Journal, December 1842–June 1844; Book 4, 1 March–22 June 1844

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Book 4, 1 March–22 June 1844

Editorial Note
The last of the four memorandum books kept as JS’s journal by covers a little less than four months and ends five days before JS’s death. Prominent among the events that Richards recorded during this time is the organization of the Council of Fifty and its efforts both to obtain redress for the losses church members had sustained in and to locate a new place of gathering, possibly where the Saints could have a government of their own. Other noteworthy topics include JS’s presidential campaign and his famous “King Follett” discourse, the latter of which contains some of JS’s most significant teachings concerning the nature of God and humankind. As the journal proceeds, more and more space is devoted to JS’s dealings with various dissenters, whose efforts to discredit the Mormon leader culminated in the publication of a newspaper, the Nauvoo Expositor, which detailed their disapproval of JS’s teachings and practices. When the Nauvoo City Council decided to have the press that published the Expositor destroyed, Richards recorded the event, as well as the backlash that decision engendered both within and without , Illinois. The last entries in the journal are almost entirely devoted to chronicling JS’s efforts to defuse the situation, keep governor apprised of the growing threats against him and his followers, and prepare Nauvoo for possible attack. Brief references in the journal to events and documents (such as court cases, letters, affidavits, meetings, speeches, and the like) generated by these incidents in JS’s last months have required more explanatory annotation at some points in this section than was generally necessary for earlier journal entries reproduced in this volume. Expanded annotation is also needed at times to address the proliferation of sources created by early church historians who carefully documented the events leading to JS’s death.
evidently left this journal behind when he, JS, , and left for the night of 22–23 June, but he recorded JS’s activities for the next five days in his own journal, which is included as Appendix 3.

[front cover]
President Joseph Smith Journal—
Kept By.
vol 4 [11 lines blank] [inside front cover]
1 March 1844 • Friday
Commencing March 1. 1844 Friday.
Spent the day in councilling— [13 lines blank] [p. [1]]
2 March 1844 • Saturday
Saturday March 2. 1844 A[t]. Home
10 A.M. court at my office.
<​privately— in pesnc [presence] of— & .—​>
Reproved for giving appearanc[e] of evil in attempting to be bail for .— explaind. & satisfied. me.—
Intervi[e]w with &
cold. night.— [p. [2]]
3 March 1844 • Sunday
Sunday March 3d— 1844 a little snow this morning. [9 lines blank]
Praye[r] meeti[n]g— a little while [5 lines blank] [p. [3]]
4 March 1844 • Monday
<​previous to the following meeting— Prest. Smith nominated. — vice Prest.​>
Monday March 4th 1844 At a meeti[n]g of the 1st Presdcy [Presidency] Twelve Temple committee. &c th[i]s eve at early candlelight.—
Geo. Corey— said he was sent by .— to get sheep &c— to carry to the .— to rece[i]pt it or agree to pay lumber.——
Prest Joseph— said he did not know but it was be[s]t to let the be till the is completed.— we need the more than any thing Else.—
. said there was some dissatisfaction— about being sent from from the without. accounts— &c— & could not have credit on tithing—
and— one month at the is only calld 15 days here.——
I told them. th[e]y should have their number of days in full.—— [p. [4]]
we will let the sta[n]d till the is done and we will put all our force on the .— tu[r]n all our lumber towards the stock the lumber we want for the . cover it this fall.— and sell the remainder to get Powder &c.— and when the is completed. no man shall pass the threshhold till he has paid $5.00 and ev[e]ry stranger shall. pay $5.00 a[s] I will not have the house dirt[i]ed.—
Let go to the take the things wanted and bring back the lumber. and his wages go on.— Let a special confernc [conference] be called on 6th april— all the elders calld here who can come. [p. [5]]
Let the people of this come togethr on thusdy [Thursday] 9. AM. after, 2 or 3 Leturs [lectures] we will call in the people to fill up the box.—
Inst[r]ucted a letter to be writtn . nom[i]nate him for pres Vice Prest. Electi[o]n to . start the Herald & give a $1000 to the .——
