unto me how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father?
4 And now if your joy will be great with one soul that you have brought unto me into the kingdom of my Father how great will be your joy if you should bring many souls unto me? Behold you have my Gospel before you and my rock and my salvation Ask the Father in my name in faith beleiving [p. 50]
that you shall receive and you shall have the Holy Ghost which manifes[t]eth all things which is expedient unto the children of men. And if you have not faith hope and charity you can do nothing. Contend against no church save it be the church of the devil. Take upon you the name of Christ and speak the truth in soberness and as many as repent and are baptized in my name which is Jesus Christ and endure to the end the same shall be saved.
Behold Jesus Christ is the name which is given of the Father and there is none other name given whereby men can be saved. Wherefor all men must take upon them the nam[e] which is given of the Father for in that name shall they be called at the last day. Whrefore if they know not the name by which they are called they cannot have place in the Kingdom of my Father.
5 And now behold there are others who are called to declare my Gospel both unto Gentile and unto Jew yea even twelve and the twelve shall be my disciples and they shall take upon them my name with full purpose of heart and if th[e]y desire to take upon them my name with full purpose of heart they are called to go into all the world to preach my Gospel unto every creature. And they are they who are ordained of me to preach my Gos to baptize in my name according to that which is written before you wherefore you must perform it according to the words which are before you written.
And now I speak unto the twelve Behold my grace is sufficient for you you must walk uprightly before me and sin not. And behold you are they who are ordained of me to ordain priests and teachers to declare my gospel according to the power of the Holy Ghost which is in you and according to the callings and gifts of God unto men And I Jesus Christ your Lord and [p. 51]
and your God have spoken it. These words are not of men nor of man but of me wherefore you shall testify they are of me and not of man for it is my voice which speaketh them unto you for they are given by my spirit unto you and by by my power you can read them one to another and save it were by my power you could not have them wherefore you can testify that you have heard my voice and know my words.
6 And now behold I give unto you and also unto that you shall search out the twelve who shall have the desires of of which I have spoken and by their desires and their works you shall know them and when you have found them you shall show these things unto them. And you shall fall down and worship the Father in my name and you must preach unto the world saying you must repent and be baptized and not only men but women and children who have arriven to the years of accountability.
7 And now after that you have received this you must keep my commandments in all things and by your hands I will work a marvelous work among the children of men unto the convincing of their many of their sins that they may come unto repentance and that they may come unto the kingdom of my Father wherefore the blessings which I give unto you are above all things. And after that you have received this if you keep not my commandments you cannot be saved in the kingdom of my Father. Behold I Jesus Christ your Lord and your God and your Redeemer by the power of my spirit have spoken it Amen [4 lines blank] [p. 52]
In this manner did the Lord continue to give us instruction concerning the duties involve incumbent upon us and among other <​things​> of the kind we obtained the following by the Spirit of Prophecy and Revelation which not only gave us much information but pointed out the precise day upon which according to his will and commandment we should proceed to organize his church again upon <​the​> earth
1 The rise of the church of Christ in these last days being one thousand eight hundred and thirty years since the coming of our Lord & and Savior Jesus Christ in the flesh it being regularly organized and established agreeably to the laws of our Country by the will and commandments of God in the fourth month and on the sixth day of the month which is called April: which commandments were given to Joseph Smith Jr. who was called of God and ordained an apostle of Jesus Christ to be the first elder of this church and to who was also called of God an apostle of Jesus Christ to be the second elder of this church and ordained under his hand and this according to the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to whom be all glory both now and forever Amen.
2 After it was truly manifested unto this first elder that he had received a remission of his sins he was entangled again in the vanities of the world but after repenting and humbling himself sincerely through faith God ministered unto him by an holy angel whose countenance was as lightning and whose garments were pure and white above all other whiteness and gave unto him commandments which inspired him and gave him power from on high by the means which were before prepared to translate the book of Mormon [p. 53]
which contains a record of a fallen people and the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles and to the Jews also which was given by inspiration and is confirmed to others by the ministering of angels and is declared unto the world by them proving to the world that the holy scriptures are true and that God does inspire men and call them to his holy work in this age and generation as well as in generations of old thereby showing that he is the same God yesterday to day and forever. Amen
3 Therefore having so great witnesses by them shall the world be judged even as many as shall hereafter come to a knowledge of this work and those who receive it in faith and work righteousness shall receive a crown of eternal life but those who harden their hearts in unbelief and reject it, it shall turn to their own condemnation for the Lord has spoken it and we the elders of the church have heard and bear witness to the words of the glorious Magesty on high to whom be glory forever Amen.
4 By these things we know that there is a God in heaven who is infinite and eternal from everlasting to everlasting the same unchangeable God the framer of heaven and earth and all things which are in them and that he created man Male & female after his own image and in his own likeness created he them and gave unto them commandments that they should love and serve him the only living and true God and that he should be the only being whom they should worship. But by the transgression of these holy laws man became sensual and devlish and became fallen man.
5 Wherefore the Almighty God gave his only begotten son as it is written in those scriptures which have been given of him he suffered temptations but gave no heed unto them; he was crucified deid and rose again the third day and ascended into heaven to sit down on the right hand of the Father that as many as would beleive and be baptized in [p. 54]
his holy name and endure in faith to the end should be saved not only those who believed after he came in the meridian of time in the flesh but all those from the beginning even as many as were before he came who believed in the words of the holy prophets who spake as they were inspired by the gift of the holy Ghost who truly testified of him in all things should have eternal life as well as those who should come after who should beleive in the gifts and callings of God by the Holy Ghost which beareth record of the Father and of the son which Father and son and Holy Ghost are one God infinite and eternal without end amen.
6 And we know that all men must repent and beleive on the name of Jesus Christ and worship the Father in his name to the end or they cannot be saved in the kingdom of God. And we know that justification through the grace of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ is just and true to all those who love and serve God with all their mights minds and strength but there is a possibility that man may fall from grace and depart from the living God. Therefore let the church take heed and pray always lest they fall into temptations yea and even let those who are sanctified take heed also.— And we know that these things are true and according to the revelations of John neither adding nor diminishing from the prophecy of his book the holy scriptures or the revelations of God which shall come hereafter by the gift and power of the Holy Ghost the voice of God or the ministering of angels: and the Lord God has spoken it and honor power and glory be rendered to his holy name both <​now​> and <​for​> ever Amen
7 And again by way of commandment to the church concerning the manner of baptism.
All those who humble themselves before God and desire to be baptized and come forth with broken hearts and contrite spirits and witness before the church [p. 55]
that they have repented of all their sins and willing to take upon them the name of Jesus Christ having a determination to serve him to the end and truly manifest by their works that they have received of the spirit of Christ unto the remission of their sins shall be received by baptism into his church
8 The duty of the elders priest teachers deacons and members of the church of Christ
An apostle is an elder and it is his calling to baptize and to ordain others elders priest teachers and deacons and to administer bread and wine—the emblems of the flesh and blood of Christ— and to confirm those who are baptized into the Church by the laying on of hands for the baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost according to the scriptures and to teach expound exhort baptize and watch over the church and to confirm <​those who are baptized into​> the church by the laying on of hands and the giving of the Holy Ghost— and to take the lead of all meetings
9 The elders are to conduct the meetings as they are led by the Holy Ghost according to the commandments and revelations of God
10 The priest’s duty is to preach teach expound exhort and baptize and administer the sacrement and visit the house of each member and exhort them to pray vocally and in secret, and attend to all family duties: and also ordain other priests teachers and deacons— and he is to take the lead of meetings when there is no elder present but when there is an elder present he is only to preach teach expound exhort and baptize and visit the house of each member exhorting them to pray vocally and in secret and attend to all family duties. In all these duties the priests are to assist the elders if occasion requires.
