Introduction to Wilder and Strong v. Rounds

Document Transcript

Wilder and Strong v. Rounds
Kirtland Township, Geauga Co., Ohio, Justice of the Peace Court, 18 January 1838
Historical Introduction
This case was related to the Rounds qui tam v. JS trial of 1837, in which accused JS of acting as an officer of a bank not incorporated by law. The court ruled in favor of Rounds, and efforts were made to collect the judgment. Supplies of the church’s printshop in , Ohio, were sold at auction on 15 January 1838. The also levied other assets, including wheat, corn, oats, and hay, that he presumed belonged to JS. Two members of the church, and , claimed ownership of the levied property, which resulted in these legal proceedings.
These legal proceedings came in the midst of turmoil among members of the church in . , for example—one of the witnesses subpoenaed to testify in the and case—was among the excommunicated Latter-day Saints who in mid-January announced the formation of a new rival church.
After hearing the testimony of witnesses, the jury rendered judgment in favor of and .
Calendar of Documents
This calendar lists all known documents created by or for the court, whether extant or not. It does not include versions of documents created for other purposes, though those versions may be listed in footnotes. In certain cases, especially in cases concerning unpaid debts, the originating document (promissory note, invoice, etc.) is listed here. Note that documents in the calendar are grouped with their originating court. Where a version of a document was subsequently filed with another court, that version is listed under both courts.


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