Temple Comm[i]ttee offerd to make powder
wrote on his election to vice presdeny [presidency]. [8 lines blank] [p. [6]]
5 March 1844 • Tuesday
Tuesday March 5th 1844 I saw at [David] Bryants Store an[d] gave him a le[c]ture on his resisti[n]g the ordinanc[e]s. of the by telling the Capt[ains] of the boats htey [they] need not pay wharfage &.— Rode out with — 2 P.M in city council, I called to see whethr the laws of the city should be maitind [maintained] which the council decided should be and water street be opnd [opened] from my store to the nothn [northern] limits of the . heard read his leetter to infomg [informing] him of this nomnatin [nomination] to th[e] Vice Presdcy [presidency] Dated 4[th] March. [p. [7]]
6 March 1844 • Wednesday
Wednedy [Wednesday] March 6— 1844 went to my office from there with to [David] Bryants to see him about his uniting with and other to stay the o[r]dinance of the [13 lines blank] [p. [8]]
7 March 1844 • Thursday
Thursday March 7th 1844. 9. A.M. [15 lines blank] [p. [9]]
I <​Joseph​> presented to the meeting the proceedings of . & the Lawyers &c.— for the people to speak out. say whether such men should be. tolerated. and supported in our midst.— and from this time I design to bring such characters before the committee of the whole.— and if these things cannot be put a stop to. I will give them in to the hands of the mob—— the hands of the officers of the <​​> fauter [falter]. and are palsied— <​by the conduct of such men.​>
There is another I will speak about he is a mormon.— a certain man. who lived here before we came here. the two first lette[r]s of his [p. [10]] name is are —— when the city had passd an ordnanc [ordinance] to tax steam boats. He goes and tells th[e] captains of the steam boats that he owned the landing. and they need need not to pax [pay] tax— and I am determnd to use up such men if they will not stop their oppositi[o]n If this is not true. Let him come forward & throw of[f] the inputation [imputation].— when they people appeal to I will appeal to this people— the highest court— I despise the La[w]yers who ha[n]g on these law suits.—
. & say they own the wharfs. but the own the wharrf—— 64 ft— fr[o]m high water mark from to the no[r]thern limits of the .— [p. [11]]
another. thing. I want to speak about the Lawyers— of this .— I have good feelings & and I will reprove them— and the prophets always did say wo unto you ye Lawyers.— the Maratim [maritime] laws of the have ced[ed] up th[e] tolls wharfage &c. to th[e] respective corporations who have jurisdi[c]tion. &c——
Shallow drafts intoxicate th[e] brain &c—
<​Look at the reason.—​>
no vessel could land any where, if subj[e]ct to individuals laws.—— Co[r]poration owns the streets of th[e] . and have a right to tax the Boats to make wharfs. th[e] same as to tax citizns to make roads— want evry man in this to stay at home & let. the Boat Captai[n]s. [p. [12]] peace officers and e[ve]ry body alone.—
Ho[w] are we to keep peace in this . & defend our. selves agist [against] mobs.— disgrace ev[er]y man. by preaching him on the house top, who will, who not be still. and mind their own business.— Let them alone. to use themselves up.—
a couple of merchants in this . I was told by an old gentlman this morni[n]g <​who told me​> that the spirit of Mobocracy was almost subsiding.— These mercha[n]ts have as the people arboad [abroad] say.— told the people. that they need not bring butter eggs &c—— <​to ​> will n[o]t tell their names. if they will not let the people bring in their produce.— the people will not buy their goods. [p. [13]]
another man. will not call his nam[e]. has been writing to th[e] Tribu[n]e some of the greatest most disgraceful— things possible to name.— he ha[s] statd in th[a]t article that there are a gr[e]at ma[n]y approp[r]iations— to the . appli[e]d some where else to.— to stigmatize th[e] Trustee & And tu[r]n prejudice agint [against] us abroad.— if any man who has appointed any thing.— old harness horses. waggon— &c <​let him come f[or]ward​> the fi[r]st farthing and we can[n]ot show where it has been appropiatd [appropriated]. I will give him my head for a foot ball.—
he also states that the cannot be build it costs so [p. [14]] much.— who dont know. that we can put the roof on this buildi[n]g this season? by tur[n]ing all the means of the & doubli[n]g our diligen[ce] we can do it.