11 The teacher’s duty is to watch over the church always, and be with and strengthen them and see that there is no iniquity in the church neither hardness with each [p. 56]
other, neither lying backbiting nor evil speaking and see that the church meet together often and also see that all the members do their duty— and he is to take the leading of meetings in the absence of the elder or priest— and is to be assisted always in all his duties in the church by the deacons if occasion requires: but neither teachers nor deacons have authority to baptize administer the sacrament or lay on hands they are however to warn expound exhort and teach and invite all to come unto Christ
12 Every elder priest teacher or deacon is to be ordained according to the gifts and callings of God unto him and he is to be ordained by the power of the Holy Ghost which is in the one who ordains him.
13 The several elders composing this church of Christ are to meet in conference once in three months or from time to time as said conferences shall direct or appoint and said conference are is to do whatever church business is necessary to be done at the time
14 The several elders composing this church of Christ are to meet in conference once in three months or from time to time as said conferences shall direct or appoint and said conferences are to do whatever Church business is necessary to be done at the time
14 The elders are to recieve their licinses from other elders by vote of the church to which they belong or from the conferences
15 Each priest teacher or deacon who is ordained by a priest may take a certificate from him at the time which certificate when presented to an elder shall entitle him to a license which shall authorize him to perfo[r]m the duties of his calling— or he may recieve it from a conference [p. 57]
16 No person is to be ordained to any office in this church where there is a regularly organized branch of the same without the vote of that church but the presiding elders travelling bishops high counsellors high priests and elders may have the privilige of ordaining where there is no branch of the church that a vote may be called
17 Every president of the high priesthood (or presiding elder) bishop. high counsellor and high priest is to be ordained by the direction of a high counsel or General Conference
18 The duty duties of members after after they are recieved by babtism
19 The elders or priests are to have a sufficient time to expound all things concerning the church of Christ to their understanding previous to their partaking of the sacrament and being confirmed by the laying on of <​the​> hands of the elders of so that all things may be done in order And the members shall manifest before the church and also before the elders by a godly was walk and conversation that they are worthy of it that there may be works and faith agreeably agreeable to the holy scriptures— walking in holy holiness before the Lord
20 Every member of the church having children is to bring them unto the elders before the church who are to lay their hands upon them in the name of Jesus Christ and bless them in his name
21 No one can be recieved into the church of Christ unless he has arrived unto the years of accountability before God and is capable of repentance
22 Baptism is to be administered in the following manner unto all those who repent: The person who is called of God and has authority from Jesus Christ to baptize shall go down into the water with the person who has presented him or herself for baptism [p. 58]
and shall say calling him or her by name having been commissioned of Jesus Christ I baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Then shall he immerse him or her in the water and come forth again out of the water.
23 It is expedient that the church meet together often to partake of bread and wine in remembrance of the Lord Jesus, and the elder or priest shall administer it: and after this manner shall he administer it: he shall kneel with the church and call upon the Father in solemn prayer saying O God the eternal Father we ask thee in the name of thy Son Jesus Christ to bless and sanctify this bread to the souls of all those who partake of it that they may eat in remembrance of thy son the body of thy son and witness unto thee O God the eternal Father that they are willing to take upon them <​the name​> of thy son and always remember him and keep his commandments which he has given them that they may always have his spirit to be with them. Amen
24 The manner of administering the wine. he Shall take the cup also and say O God the eternal Father we ask thee in the name of thy son Jesus Christ to bless and sanctify this wine to the souls of all those who drink it of it that they may do it in remembrance of the blood of thy Son which was shed for them that they may witness unto thee O God the eternal Father that they do always remember him that they may have his spirit to be with them. Amen
25 Any member of the church of Christ transgressing or being overtaken in a fault shalt shall be dealt with as the scriptures direct. [p. 59]
26 It shall be the duty of the several churches composing the church of Christ to send one or more of their teachers to attend the several conferences held by the elders of the church with a list of the names of the several members uniting themselves with the church since the last conference or send by the hand of some priest so that a regular list of all the names of the whole church may be kept in a book by one of the elders whoever the other elders shall appoint from time to time:— and also if any have been expelled from the church so that their names may be blotted out of the general church record of names.
27 All members removing from the church where they resid[e] if going to a church where they are not known may take a letter certifying that they are regular members and in good standing which certificate may be signed by any elder or priest if the member recieving the letter is personally acquainted with the elder or priest or it may be signed by the teachers or deacons of the church.
Having finished the translation we went to Wayne Co, N.Y. and secured the copy right and engaged Mr. to print 5000 copies for the sum of $3000. I wish to mention here that the title page of the Book of Mormon is a literal translation taken from the last leaf on the lift [left] hand side of the collection of plates which contained the record that has been translated the lan The language of the whole running the same as all Hebrew writings; and that said title page is not a modern composition Therefore in order to correct an error which generally exists concerning it I give below that part of the title [p. 60] page which is a genuine and literal <​literal​> account translation of the title page of the book of Mormon recorded on the plates
The Book of Mormon
An account written by the hand. of Mormon upon plates of taken from the plates of Nephi
Wherefore is an abridgement of the record of the people of Nephi and also of the Lamenites written to the Lamenites who are a remnant of the house of Israel and also to Jew and Gentile written by way of commandment and also by the spirit of prophecy and of revelation. Written and sealed up and hid up unto the Lord that they might not be destroyed to come forth by the gift and power of God unto the interpretation thereof sealed by the hand of Maroni and hid up unto the Lord to come forth in due time by the way of Gentile the interpretation thereof by the gift of God
An abridgment taken from the book of Ether also which is a record of the people of Jared who were scattered at the time the Lord confounded the language of the people when they were building a tower to get to heaven which is to shew unto the remnant of the house of Israel what great things the Lord hath done for their fathers and that they know the covenants of the Lord that they are not cast off forever and also to the convincing of the Jew and Gentile that Jesus is the Christ the eternal God manifesting [p. 61]
himself unto all nations And now if there are faults they are the mistakes of men wherefore condemn not the things of God that ye may be found spotless at the judgment seat of Christ.
The remainder of the Title page is of course modern
A commandment of God and not of man to given ( New York March 1830) by him who is eternal
1 I am Alpha and Omega Christ the Lord; yea even I am he the beginning and the Redeemer of the world I having accomplished and finished the will whose I am even the Father concerning me; having done this, that I might subdue all things unto myself: retaining all power even to the destroying of Satan and his works at the end of the world and the last great day of judgment, which I shall pass upon the inhabitants thereof judging every man according to his works and the deeds which he hath done. And surely every man must repent or suffer for I God am endless wherefore I revoke not the judgments which I shall pass. but Woes shall go forth weeping wailing and gnashing of teeth, yea to those who are found on my left hand nevertheless it is not written that there shall be no end to this punishment torment but is written endless torment.
2 Again it is written eternal damnation wherefore it is more express than other scriptures that it might work upon the hearts of the children of men. altogether for my names glory: wherefore I will explain unto you this mystery for it is meet unto you to know even as mine apostles. I speak unto you that are chosen in this thing even as one that you [p. 62]
may enter into my rest. For behold the mystery of Godliness how great is it for behold I am endless and the punishment which is given from my hand is endless punishment for endless is my name; wherefore Eternal punishment is God’s punishment: Endless punishment is God’s punishment: wherefore I command you to repent and keep the commandments which you have received by the hand of my servant Joseph Smith Jr. in my name: and it is by my Almighty power that you have received them therefore I command you to repent, repent lest I smite you by the rod of my mouth and by my wrath and by my anger and your sufferings be sore how sore you know not <​how exquisite you know not​> yea how hard to bear you know not.
For behold I God have suffered these things for all that they might not suffer if they would repent but if they would not repent they must suffer even as I: which suffering caused myself even God the greatest of all to tremble because of pain and to bleed at every pore and to suffer both body and spirit and would that I might not drink the bitter cup and shrink: nevertheless glory be to the Father and I partook and finished my preparations unto the children of men wherefore I command you again to repent lest I humble you by my almighty power and that you confess your sins lest you suffer these punishments of which I have spoken of which in the smallest yea <​even​> in the least degree you have tasted at the <​time​> I withdrew my spirit. And I command you that you preach nought but repentance and show not these things unto the world until it is wisdom in me for they cannot bear meat now but milk they must recieve wherefore they must not [p. 63]
know these things lest they perish: learn of me and listen to my words walk in the meekness of my spirit and you shall receive peace in me. I am Jesus Christ I came by the will of the Father and I do his will
3 And again I command thee that thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife life: And again I say unto thee thou shalt not covet thy thine own property but impart it freely to the printing of the book of Mormon which contains the truth and the word of God which is my word to the Gentiles that soon it may go to the Jews of whom the Lamenites are a remnant remnant that they may beleive the Gospel and look not for a Messiah to come who has already come.
