Introduction to Allen v. O. Granger

Document Transcript

Allen v. O. Granger
Kirtland Township, Geauga Co., Ohio, Justice of the Peace Court, 5 February 1838
Geauga Co., Ohio, Court of Common Pleas, 4 June 1838
Historical Introduction
On 8 August 1837, , Ohio, justice of the peace awarded claims for a debt of twenty-three dollars against JS, , , , , and as partners in the Kirtland Steam Company (see Introduction to Allen v. JS et al.). Eight days later, became surety for the defendants, thereby obtaining a stay of and acquiring responsibility for both the debt and court costs if JS and the others did not pay. By January 1838 only $14.66 had been collected on the judgment, and the debt therefore fell to Granger, who was then summoned to court. After hearing the testimony of several witnesses on 3 February 1838, justice of the peace rendered judgment against Granger on 5 February, ordering him to pay the balance of the debt and $4.27 in court costs. Granger and posted a fifty-dollar bond against the judgment on 13 February while Granger appealed the decision to the court of common pleas.
On 4 May, ’s attorney filed a declaration on his behalf before the court. In the document, Allen averred that justice of the peace had issued an execution to constable to recover the money from the defendants but that he had recovered none of the debt. Allen was probably referring to the execution issued by that Johnson returned on 24 January, even though Johnson returned that execution endorsed for a partial payment of $9.25 of the debt. ’s attorneys filed a plea on his behalf on 12 May, denying that he owed Allen the money claimed. For unknown reasons, Allen discontinued the suit, and the court required him to pay court costs for himself and for Granger.
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    On January 24, $9.25 was collected towards the judgment, and another $5.41 was collected on January 26, but Warren A. Cowdery failed to include the latter amount in the docket entry for the case. (Docket Entry, ca. 8 Jan. 1838 [Allen v. JS et al.].)  

  2. 2

    Bond, 13 Feb. 1838 [Allen v. O. Granger].  

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    Transcript of Proceedings, ca. 4 June 1838 [Allen v. O. Granger]; Docket Entry, ca. 5 Feb. 1838 [Allen v. O. Granger].