The best way for such m[e]n is to be still. If I did not love men I woud not reprove them. but work in the dark as they do—— read the Tribun[e] & you see for yourself—
he is not a Lawyer— he is nearer related to a Doctor. a small man.— “Mr McNiel— enquired if he was the man.—” No did not know you— you are a st[r]anger.—— Joseph rested.
— spoke—— saying he wantd to make some observati[o]ns of a romantic turn.— The character of such men [p. [15]] ought to be. noted. by eve[r]y man.— Had a old country ferret them out. like rats &c— you could describe th[e]m as you would a Hedgehog.— in evry hedge <​hims[e]lf​> runni[n]g like the skunk.—— like pollywogs— run[n]ing about with tails.—— drop off— toads. &c— soul $5.00. gizzard
— asked. if Joseph meant. him Joseph said. I will ask you a qustin [question] <​That is no way. yes that is the way the Quakers do.—​> why did you denom[in]ate yourself <​Jesus said— whose image & supescriptin [superscription] is it— &c​>— did you me[a]n me.— why did you denmt [denominate] you[r]self.—— did <​then I unde[r]stand​> you meant me.— You said it.— You shall hear from me.— Mayor I fine you $10.00—— for that threat. and distubig [disturbing] the metig [meeting]
. spoke to palliate and exhort him to await— &c— [p. [16]]
said he has not theated [threatened] you.— Joseph says he has—— no one has hea[r]d him th[r]eaten you— and hundreds cried I have.— continu[e]d to speak & mayor said stop <​order​> or I will fine you——
read Gen Smiths vi[e]ws of the power & polic[i]es of the gen[eral] Gover[n]ment. after which it was voted unanimously with one excepti[o]n, to uphold Gen Smith for the Presidny [presidency].
“A voice of Innocenc[e] from was then read by. . . . — and all the people assembly said amen. Twice
. read a letter from Governor [p. [17]]
20 30 mitns [minutes] past 12. adjud [adjourned] till 2. P.M
2. P.M.— assembled. according to adjumnt [adjournment] Singing. & Prayer by : singing—
President . addressed the congregation to give his views on the Lawyers.— who fi[r]st arose among the childrn of Israel. to explain to the common people. I am a Lawyer in Israel. My busin[e]ss is to make peace am[o]ng the people,— and man who takes any other course is out of the line of his duty.— a Lawye[r’]s duty is tell what the Law is. and then let the people go and act upon— it: and let them rec[e]ive pay like any labrng [laboring] man—
It is desirable for justices of the peace. when men call for writs to inquir[e] into the cause [p. [18]] and till them how to settle.— and thus put down Law suits.——
to cure lawing. let us pay attention to our own business— when we hear a story never tell it again— and it will be a perfect cure.—
If your bro[ther] mistreats you let him alone. if your enemy cheats you. let it go.— cease to deal with men who abuse.— if all men had taken the cou[r]se that some have we should not have such men in our midst.— I have no obje[c]tions to any mans coming here. but this I will have nothing to do. with men who will abuse me at midnight and at noon day.— &c——
our difficulti[e]s and pescutions [persecutions] have always arisen from men right in our midst.—— It is the Lust of indiv[i]duals to rob us of evry thing and build them-selvs up— in on our division.—
I feel that I want that every man should stay, and lift <​up​> holy hands without wrath or subelty [subtlety]. [p. [19]]
to the men who own land here. do not think you can. sell your lands here & then go off and spend it in abusing the mormons.— Israel is the head and not the tale.—
I expect the saints are so anxious to Work and so ready to do right that God has whisperd to the prophet. build the , and let the alone at present.— I would not sue a man if he owed me 500, or a thousand $.— and he came to me. and told me he would not pay.—
. said that it was said by some that the municipal offices. of the were acting in an arbitrary manner.— &— which was false &c.— and went on to explain the prin[c]iples of democracy.—
Stopped awhile for a contribution to get [p. [20]] fuse and powder— a boat was coming dow[n] and the messinger was waiting to go to . collected 50 or 60 dollars
continu[e]d his speech.— when soc[i]ety was first organizd they fou[n]d themselves without Legislatur congress house of Lords or anything of the kind.— except evry mans was Lord over his own house.