4 And again I command thee thou that thou shalt pray vocally as well as in thy heart yea before the world as well as in secret in publick as well as in private. And thou shalt declare glad tidings yea publish it upon the mountains and upon eve[r]y high place and among every people that thou shalt be permitted to see. And thou shalt do it with all humility trusting in me reviling not against revilers. And of tenets thou shalt not talk but thou shalt declare repentance and faith on the Savior and remission of sins by baptism and by fire yea even the Holy Ghost
5 Behold this is <​a​> great and the last commandment which I shall give unto you concerning this matter for this shall suffice for thy daily walk, even unto the end of thy days life. And misery thou shalt recieve if thou wilt slight these counsels. yea even destruction of thyself and property. Impart a portion [p. 64]
of thy property yea even part of <​with​> thy lands and all save the support of thy family. Pay the debt thou hast contracted with the printer. Release thyself from bondage. Leave thy house and home except when thou shalt desire to see thy family. And speak freely to all: yea preach exhort declare the truth even with a loud voice with a sound of rejoicing crying hosanna! hosanna! blessed be the name of the Lord God.
6 Pray always and I will pour out my spirit upon you and great shall be your blessing yea even more than if you should obtain treasures of earth and corruptableness to the extent thereof.
Behold canst thou read this without rejoicing and lifting up thy heart for gladness or canst thou run about longer as a blind guide or canst thou be humble and meek and conduct thyself wisely before me yea come unto me thy Savior. Amen.
We still continued while the book of Mormon was in the hands of the printer to bear testimony of the truth of the gospel delivered to us as opportunity opportunities were presented to us on tuesday the sixth day of April 1830 we met at the house of for the purpose <​of​> organizing the church of church of Christ of Christ according to commandment. Having commenced by <​with​> solemn prayer to our heavenly Father we proceeded (according to previous commandment) to call on our bretheren in order to ascertain whether if they would accept us we would be accepted by them as their spiritual teachers in the things pertaining to the kingdom of God; and were willing to be organized as a church according to the commandment that we had receivd. To these they [p. 65] unanimously consented. I then laid my hands upon and ordained him an elder of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and immediately afterwards he ordained me <​also​> an elder to the office of an elder of the same church.
We then took bread blessed and broke it with them then took wine blessed and drank it with them. We then laid our hands upon each member of the church present for the reception of the Holy Ghost and to confirm them members of the church of Christ. The Holy Ghost was poured out upon us to a very great degree insomuch that some prophesied whilst all praised the Lord and rejoiced exceedingly. Before we disperced <​separated​> I receivd the following commandment—
April 6th 1830
1 Behold there shall be a record kept among you and in it thou shalt be called a seer a translator a a prophet an apostle of Jesus Christ an elder of the church through the will of God the Father and the grace of your Lord Jesus Christ being inspired of the Holy Ghost to lay the foundation thereof and to build it up unto the most holy faith which church was organized and established in the year of your Lord one thousand eight hundred eighteen hundred and thirty in the fourth month and on the sixth day of the month which is called April
2 Wherefore (meaning the church) thou shalt give heed unto all his words and commandments which he shall give unto you as he receiveth them walking in all holiness before me for his word ye shall receive as if from mine own mouth in all patience and faith for by doing these things the gates of hell shall not prevail against you: yea and [p. 66]
<​the​> Lord God will disperse the powers of darkness from before you and cause the heavens to shake for your good and his name’s glory.— For thus saith the Lord God him have I inspired to move the cause of Zion in mighty power for good and his diligence I know and his prayers I have heard yea his weeping for Zion I have seen and I will cause that he shall mourn for her no longer for his days of rejoicing are come unto the remission of his sins and the manifestations of my blessings upon his words works
3 For behold I will bless all those who labor in my vineyard with a mighty blessing and they shall beleive on his words which are given him through me by the comferter which manifesteth that Jesus was crucified by sinful men for the sins of the world yea for the remissions of sins unto the contrite heart. Wherefore it behooveth me that he should be ordained by you () mine apostle this being an ordinance unto you that you are an elder under his hand he being the first unto you that you might be an elder unto the church of Christ bearing my name and the first preacher of this church unto the church and before the world yea before the Gentiles: yea and thus saith the Lord God, lo, lo, to the Jews, also Amen
We Accordingly <​we​> proceeded to ordain several of the bretheren to different offices of the priesthood as the spirit revealed to us. We here obtained a witness of the blessings and power through <​of​> the grace o the Holy Ghost bestowed upon us through the grace of God <​and​> several persons became convinced of the truth and were <​afterwards​> baptized among whom were my and and we obtained the consolation that we were members of the church of Jesus Christ [p. 67] organized in accordance with the commandments of God and acknowledged by him to be the same as that instituted by Jesus Christ while upon <​the​> earth
About this In the month of April Some time in the same month I riceived the following revel Some time afterwards in the same month (being the month of April) I received the following revelation given at N. Y. in consequence of some desiring to unite with the church without rebaptism
1 Behold I say unto you that all old covenants have I caused to [be] done away in this thing and this is a new and an everlasting covenant; even that which was from the beginning.— Wherefore although a man should be baptized a hundred times it availeth him nothing; for you cannot enter in at the straight gate by the law of Moses neither by your dead works; for it is because of your dead works that I have caused this last covenant and this church to be built up unto me even as in days of old. Wherefore enter ye in at the straight gait, as I have commanded and seek not to councel your God Amen
As the At the same time , , and being anxious to know their respective duties respecting this work I inquired of the Lord and receivd for them the following revelation
1 Behold I speak unto you a few words. Behold thou art blessed and art under no condemnation. Beware of pride lest thou shouldst enter into temptation. Make known thy calling unto the church and also before the world; and thy heart shall be opened to preach the truth from henceforth and forever Amen [p. 68]
2 Behold I speak unto you a few words for thou also art under no condemnation and thy heart is opened and thy tongue loosed and thy calling is to exhortation and to strengthen the church continually. Wherefore thy duty is unto the church forever and this because of thy family. Amen
3 Behold I speak a few words unto you for thou also art under no condemnation and thy calling is to exhortation and to strengthen the church. And thou art not as yet called to preach before the world. Amen
4 Behold I speak a few words unto you for thou also art under no condemnation and thy calling also is to exhortation and to strengthen the church. And this is thy duty from henceforth and forever Amen
5 Behold I manifest unto you by these words that you must take up your cross in the which you must pray vocally before the world as well as in secret and in your family and among your friends and in all places.— And behold it is your duty to unite with the true church and give your language to exhortation continually that you may receive the reward of the laborer Amen
On sunday April 11th. 1830 we held a meeting at the house of when delivered the first sermon ever preached by any of us
Large Many people were present and the following persons were baptized. viz. , Anne [Schott] Whitmer and on Sunday following [p. 69] and were also baptized—
During this month I paid a visit to Mr. of Broom[e] County N.Y. with whom I had previously been acquainted and of whom I have before spoken
and family were Universalists but were willing to reason with me and receive the truth when made known to them— We held several meetings in the neighborhood where we soon found many friends and a few enemies our meetings were well attended and many began to pray to Almighty God for wisdom to understand the truth one of these was son of with whom I now had many serious conversations on <​the​> important subjects of man’s eternal salvation. We were in the habit of praying much at our meetings and had become convinced that it was his duty to take up his cross which he avowed a determination to do; but when we again met together he excused himself by saying he would wait until he could retire to the woods and then he would pray accordingly On the following morning he retired to the grove where he made several attempts to pray but could not do so feeling that he had neglected his duty on the previous evening on his return to the house his appearance was such as to very much alarm his —having requested his to bring me to him I went and found him suffering very much in mind and his body acted upon in a very strange manner his face and limbs distorted and twisted into <​almost​> every shape possible and finally he was raised from the floor by the spirit which possessed him and tossed about [p. 70] the room in a most fearful manner. His neighbors were immediately made acquainted with his situation who and came to witness this singular scene. After he had thus suffered sometime I succeeded in getting hold of his hand. when immediately he requested me to cast the Devil out of him saying that he knew the devil was in him and that I could cast him out
I replied if you know that I can it shall be done and almost unconsciously I rebuked the devil and commanded him in the name of Jesus Christ to depart from him and immediately spoke and said that he saw the devil vanish from his sight this This was the first miracle performed in this Church and this was done not by man or the power of man but by the power of God therefore let the glory be asscribed to him.
The scene was now entirely changed. His countenance became natural his distortions of body ceased and the spirit of the Lord descended upon him, <​and​> the visions of eternity were opened to his view. He afterwards gave us the following relation.
I now began to feel a most pleasing sensation resting upon me, and immediately the visions of heaven of heaven were opened to my view. I felt myself attracted upwards and remained sometime enwrapt in contemplation insomuch that I knew not what was going on in the room.
By and by I felt some weight pressing upon my shoulder and the side of my head, which served to recall me to a sense of my situation. I found that that the spirit of the Lord had actually caught me up off the floor and that my shoulder and head were pressing against the beams. [p. 71] This manifestation of the power of God was witnessed by many to their great astonishment and satisfaction
And as may be expected influenced them to believe of become the members of the church of Christ
Soon after this occurence occurrence I returned to when I found that that the appearance of the book of Mormon “(The stick of Joseph in the hands of Ephraim”) had created great opposition and persecution to those the believers in its authenticity
But truth had sprung out of the earth and rightiousness had looked down from heaven consequently we feared none of <​our​> opponents and continued to preach and give information to such as desired. do During the last of May came and was baptized by . On the first day of June 1830 we held our first conference as an organized Church, which consisted of about thirty members besides many <​others​> who attended for the purpose of learning to learn respecting for the purpose of obtaining a knowledge of our doctrine.
Having opened by prayer, and <​then and​> singing <​sung​> an appropriate hymn, we partook of the emblems of the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ—
We then proceeded to confirm those who had recently been baptized; and ordained several to the various offices of the Priesthood, Much instruction was given at this time and the Holy Ghost in a miraculous manner was poured out upon us some propecied whilst others had the heavens opened to their view and were so overcome that we were <​under the necessity of laying​> compelled compeled to lay them on beds or other convenient places. was among <​one of​> those that were put out upon beds thus taken care of and among whom was [p. 72] bror. . From him we afterwards learned that he felt no weakness but that his heart was filled with love when suddenly a vision of futurity opened to his view he saw heaven opened and beheld the Lord Jesus Christ seated at the right hand of the majesty on high and it was manifested to him that he should be permitted to enter into his presence and enjoy his society for ever and ever such scenes as these were calculated to inspire our hearts with joy and awe for that Almighty Being who in his great wisdom had called us to be instruments by which he would bestow <​upon this generation​> in these last days the inestimable blessing of the gospel and its gifts preached in its fullness. Shortly after conference baptized the following persons in Seneca Lake, viz, , and . Shortly after I (accompanied by my ) and again visited where we found a number beleiving the gospel and anxious to obey
We appointed a meeting for following sabbath and on the afternoon of saturday erected a dam across the a small stream of water for the purpose of attending to the ordinance of baptism but during the night a mob collected and tore down the dam which prevented us thwarted our intentions. We afterwards learned that this mob had been influenced by certain sectarian priests who feared <​fearing​> that their craft was in danger in jeopardy and pursued this [p. 73] <​unhallowed​> course to stop the progress of truth The sabbath agreeably to appointment in on the sabbath preached and we bore testimony of the truth of the book of Mormon the doctrine of repentance and for the remission of sins and laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost &c &c. Among the many present at this meeting was one sister of ’s who became convinced of the truth as preached by us.
Short time previous to which the who considered himself her pastor made her a visit and endeavored to prevail upon her to leave her ’s house and go with him to her father’s who lived several miles from ’s to effect this he resorted to stratagem saying that her brothers was waiting at a certain place for her to <​accompany him home​> go home with him after going a short distance she discovered his falshood and refused to go any further,
Upon this he laid hold of her to compel her to go with him but with the assistance of her she compeled <​forced​> him to desist nothing daunted however he went to her father and by misrepresentations induced the old gentleman to give him a power of attorney which he served on her person at the close of our meeting on the sabbath of which we have spoken and carried her away against her will. however all his labor was in vain for in a short time she was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Early on the following morning we repaired the dam and baptized the following persons To wit, and [p. 74] and wife and and and Levi Hale and . Before he had finished the mob began to collect and shortly after we had retired, amounted to upwards of fifty men. They surrounded the house of (where we were) raging with anger some asking us questions others threatning us so that we thought it wise to leave and seek safety in the house of here they followed us and it was only by the exercise of prudence and reliance upon God that they were kept from laying violent hands upon us yet we could not escape their taunts and insults. We met on <​during​> the evening of this day to confirm those who had been baptized when our friends had nearly collected to my surprise I was arrested by a constable on charge of being a disorderly person and setting the country in an uproar by preaching the book of Mormon &c &c The constable informed me that is it was the intention of those who had obtained the warrant to place me in the hands of the mob who were in ambush at a short distance from ’s: but that he would thwart them in their intentions as he found me a different person from <​what​> he expected and that my calumniators had done me great injustice. This I found to be true for we had gone but a short distance when the waggon in which we were riding was surrounded by the mob who that only waited for a preconcerted signal from [p. 75] the constable but to their disappointment and my sattisfaction he put whip to his horse thus placing me out of their reach he drove on to the town of South Bainbridge where he lodged me for the time being in a room of the Hotel and in order to make all things secure he slept during the night on the floor (while I occupied the bed) with his feet against the door and a loaded gun at his side declairing that no person should unlawfully disturb us with impunity. On the following day a court was convened to investigate the charges prefered against me
The falshoods circulated by my enemies caused great excitement among the people. In the mean time had secured the services of and (respectable farmers men of well known integrity and well versed in the laws of their ) to assist me. At length the trial commenced amidst a multitude of spectators who generally believed me to be guilty and were anxious to see me punished one of the many witnesses called up against me was Mr. (of whom I have heretofore spoken) who was examined as follows.
Q. Did not the prisoner Joseph Smith have a horse of you
A. Yes Yes.
Q Did not he go to you and tell you that an angel had appeared unto him and authorized him to get the horse from you?
Ans. No, he told me no such story
Q Well how had he the horse of you
Ans He bought <​it​> of me as another man would do
Q Ques. Have you had your pay [p. 76]
Answer. That is not your business.
The question being again put, the witness replied, I hold his note for the price of the horse which I consider as good as the pay for I am well acquainted with Joseph Smith Jr. <​I​> and know him to be an honest man; and if he wishes I am ready I to let him have another horse on the same terms.