diffi[c]ulties began to contend and combine together in Govennts [governments].— bye & bye som 2 or th[r]ee requ[es]ted they might return to th[e]ir original— customs and the Governm[en]t said they might.— this is the situati[o]n of this . in the main. <​we asked for a cha[r]ter &c​>
Of Gen Smith. some are afraid. <​&​> think it doubtful about. his election. & like the Ostrich stick their heads under a bush & leave their bodi[e]s out.— and we can all see th[e]m and. after this it will a bye word th[a]t man is an Ostrich, who hides his head in this cause [p. [21]]
<​spoke also on the going on with the ​>
spoke— may men who have not paid their proprty tith[i]ng we shall call on them & take dinner and we had rathr be saved that trouble.— and have th[e]m come up & pay.—
said if anyone had any doubt about.— the state of the . let them call & see the Books.— & where thy they have paid their tiithig [tithing] show it entired [entered] on the book paid in full. for <​th[e]​> year &c
Joseph— said in relation to thos[e] who give p[r]operty on the . be careful into <​whose​> hands it come into that it m[a]y be ente[re]d into the church books. that those whose names are found in the chu[r]ch book shall have the first claim. in that house.— I int[e]nd to keep the door at dedication myself: & not a man [p. [22]] shall pass who had not paid his bonus
I do not care 1/2 so much about the Pres[idential] election as I do the office I have got we have. as good a right to make a political party to gain power to defend ourselves. as for mormons demagogu[e]s to make use of our religin to get power to destroy ours[e]lves.— we will whip the mob by getting up a presidnt.
when I look into the Eastern pape[r]s & see how popular I am I am [a]fraid I shall be presidnt.—
on the annxatin [annexation] of .—— some obj[e]ct— the anti-Mormns— are good fellows—. I say it in anticipation th[e]y will repent [p. [23]]
obj[e]ct to on acco[u]nt of slavery.— Tis the very reason why she should be r[e]ceived.——
. says [“]gentlmn if you refuse to receiv us we mu[s]t go to the British” and the first thing th[e]y will do will be to set the negroes free & Indians & th[e]y will use us up—
British officers running all over to pick a quarrel with us.— more honorable for us to receve th[e]m. & set the negroes free & use the ngoes [negroes] & indians— agint [against] our foes.
dont let go lest Our Mother & th[e] daughtrs of th[e] land. will laugh us [p. [24]] in the teeth.— and if these things are not so— god never spoke with by any prophet sinc[e] the world began.—
I. have been [blank]
south hold the balanc[e] of power &c— by annexing .— I can do away this evil— liberate 2 or 3 states. & if that was not suffic[ie]nt. call in ——
Send the negroes to . fr[o]m to where all colors are alike.—
notice was given for th[e] relief society to meet satu[r]day 2. P M.— to adopt the voice of Innocence fr[o]m .
<​Joseph stated the Gov[ernment]— has endu[re]d all animus to earn — and [illegible] is about to commence—​>
Singing & prayer— by [p. [25]]
8 March 1844 • Friday
March 8th 1844. arrived from the
This morning at 10 A.M. my scribe. called to see me and told me was a native of Ir[e]land & could not be vice President. and wanted to know who should be the candidate I told him he council with othe[r]s— on that point.— said he I will call a council this eveni[n]g—
7 eve fir[s]t presiden[c]y. Twelve . assembled in the Mayors [p. [26]] office. & read a pacific commncation [communication]. I had instr[u]cted him to write to called “A. fri[e]ndly hint to .”