Mr Jonathan Thompson was next called and examenid
Ques Has not the prisoner Joseph Smith Jr had a yoke of Oxen of you;
Ans yes
Q Did he not obtain them of you by telling you that he had a revelation to the this effect that he must have them
Ans No he did not mention a word of the kind concerning the oxen he <​purchased them​> Bought the same as any other man would
After a few more such attempts the court was detained some time to obtain the testimony of two Young Ladies <​(daughte[r]s of )​> with whom I had associated previous to my marriage They young arrived and testified that I had always treated them with the u respect both in public and in private in publick <​Society​> as well as when out of Society it Several attempts were now made to prove things which were said to have been committed in another but my Lawyers ( and ) would not permit such a mode of proceedure as this and while those of the prosecution were contending for the admisson of such testimony my persecutors had time to obtain a Warrant from which was served upon my person as soon as this court had acquitted me
The Constable who served this second warrant immediately commenced abusing me and insulting me and although I had ate nothing since morning having been detained in court all during the day yet he hurried me off [p. 77] to <​a distance of fifteen miles​> without permitting me to eat anything at all He took me to a tavern and having collected a number of men commenced abusing me in in every way possible They spit upon <​me​>. pointed their fingers at me saying, ‘propecy propecy” and thus did they follow the example of those who crucified our Saviour “not knowing what they did” We were at this time not far distant from my own house and I wished to spend the night the night with my family offering any amount of security for my appearance they could ask for but this was denied me with threats and taunts. On asking for food the constable ordered some crusts of bread and cold water which was the only food <​sustenance​> I recieved that night
At length we retired to bed and the constable directed directing me to lie next to the wall and placing himself by my side put his arm around me and if I moved he would cling clinch me fast fearing that I would escape and in this disagreeable maner I spent the night
Next day I was brought before the Magistrate Court of and put upon my trial
My former faithful friends again appeared at the bar in my behalf while my former enemies were still arrayed against me Many witness were call examined some of whom swore to the most palpable falsehoods but <​and​> like those of the day previous and contradicted themselves so often and so pointedly pointedly that the court was compelled to see the dishonesty and intriegue and injustice of my persecutors and influence <​it​> them to prohibit the admittance of their testimony
Others evincd their zeal and desire to convict me of something but all they could do was to tell someth[i]ng that some some other persons had Said
At length was examined by <​assisted by one Burch​> who had been especially sent for on this occasion and <​he ​> being the more zealous sectarian of the two seemed determined to put a stop to my [p. 78] preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that the people should not be deluded by one who belevied in the power of Godliness and not denying the power thereof
As soon as had been sworn proceded to examine him as follows
Ques Did the prisoner Joseph Smith Jr cast the Devil out of you;
Ans No Sir
Q Why have you not had the Devil cast out of you
A yes Sir
Q And did not Jo Smith have some hand in it
A Yes Sir
Q. And did not he cast him out of you
A No sir it was done by the power of God and Joseph Smith Jr was the instrument in the hands of God on the occasion He commanded him out of me in the name of Jesus Christ
Q. And are you sure it was the Devil
Ans yes sir
Q. Did you see him after he was cast out of you
A Yes sir. I saw him
Q Pray what did he look like
Here one of my Lawyers told the Witness that he need not answer the question
The witness replied I will answer you provided you answer me one question to wit Do you understand the things of the spirit No. (answered my ) Well then it would be of no use to tell you what the devil looked. like for it was a spiritual sight and spiritually discerned and of course you could not understand it were I to tell you of it The dropped his head while the loud laugh of the audience proclaimed his discomfeiture [p. 79]
proceded to address the court and in a long and violent harrangue endeavered to blacken my character and influence the court to pronounce me guilty
Mess[r]s and followed in my behalf They presented in true colors the nature of the prosecution the malignancy of the intention and the apparant disp[o]sition to persecute the defendant rather than afford him Justice They noticed the arguments of the prosecution in and in a masterly and able manner convinced the court of their utter futility and <​in​> application They then proceeded to scrutinize the testimony and each thanked God that he was engaged engaged in su◊◊ good a cause such a good cause in asmuch as they were defending a man whos charactor stood the test of such a strict examination
In fact these men although not regular Lawyers were able to put to silence two able Lawyers and convince the court of the innocence of their client They spoke like men inspired from on high and those arrayed against me trembled and quailed under <​before them​> while they addressed the court like criminals at the bar of justice
The majority of the multitude now began to find that nothing could be sustained against me and even the constable who arrested me came and apologised and asked asking my forgiveness for the wrongs he had done me and He informed me that the Mob were determined if the court acquitted me to take justice into their own hands or in other words tar and feather and ride me on a rail but that he would lead me out in safety by another private way
The court <​I was​> at length acquitted by the court to the great satisfaction of my friends and disappointment <​of my enemies​> and Through the instrumentality of my new friend the [p. 80] constable I escaped the hands of an ruthles[s] and cowardly mob and arrived safely at my home
In this transaction talent as well both <​as​> civil and moral power <​aided by physical for[c]e​> to was were brought in array against me orded to blast my reputation as a christian and a member of society—to convince community of <​the falsity and​> dangerous tendency tendencies of the doctrines I taught yet the results were such as to convince the public that I sustained an unimpeachable moral character and the honest in heart that I was no fanatic that my doctrines were those of the Apostles and ancient Christians
After a few days I again returned to in company with for the purpose of confirming of confirming those whom we had been compelled to abandon for a time We had scarcely arrived at when the Mob commenced gathering together to oppose us and we thought it wisdom to leave the place which we did without even taking refreshment of any kind Our enemies pursued us and it was with much difficulty that we eluded them and arrived at home after travelling almost all night
How long shall men be persecuted on account of their religious faith in <​a​> country the constitution of which guarrantees to every man the right to worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience; and by men too who profess to be servants of the Most High—who are not backward to assert their own rights and yet with what avidity and eagerness deprive others of theirs <​the​> rights of conscience
For instance a Presbyterian of high stand standing was one of the principal instigators of this persecution who told me he considered me guilty with out Judge or jury The Celebrated also a Presbyterian was another instigator [p. 81] of these deeds of violence. And a young man by the name of of the same denomination impiously swore out the first warrant against me
But during all this persecution and rage of our enemi[e]s we had much to console us and strengthen us in our faith The church at were very anxious that we should again visit them and (wife of ) had a dream which enabled her to say that we would visit them that day which actually came to pass for <​in​> a few hours afterwards we actually arrived. This circumstance served to confirm us in the <​our​> faith concerning dreams and visions in the last days as foretold by the prophets Joel And although we were compelled to fly from our enemies yet we felt confident that we should come off victorious as we for we were not fighting our own battles but were fighting those of the Lord Great I Am
Shortly after I retu our return home we recieved the following Commandments July 1830
1 Behold. thou wast called and chosen to write the Book of Mormon and to my ministry and I have lifted thee up out of thine afflictions and have counselled thee that thou hast been delivered from all of thine enemies and thou hast been delivered from the <​powers​> hands of Satan and from darkness. Nevertheless thou art not excusable in thy transgressions: nevertheless go thy way and sin no more
2 Magnify thine office; and after thou hast sown the fields and secured them go quickly unto the church which is in , and and they shall support the[e]; and I will bless them both spiritually and temporally. but if they recieve thee not I will send upon them a cursing [p. 82]
instead of a blessing
3 And thou shalt continue <​in​> calling upon God in my name, and writing the things which shall be given thee by the comforter, and expounding all scriptures unto the church and it shall be given thee in the very moment what thou shalt say and write, and they shall hear it or I will <​send​> unto them <​a​> cursing instead of a blessing
4 For thou shalt devote all thy service in Zion and in this thou shalt have strength Be patient in afflictions for thou shalt have many: but endure them for lo I am with you even unto the end of your <​thy​> days And in temporal labors thou shalt not have strength for this is not thy calling Attend to thy calling and tho[u] shalt have wherewith to to magnify thine office, and to expound all scriptures And continue in laying on of the hands and confirmng the churches
5 And thy brother shall continue in bearing my name before the world and also to the church And he shall not suppose that he can say enough in my cause and lo I am with him to the end In me he shall have glory and not of himself whether in weakness or in strength whether in bonds or free And at all times in all places he shall open his mouth and declare my gospel as with the voeice of a trump both day and night, and I will give unto him strength such as is not known among men
6 Requi[r]e not miracles except I shall command you, except casting out devils. healing the sick and against poisonous serpents and against deadly poisons and these things ye shall not do except it be required of you by those who desire it that the scriptures might be fulfilled for ye shall do according to that which is desired written And into whatsoever place ye shall enter and they receive you not in my name, ye shall leave a cursing [p. 83]
instead of a blessing by casting off the dust of your feet against them as a testimony and cleansing your feet by the way-side
7 And it shall come to pass that whosoeve[r] shall lay their hands upon you in violence ye shall command to be smitten in my name and behold I will smite them according to your words in mine own due time And whosoever shall go to law with thee shall be cursed by the law And thou shalt take no purse, no scrip neither stores neither two coats for the church shall give thee in the very hour what thou needest for food and for raiment and for shoes and for money and for scrip For thou art called to prune my vineyard with a mighty pruning yea even for the last time, Yea and also all those whom thou hast ordained And they shall do even according to this pattern Amen
Shortly after we recievd the following Revelation July 1830