I[t] was said by . that Bro Farnham had just retur[ne]d from and said the people in were saying things have come to a strange pass If Jo Smith. is elected Prest he will raise the devil with & he is not elected he will raise the devil.—
I[t] was agreed that Col . Parris. Henry Co. Tenn[essee] should be written to. on the vice Presy. and that should write [p. [27]]
9 March 1844 • Saturday
Saturday March 1 9. 1844 In city council
The Female Relief Society, Met twice in the assembly room and sanctind [sanctioned] the voice of Innocen[ce] from .— & adjued [adjourned] 1 week to accommodate members who could not get in [p. [28]] [page [29] blank] [p. [29]]
10 March 1844 • Sunday
Sunday March 10[th] 1844 I attended meeting <​A M​> at the — by the and preached on the subject of the spirit of <​Elias​> Elijah. Elias & Mesiah clearly defini[n]g the offices of the 3 personages.
The Savior will not come this year. <​nor 40 year to come.​>
The bow has been seen in the cloud & in that year that the bow is seen seed time and harvest will be. but when the bow ceases to be seen look out for a famine. [5 lines blank] [p. [30]]
4½ P M. I met the 12 . Temple committee at . a Letter was read from & others Dated Feb 15. 1844. about to &c— about removi[n]g to the Table Lands of <​Saxet​> &c &c— also a letter to Joseph Smith. &c— from and others a committee of the branch at th[e] Black River. Falls.— Feb 15. 1844.— on the Joseph asked. can this council keep what I say. not mak[e] it Public— all held up th[e]ir hands.
Copy the Constituti[o]n of th[e]
hands of a select committee [p. [31]]
No laws can be enacted but what every man can be protected from.—
grant their petition. go ahead concer[n]ing the indians. & southern states &c.—
send 25 men.— by <​the Yrenip​>— through to <​Atnas Eef—​>. &c. and if <​Notsuoh​> will embrace the gospel.—
can ame[n]d that constituti[o]n & mak[e] it the voice of Jehovah and shame the. [p. [32]]
. in favor.
said Joseph. let us adjou[r]n till after supper— at to the school room.——
7 eve assembled at the assembly room over the . Joseph. . 12. Temple committee. . . J[ohn] Phelps. , Joseph enquired perfect secrecy of them.
Eveni[n]g— in. council over the [9 lines blank] [p. [33]]
11 March 1844 • Monday
Monday— 11. March— 1844 At home 9. A M.
in council. in Lodge room. ’s.—
P.M. in council same place.— [12 lines blank] [p. [34]]
12 March 1844 • Tuesday
Tuesday. 12 March 1844 at. home
11 A M told I wanted the room over the for more impo[r]tant purposes. not to break up the school. & wished him to dismiss immediately— which he did & calld the council of the previous day which assembld in the P.M. & ev[en]ing.— [9 lines blank] [p. [35]]
13 March 1844 • Wednesday
March 13— 1844 Wednesday— In council 9. to 12 A M.
Joseph and gave a letter of Attorney to transact business in
In council on the
TheKingdom of God. [8 lines blank] [p. [36]]
14 March 1844 • Thursday
Thursd[a]y Ma[r]ch: 15 14 In council over the from Nine to one. A.M.
2 to four P.M. went to see Bro [John] Wilkie he had sent to me to come and see. him. he wanted to know what he should do. I told him of the order. of 1/10 &c— wanted I should come again.
4— To 7 P.M. in council— adjou[rne]d till Tuesday. 19. 9 A M.—
sent out on a Mission [p. [37]]
15 March 1844 • Friday
Friday March 15 [17 lines blank] [p. [38]]
16 March 1844 • Saturday
Satu[r]day March 16 1844 at home
Fefale Relief soceiety [Female Relief Society] contin[u]ed their meeting twi[c]e this day in assembly room.— to sancti[o]n the voice of “Incocene [Innocence] from
1 P.M. held a council with . . & [6 lines blank]
very pleasant & warm for 2 or 3 weeks [p. [39]]
17 March 1844 • Sunday
Sunday March 17— At Home.— last night was extreme strong wind— from the west blew down the New house of the 70s Just raised to the roof— on Bain St.—— very windy this day [6 lines blank]
Prayer meeting adjured [adjourned]— 1 weeke.
some snow this evening [p. [40]]
18 March 1844 • Monday
Monday March 18. 1844 At home reciting German to with — Last night froze in the house. considerable—
2. P M.— Secreta[r]y calld. and gave me letter from—— &c— which I read— [5 lines blank]
6 5½. P. M went past the office on the Lebanon for [5 lines blank] [p. [41]]
19 March 1844 • Tuesday
Tuesday March 19. 1844 9. A M.— in council in assembly rooom. [15 lines blank] [p. [42]] [page [43] blank] [p. [43]]
20 March 1844 • Wednesday
Wednesday 20th 1844 a.m. and P.M. in assembly room studying the languages
read me a letter to . (in my office) concer[n]ing his being vice Prest.)
[“]voice of Innocenc[e]” in this days Neighbor. [9 lines blank] [p. [44]]
21 March 1844 • Thursday
Thursday— 21. 1844 I[n] Council over the .— [16 lines blank] [p. [45]]
22 March 1844 • Friday
Friday March 22— 1844 At home
10 A,M,— held court in my office.—
read. German in the reading room.— [8 lines blank]
Cold and windy— for some days [p. [46]]
23 March 1844 • Saturday
Saturday March 23. At home.
rode out and spent the day in councelling [12 lines blank]
warmer [p. [47]]
24 March 1844 • Sunday
Sunday March 24. 1844. 10 A M. I preached at the , followed by & ,
on the stand I related what was told me yesterday by . that . . . . & had held a caucus, desig[n]ing to destroy all the Smith family in a few weeks.
After meeting I rode out with , and held conve[r]sation with a large company at my door [p. [48]]
25 March 1844 • Monday
Monday March 25— at home in the morning
rode out A.M.
after dinner rode up to the upper landing to see the “ Oak” Steamer emigrants from are expected soon calld at my office on my return and read Memorial to Congress which my clerk had been writing as committee of coun[c]il of Thursday last.— was pleasd with th[e] intumnt [instrument]. [7 lines blank] [p. [49]]
26 March 1844 • Tuesday
Tuesday Ma[r]ch 26— 1844
fr[o]m 9. to 12. in council
from. 2 to 5 P.M. in coun[c]il— [9 lines blank]
warm some wet [p. [50]]
27 March 1844 • Wednesday
Wednsday. Ma[r]ch 27.— 1844 this morni[n]g statd [started] to go to in co[mpany] with Bro but found it so muddy. tu[r]ned back. rode up as far as the .
issued warrant for for stealing 2 stone cutte[r]s tools. on compl[a]int Vernon H. Bruce.
This evening Dr Reynolds— of Iowa city Lecturd on Astronomy & in my study. [6 lines blank] [p. [51]]
28 March 1844 • Thursday
Thursday March 28 1844.— [5 lines blank]
transferd s trial to Justice Peace. This afternoon had my study plastered. where the same had been knocked of[f] &c— [7 lines blank] [p. [52]]
29 March 1844 • Friday
Friday March 29.— 1844 at home
This P.M. Mr & Miss Cole [ and Adelia Cole] had a public exhibition of their school in my Reading Room.— which. closed their 2d qua[r]ter.— [8 lines blank] [p. [53]]
30 March 1844 • Saturday
Saturday March 30— 1844
This morning. I heard there was some disturbance on the hill rode up and found it reported a robbery had been committd at the Key Stone Store. . of some $14 or 1500— and some goods— and they were suspic[i]ous of a certain black man.— I issued a general sea[r]ch warrant and retur[n]ed to my office where I fou[n]d the black man.— [blank] Chism. with his back lacerated from his shoulders to his hips.— with 20 or more lashes.— My clerk. kept him secreted and calld — a justice. who issu[e]d his warrant. for [blank] a missourian who. had boa[r]ded at my house a few days. & on testim[o]ny fined him five dollars & cost for whipping Chism.— One Easton a witness said he could not testify without. implicating himself and he was apprehe[n]ded.— & held in custody. Esqr refused to testify because he was counsel.— [5 lines blank] [p. [54]]
31 March 1844 • Sunday
Sunday March 1844. At home this morni[n]g— at 9. went to my reading room. and signed a <​2​> memorials to Congress— for the privilege of raising 100.000 voluntee[r]s to p[r]otect the . &c— dated. also— a memorial to the presi[dent]— for the same purpose— if the other fail.— <​and an introdu[c]tory letter to who was going to car[r]y the memorials to ​>