1 Hearken unto the voice of the Lord your God while I speak unto you my daughter for verily I say unto you, all those who recieve my gospel are sons and daughters in my king<​dom​>
A revelation I I give unto you concerning my will, and if thou art faithful and walk in the paths of virtue before me I will preserve thy life and thou shalt recieve an inheritance in Zion Behold thy sins are forgiven thee and thou art an elect Lady whom I have called Murmur not because of the things which thou hast not seen for they are withheld from thee and from the world which is wisdom in me in a time to come
2 And the office of thy <​calling​> shall be for a comfort unto my servant Joseph Smith Jr thy husband in his afflictions, with consoling words in the [p. 84]
spirit of meekness And thou shalt go with him at the time of his going and be unto him for a scribe while there is none to be a scribe for him that I may send my servant whithersoeve[r] I will And thou shalt be ordained under his hand to expound scriptures and to exhort the church according as it shall be given thee by my spirit for he shall lay his hands upon thee and thou shalt reciev the Holy Ghost and thy time shall be given to writing and learning much And thou needst not fear: for thy husband shall support thee in the church: for unto them is his calling; that all things might be revealed unto them, whatsoever I will according to their faith
3d And verily I say unto you thee that thou shalt lay aside the things of this world and seek for a better the things of a better And it shall be given theee also to make a selection of sacred Hymns as it shall be given thee which is pleasing unto me to be had in my church: for my Soul delighteth in the song of the heart yea the song of the rightious is a prayer unto me; and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads Wherefore lift up thy heart and rejoice and cleave unto the covenant which thou hast made
4 Continue in the spirit of meekness and beware of pride Let thy soul delight in thy husband and the glory which shall come upon him Keep my commandments continually and a crown of righteousness thou shalt recieve— And except thou do this where I am thou cannot canst— not come And verily verily I say unto you that this is my voice unto all Amen
During the same month the following revelation was given to Joseph Smith Jr and
1 Behold I say unto you that you shall let your [p. 85]
time be devoted to the studying of the scriptures and to preaching and to confirming the church at and to performng your labors on the land such as is required until after you shall go to the west to hold the next conference and then it shall be made known what you shall do And all things shall be done by common consent in the Church by much prayer and faith, Amen
After I After we had recieved the above revelation, I commenced arranging and copying the revelations which had been given us in which I was assisted by who now resided with me Whilst thus engaged I recieved a Letter from (who had returned to ) which caused me much pain and uneas anxiety I can only give my readers an extract of the contents as the letter is now lost
He wrote to inform me that he had discovered an error in the one of the Commandments—see Book of doctrine and Covenants Sect. 2 Part 7 (see also this History Page 56) “and truly manifest by their works that they have recieved of the spirit of Cchrist unto the remission of their sins[”]
This quotatition This quotation he said was incorrect and added “I command you in the name of God to erase those words that no priest-craft be among us[”] I imediately wrote him in reply asking by what authority he commanded me to alter or erase to add to or diminish from any commandment or revelation from Almighty God In a few days I visited him and found that and family had imbibed the same opinion and it was with great difficulty and that I could convin[c]e any of them that the doctrine contained in the sentance was in strict accordance with those of the scripture and was in fact a command revelation from God At length became convinced [p. 86] that this was the case; and by his assistance succeeded in convincing the others remainder of the family. and confessed his error We drew a lesson from this calculated do us much good to teach us the necessity of humility and prayer that he would teach us his ways and that we should not decide in rashness <​rashly​> or <​in​> haste
Early in August and visited me in P,a. and as neither his nor nor mine had beed confirmed it was proposed that before our visit be <​come to​> should be closee we should attend to that ordinance as as well as that of administring the sacrament Accordingly I started to neighboring neighbours place <​house​> to obtain wine but had gone but a short distance when I met a was met by a Heavenly Messenger who gave me the following Revelation
1 Listen to the voice of Jesus Christ your Lord and your God and your Redeemer whose word is quick and powerful For behold I say unto you that it mattereth not what ye shall eat or what ye shall eat drink when ye partake of the sacrament if it so be the that ye do it with an eye single to my glory remembering unto the Father my body which was laid dow[n] for you and my blood which was shed for the remissio of your sins wherefore a commandment I give unto you. that you shall not purchase wine neither strong drink of your enemies; wherefore you shall partake of none except it be made new among you, Yea in this my fathers kingdom which shall be built up an on the earth
2 Behold this is wisdom in me: wherefore marvil not for the hour cometh that I will drink of the fruit of the vine with you on the earth and with Maroni whom I have sent unto you to reveal the Book of Mormon [p. 87]
containing the fulness of my everlasting gospel to whom I have committed the keys of the record of the stick of Ephraim and also with Elias to whom I have committed the keys of bringing to pass the restoration of all things or the restorer of all things spoken by the mouth of all the holy Prophets since the world beegan concerning the last days: and also John the son of Zacharius which Zacharius he (Elias) visited and gave promise that he should have a son and his mane [name] should be John and he should be filled with the spirit of Elias: which John I have sent unto you my servants Joseph Smith Jr and to ordain you unto this first Priesthood which you have recieved that you might be called and ordained even as aron Aaron: and also Elijah unto whom I have committed the keys of the power of turning the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers that the whole earth may not be smitten with a curse and also with Joseph and Jacob and Isace and Abraham your fathers by whom the promises remain: and also with Michel or Adam the father of all the prince of all the ancient of days
33 And also with peter and James and John whom I have sent unto you and confirmed you to be apostles and especial witnesses of my name and bear the keys of your ministry and of the same things which I revealed unto you them: unto whom I have committed the keys of <​my​> the kingdom and a dispensation of the gospel for the last times and for the fulness of times in which I will gather together in <​one​> all things both which are in heaven and which are on earth and also with all those whom my father hath given me out of the world: wherefore lift up your hearts and rejoice and gird up your [p. 88]
loins and take upon you my whole armour that you may be able to withstand the evil day having done all ye may be able to stand Stand therefore having your loins girt about with truth having on the breast plate of righteousness and your feet shod with the preperation of the gospel of peace which I have sent mine angels to commit unto you taking the shield of faith wherewith ye shall be able to quench the firey darts of the wicked and take the helmet of salvation and the sword of my spirit which I will pour out upon you and my word which I reveal unto you and be agreed as touching all things whatsoever ye ask of me and be faithful until I come and ye shall be caught up that where I am ye shall be also Amen
In obedience to the above command command we made wine from the native grape and after confirming the two sisters partook of the sacrament and spent the evening in praising God and and his spirit was poured out upon us in a most glorious maner and we rejoiced in god the rock of our salvation
About this time persecution again began to show itself and slander with <​an​> its iron tongue began its work of destruction; intending not even permitting in the neighborhood where I lived the principal instigator of which was a professing to be a minister of God This man being informed that my was friendly to the work and knowing that with his influence in my favour I was perfectly safe from all attempts to at least <​to​> injure my person: He paid paid my a visit and with most shameful falsehoods in his mouth influenced the old gentleman against me so that he would no longer promise me protection [p. 89] or countenance my doctrines
Towards the last of August I determined (in company with and and my Br ) to visit the church at Knowing the hostility of some of the citizens of that place and having a great desire to see our brethren there we prayed your our heavenly Father to protect us and permit us to visit our friends and return unmolested Our prayers aviled <​prevailed​> much with God for on our arrival in the neighborhood we passed a large company of men a number of whom were our most bitter enemies at work on the public Highway They looked earnestly at us but not knowing us permitted us to pass on unmolested That evening we collected our friends to gather and confirmed some of them partook of the sacrament and had much cause to thank and praise the God of Our Salvation and sing Hossanna to his name
Next morning we returned in safety to our homes A few days afterward I learned from who came to visit me that very shortly after after we left the Mob collec our enemies collected about his house demanding with much clamor if we were there threatning the brethren and causing them much uneasiness during all that day having heard of the persecutions which raged in invited us to remove to N,Y, Accordingly took us to removed my famly, he having his waggon with him Our friends at evinced much pleasure and satisfaction at when we arrived among them
To our great grief we soon learned that we must not expect to be exempt from persecution even in for we found that Satan had been laying lying in wait to decieve and Seeking whom he might devour even among our frends Bro at [p. 90]
Bro had got possession of a Stone by which he had obtained several revelation relativee to the building up of Zion the Order of the Church &c &c &c all of which were at varience with the order of Gods house as laid down in the New Testament as well well well as in our late revelations
As a conference had been appointed for the first day of September I thought it wise to do nothing more than converse with the brethren on that subject until conference which was to meet on the first of Sept following Finding howevr that many (especially the Whitmer family and ) were believng in the things set forth by this Stone we thought it best to enquire of the Lord concerning <​it​> and obtained the following Revelation Revelation
1 Behold I say unto you thee that it shall be given unto thee that thou shalt be heard by the church in all things whatsoeve[r] thou shalt teach them by the comforter concerning the revelations and commandme[n]ts which I have given
2 But behold verily verily I say unto thee no one shall be appointed to recieve commandments and revelations in this Church excepting my servant Joseph Smith Jr for he recieveth them even as Moses and thou shalt be obedient unto the things which I shall give unto him even as Aaron to declare faithfully the commandments and revelations with power and authority unto the church And if thou art led at any time by the comforter to speak or teach or at all times by way of commandment unto the church thou mayest do it.