about noon the funeral of Gen ’s wife— was attended.—
about this time. . one of the police informed me then. [blank] Higby <​&c​> drew a pistol on him the night before <​&c​>. I inst[r]ucted him to make complaint to & have him apprehe[n]ded.—
a very cold time for a week past. [p. [55]]
1 April 1844 • Monday
Monday April 1. 1844 Easton was brought up. as being accessory to whipping chism. I referred the case to . on investigations. it appeard to the satisfaction of the court. that he had been on trial for the same offence before . and acquitted. It was evident to all present that it was a mock trial & so conducted. designedly. to frustrate the ends of justice.— but it was thought best to acquit Easton.— and appeal from to. county Cou[r]t.
was fin[e]d $10.00 by for abusive Language to the .
& were brought up for assaulting the police.— and before . and acquitted.— [6 lines blank]
cool & windy [p. [56]]
2 April 1844 • Tuesday
Tuesday April 2d 1844 At home. somewhat unwell and kept my house this day.
. Marshal. and. and . police. were arrestd by warra[n]t of on complaint of for false imp[r]isonment. as case was going to trial the prisone[r]s were taken by Habus bef[o]re Municipal Court. and tomor[r]ow P M. 1.— o clock set for trial. [8 lines blank]
strong wind—
warm this eve [p. [57]]
3 April 1844 • Wednesday
April 3.d 1844.— Wednesday.
1 P.M. I presided in the Municipal Court.— and on . taken away from s Court. where th[e]y had been arrained on complaint of — for false imprisonment. Prayer of Petitions granted.— and court. decided that. was a very disorderly person.— [7 lines blank] [p. [58]]
4 April 1844 • Thursday
Thursday April 4.— 1844 In Council in reading Room From 9. to 12.— A M
And from 1. to 4 P.M.—
was at council & left for immediately after coun[c]il.— [11 lines blank] [p. [59]]
5 April 1844 • Friday
Friday April. 5. 1844 [17 lines blank] [p. [60]]
6 April 1844 • Saturday
Saturday April 6. 1844 I made a few introductory remarks to an immense number of the saints. assembled. on the 14[th] Anniversary of chur[c]h in the 1/4 miles east of the . on young st.— 10. A.M. weather warm. brisk air from the south.— Prayer by Elder . singing— Prest arose and said it is 5 years to day since I m[e]t the saints on such an occas[i]on on account of ill health.— and named for his text. “The Church of Jesus Christ in the last days.”— gave a brief history of the origin— and progress of the church we know this is the church of God
<​4. Lamanites & interpretor came in and took a seat on the stand.​> [p. [61]]
refered to the wondro[u]s wise men who had been in the church— knew more than God himself: to those among us studied law to see & know how far they could go & not get punishd by the law.—
12 and 15 m gave way. and after singing Elder spoke
1/4 to 1. Gave way for singing. the Red man.
P.M. 1/4 to 3. commencd by Singing Prayr by. . Singing.
. resumed his Subject of the morning. “The church of Christ.” rise authentiy [authenticity?]. light to those concerned. those who have turnd away and say they did not believe it. Lie like the adversary.— reasons of our secret [p. [62]] associations at the commencement. nothing but what will be[c]ome public property. at the proper time. sat with the presidnt before him. before God. under lock & key. for weeks. 30 men came up[o]n— th[e]m God Dam you. to hell <​&c &c​> from eve[r]y heart— while we were thus shut up. the heavens ovens opened to us— a gentleman from Mexico.— came and spent some days with us— he slept out some dark night. saw some armed men come in. armed thimselves himselve and chased them 1/2 a mile.— After the mob tarred and featherd him &c.— mob us into the secret place. and they then say why dont you work in public.