But thou shalt not write by way of commandment but by wisdom And thou shalt not command him [p. 91]
who is thy head and at the head of the church for I have given him the keys of the mysteries, <​and​> the revelations which are sealed until I Shall appoint unto them another in his Stead
3 And now behold I say unto you that you shall go unto the Lamanites and preach my Gospel unto them and inasmuch as they reciev the teachings thou shalt cause my church to be establis[h]ed among them and thou shalt have revelations but write them not by way of commandme[n]t And now b[e]hold I say unto you that it is not revealed and no man knoweth where the city shall be built but it shall be given hereafter Behold I say unto you that it shall be on the borders of the Lamanites
4 Thou shalt not leave this place until after conference and my servint Joseph be appoint[e]d to preside over the conference by the voice of it and what he saith to thee thou shalt tell And again thou shalt take thy Bro betwe[e]n him and thee alone and tell him that those things which he hath written from that stone are not of me and that Satan decieveth him for behold these things have not been appointed unto him; neither shall any thing be appointed unto any of this church contrary to the church covenants for <​all​> things must be done in order and by common consent in the church by the prayer of faith
5 And thou shalt assist to settle all things these things according to the covenants of the church before thou shalt take thy journey among the Lamanites And it shall be given thee from the time that thou shalt go until the time that thou shalt return what thou shalt do And thou open thy mouth at all tim[e]s declaring my gospel with the sound of rejoicing Amen [p. 92]
We recieved at the same time the following Revelation <​in the presence of six elders​>
1 Listen to the voice. of Jesus Christ the Great I am whose arm of mercy doth hath atoned for your sins: who will gather his people even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings. even as many as will hearken unto my voice and humble themselves before me and call upon me by in mighty prayer Behold verily verily I say unto you that at this time your sins are forgiven you therefore you <​ye​> recieve these things: but remember to sin no more lest perils shall come upon you
2 Verily verily I say unto you that you are chosen out of this world to declar my gospel with the sound of rejoicing as with the voice of a trump. lift up your hearts and be glad for I am in your midst and am your advocate with the father and it is his good will to give you the kingdom; and as it is written “Whatsoeve[r] ye shall ask in faith being united in prayer according to my command ye shall recei[v]e[”] and ye ar called to bring to pass the gathering of mine elect for mine elect hear my voice and harden not their hearts; wherefore the decree hath gone forth from the father that th[e]y shall be gathered in unto one place upon the face of this land to prepare their hearts and be prepared in all things against the day when tribulation and desolation are sent forth upon the wicked. for the hour is nigh and the day soon at hand when the earth is ripe. and all the proud yea all and they that do wickedly shall be as stubble and I will burn them up saith the Lord of Hosts that wickedness shall not be upon the earth; for the Lord <​hour​> is nigh and that which was spoken by mine apostles must be fulfilled. for as they spake so shall it come to pass for I will reveal myself from heave[n] with power and great glory with all the hosts thereof, and dwell in righteousness with men on earth a thousand years and the wicked shall not stand [p. 93]
3 And again verily verily I say unto you and it hath gone forth in a firm decree by the will of the Father that mine apostles the twelve that were with me in my ministry at Jerusalem shall stand at my right hand at the day of my coming in a pillar of fire. being clothed with robes of righteousness with crowns upon their heads in glory even as I am to judge the whole house of Israel even as many as have loved me and kept my commandments and none else for a trump shall sound both long and loud even as upon Mount Sinai and all the earth shall quake and they shall come forth even the dead which died in me, to recieve a crown of righteousness, and to be clothed upon even as I am to be with me that we may be one
4 But behold I say unto you that before this great day shall come the sun shall be darkened and the Moon shall be turned into blood and the stars shall fall from heaven; and there shall be greater signs in the heavens above and in the earth beneath, and there shall be weeping and wailing among the children of hosts of men; and there shall be a great hail storm sent forth to destroy the crops of the earth; and it shall come to pass because of the wickedness of the world, that I will take veangeance upon the wicked for they will not repent: for the cup of mine indignation is full: for behold my <​blood​> shall not cleanse them if they hear me not
5 Wherefore I the Lord will send flies upon the earth face of the earth, which shall take hold of the inhabitants thereof and shall eat their flesh and shall cause maggots to come in upon them. and their tongues shall be stayed that they shall <​not​> utter against me and their flesh shall fall off their bones and their eyes from their sockets; and it shall come to pass that the beasts of the forests, and the fowls of the air shall devour them up; and that great and abominable church which is the whore of all the earth shall be cast down by [p. 94]
devouring fire, according as it is spoken by the prophet mouth of Ezekiel the prophet, who spoke of these things which have not come to pass. but surely must as I live saith for abomanation shall not reign
6 And again verily verily I say unto you that when the thousand years are ended and men again begin to destroy their deny their God then will I spare the earth but for a little season; and the end shall come and the heaven and the earth shall be consumed and pass away for all old things shall pass away and all things shall become new and there shall be a new heaven and a new earth for all old things shall pass away and all things shall become new, even the heaven and the earth and all the fullness thereof; both men and beasts, the fowls of the air, and the fishes of the sea, and not one mote hair neither mote shall be lost for it is the workmanship of mine hand
7 But behold verily I say unto you before the earth shall pass away Michael mine archangel shall sound his trump and then shall all the dead awake for their graves shall be opened and they shall come forth; yea, [e]ven all: and the righteous shall be gathered on my right hand unto eternal life; and the wicked on my left hand will I be ashamed to own befo[r]e the father; wherefore I will say unto them depart from me ye cursed into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and hi[s] angels
8 And now behold I say unto you never at any time have I declared from mine own mouth that they should return for where I am they can not come fore <​for​> they have no power: But remember that all my Judgements are not given unto men, and as the words and as the have gone forth out of my mouth. even so shall they be fulfilled that the last shall be first first shall be last and the las and that the last shall be first in all things whatsoevr I have created by the word of my power which is the power of my spirit, for by the power of my spirit. I created I them [p. 95]
yea all things both spiritual and temporal, firstly spiritual secondly temporal which is the beginning of my work, And again firstly temporal and secondly spiritual, which is the last of my work, speaking unto you that you may naturally understand but unto myself my works hav no end neithe[r] beginn[i]ng, butt but it is givn unto you that ye may understand because ye have asked it of me and are agreed
9 Wherefo[r]e verily I say unto you that all things unto me are spiritual and not at any time have I given unto [you] a law which was temporal, neither any man. nor the children of men, neither Adam your fathe[r] whom I created, Behold I gave unto him that he should be an agent unto himself. and I gave unto him a commandment, but no temporal commandment gave I unto him; For for my commandments are spiritual, they are not natural, nor temporal neither carnal nor sensual
10 And it came to pass that Adam being tempted of the devil for behold the devil was before Adam for he rebelled against me saying “Give me thine honor” which is my power, and also a third part of the hosts of heaven turned he away from me because of their agency; and they were thrust down and thus came the devil and his angels And behold there is a place prepared for them from the beginning which place is Hell. and it must needs be that the divil should tempt the children of men or they could not be agents unto themselves. for if they never should have bitter they could not know the sweet
11 Wherefor it came came to pass that the devil tempted Adam and he partook the forbidden fruit and transgressed the commandment wherein he became subject to the will of the devil, because he yieelded unto temptation Wherefore I the Lord God caused that he should be cast out from the garden of Eden, from my presence because of his transgressions whereine he became spiritually dead which is the last death which is spiritual. which [p. 96]
shall be pronounced upon the wicked when I shall say Depart ye cursed
12 But behold I say unto you that I the Lord God gave unto Adam and <​unto​> his seed that they should not die as to the temporal death. until I the Lord God should send forth angels to declare unto them repentance and redemption through faith on the name of mine only begotten son. And thus did I the Lord God appoint unto man the days of his probation. that by his natural death he might he might be raised in immortality unto eternal life; even as many as would believ. And they that believe not. unto eternal damnation. for they cannot be redeemed from from their spiritual fall, because they repent not. for they will love darkness rather than light, and their deeds are evil and they recieve their wages of whom they list to obey
13 But behold I say unto you. that little children are redeemed from the foundation of the world through mine only begotten; wherefo[r]e they cannot sin. for power is not given unto satan to tempt little children, until they begin to become accountable before me; for it is given unto them even as I will according to mine own pleasure. that great things may be required at the hands of their fathers
14 And again I say unto you that whoso having knowledge have I not commanded to repent repent; and he that hath no understanding it remaineth in me to do according as it is written And now I declare no more unto you at this time Amen
This was sufficient to influence those who had believed in the virtue of the stone to abandon it and all things connected with it and when conference convened we met together united in sentiment and partook of the Sacrament together in Love and fellowship At this Conference we ordained many to the ministry and confirmed several in their faith
Before we parted we recieved the following Revelation [p. 97]
1 Behold I say unto you David
To , and
1 Behold I say unto you that you have feared man and not relied on me for strength as you ought; but your mind has been on the things of the earth more than on the the things of me your Maker, and the min[i]stry where unto you have been called, and you have not given heed <​unto​> to my spirit and to those who were set over you; but have been pursuaded by those whom I have not commanded: wherefore you are left to enquire for yourself at my hand and ponder upon the things which you have recieved
And your house shall be at your s house until I give unto you further commandments And you shall attend <​to​> the ministry in the church and before the world and in the regions around about Amen
2 Behold I say unto you that you shall take your journey with you[r] brother for the time has come that it is expedient in me that you shall open your mouth to declare my gospel. Therefore fear not but give heed unto the words and advice of your . which he shall give you And be you afflicted in his afflictions ever lifting up your heart <​unto m​> in prayer unto me in prayer and faith for his and your deliverance. for I have given unto him power to build up my church among the Lamanites; and none have I appointed to be his counsellor over him in the church concerning Church matters except it be his brother Joseph Smith Jr Wherefo[r]e give heed unto these things and be diligent in keeping my commandments and you shall be b[l]essed unto eternal life Amen
3 Behold I say unto you my servant that thou shalt commence from this time fortt to proclaim my gospel as with the voice of a trump And your labour shall be at your brother and in that region [p. 98]
round about. yea wherever you can be heard until I command you to go from hence And your whole labour shall be in Zion, with all your soul from henceforth; yea, you shall ever open your mouth in my cause. not fearing what man can do, for I am with you Amen
At the same time and place we recievd the following for
1 my son. blessed are you because of your faith in my work. Behold you have had many afflictions on account of your family; nevertheless I will bless you. and your family. yea your little ones. and the day cometh when that they will believe and know the truth and be one with you in my church
2 Lift up your heart and rejoice for the hour of your mission is come and your tongue shall be loosed and you shall declare glad tidings of great joy unto this generation You shall declare the things which have been revealed to my servant Joseph Smith Jr You shall begin to preach from this time forth yea to reap in the field which is white already to be burned. Therefore thrust in your sickle with all your soul, and your sins are forgiven you and you Shall be laden with sheaves upon your back for the laborer is worthy of his hire Wherefore your family shall live
3 Behold verily I say unto you go from them only a little time and declare my word and I will prepa[r]e a place for them, yea I will open the hearts of the peoplee and they will recieve you And I will establish a church by your hands and you shall strengthen them and prepare them against the time when they shall be gathered Be patient in afflictions. revile not against those that revile Gove[r]n your house in meekness and be stedfast
4 Behold I say unto you that you Shall be a [p. 99]
physician unto the church but not unto the world for they will not recieve you
And Go your way whither whithersoevr I will and it shall be given you by the comforter what you shall do and whithe[r] you shall go Pray always lest you enter into temptations and loose your reward Be faithful unto the end and lo I am with you These words are not of man nor of men but of me even Jesus Christ Your redeemer by the will of the Father Amen
During this conference which continued three days the most perfect harmony prevailed and every thing was settled to the satisfaction of all parties concerned and all the Saints manifested a desire to go go forward and labour with all their powers to spread the great and glorious principles of truth which our heavenly father had revealed to us
Many who had not heretofore heretofore obeyed the Gospel now came forward and were babtised and recieved the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands by the p
A great desire Many of the Elders became very anxious to know their duty relative to the Lamanites (Indians) of the west; knowing that the purposes of God were great towards them and hoping that the time had come when the promises of God should be fulfilled and they should recieve the gospel and recieve and enjoy the blessings of the gospel
This desire became so prevelant the [that] we concluded to enquire of the Lord respecting the propriety of embassadors to them; which we did and recieved the followin[g] Revelation to and given Oct. 1830 [p. 100]
1 And now behold my servant behold I say unto you him that as I live I will that he shall declare my gospel and learn of me and be meek and lowly in heart and that which I have appointed unto him is that he shall go with my servants and into the wilderness among the Lamenites; and also shall go with them and I myself will go with them and be in their midst and I am their advocate with the Father and nothing shall prevail. And they shall give heed to that which is written and pretend to no other revelation and they shall pray always that I may unfold them to their understanding and they shall give heed unto these words and trifle not and I will bless them Amen
Immediately after recieving this revelation preperations were made for the departure of the brethren to the far west A copy of the revelations we had recieved were given them
They according bade adieu to their friends and in the month of Oct departed commenced their jou[r]ney preaching by the way—lifting up their voice and proclaimng the everlasting gospel in the different towns and villages through which they passed whenever the[y] found an opportunity
On their arrival at Geauga Co Ohio they called upon Mr an a Preacher of the sect called Camp[b]ellites with whom <​had some acquaintance​> It is hoped that the reader will notice that here commences ’s acquaintance with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as well as that of the book of Mormon The assertions of our ene notwithstanding our enemies assert that he was the authour author of that Book [p. 101] and the inventer of our system of Religion One or two facts will settle this point to the Satisfaction of every man
1st The Book of Mormon was published
1st The plates were <​obtained​> discovered in 1827 and in the year 1829 the translation was completed and in the year the beginning of 1830 they were published and yet resided in and a distance of 300 or 200 400 Miles And yet say the world O is the progenitor of the Scheme from the <​[illegible]​> place where I resided <​lived​> and up to the time when the church was organized and the Book published had never seen one of the brethren much more less myself
And yet he was the <​projector​> progenitor of the Scheme!!!!! [22 lines blank] [p. [102]]


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