Men in your [blank] [p. [63]]
the kingdom of God is at the defiance of all earth[l]y laws and yet breaks none.— a little before 5. o clock the assembly were dismissed without ceremony, <​till 10. o[’clock]. next morn[in]g​> on the appearen [appearance] of a shower. the people. had scarc[e] time to retire b[ef]ore a heavy showe[r] of rain wind thunder & lightning followe[d]— [7 lines blank]
Leaves began to show themsel[ve]s on the trees.— [p. [64]]
7 April 1844 • Sunday
Sunday Ap[r]il 7. 1844 a very pleasant morning
the people began to assemble— and by 10 oclock there was the largest congregation ever seen in and the Choir sung an hymn “Ye slumbering nations that have slept a long night” when the meeting was calld to order by the . and the Choir sung. “The Spirit of God &c:”— presented the request of 3 or 4 sick and offerd a prayer in their prayer behalf. <​and all the congregat[io]n said amen​> followd by in prayer & singing by the choir.
Prest J. Smith req[u]ested. that the congregation would keep good order.— and in the name of the constituti[o]n. continental congress & god almighty I command the police to keep good order—— [p. [65]]
.— arose and continud his subject. “the chu[rc]h of Christ.”—
The kingdom of heaven is a govermt [government] that enters into every principle— of governme[n]t.—
God has set up his kingdm to restore the power of salvation to the world. salvation is a complete victory every over every thing.
The Gospel is to prepare the way for the kingdom of God.—
The salvation <​of any man​> turns upon the simple act of the mind, <​after notice— of attention of baptism duri[n]g intermission at the foot of Main st. & singing:​> faith: 12: o clock adjou[rne]d till 2 o clock.— [5 lines blank] [p. [66]]
3¼ P.M.— Joseph commenced speaking on the subject of the Dead— relative to the death of elder to who who was crushed in a well. by the falling of a tub of rock on him.—
If men do not compreh[e]nd the character of God they do not comprehe[n]d themselvs. what kind of a being is God?— Eternal life to know God.— if man does not know God. has not Eternal life.— if I am so fortunate as to comprehe[n]d and explain the—— [blank] let eve[r]y one sit in silenc[e] and never lift your voice again[s]t the servants of God again.
Every man has a right to be a false prophet. as well as a true prophet.—
in the beginning. befor the world was.— Is a man like one of yourselves— sh[o]uld you see him to day. you would see a man in fashion and in form. Adam was formd in his likeness.——
refute the Idea that God was God from all eternity— Jesus said as the father Had power in himself even so hath the son power to do what the fathr did.— Lay down his body. & take it up again—— you have got to learn how to make you[r]selves Gods Kings. Prie[s]ts.— &c— by going from a small to g[r]eat capacity. . . Till they are able to dwell in evelastig [everlasting] burni[n]g & everlasti[n]g power.—
how consoling when calld to part with a dear frie[n]ds. to know their ve[r]y being will rise to dwell in everlasti[n]g bunig [burning].— heirs of God. [p. [67]] and ascend a throne as those who have gone before.— I saw the father work out his kingdom with fear & trembling.—— god is gra[ti]fied in <​salvati[o]n​> Exaltation— of his creati[o]ns &c—
not all to be comprehedd [comprehended] in this world—— the head.— the head one— The head one of the God, brought fo[r]th the Gods.—
Dr & Lawyer that have persecuted.—
The head one called the Gods together in grand coun[c]il— to bring fo[r]th the world.— Example of error as Yacob. <​Ja[c]ob—​> th[e] son of Zebedee— & James James the son of Zebede[e] 2 4. mat. 21. Greek Hebrew. German. & Latin.— In the begin[nin]g the head of the gods calld a coun[c]il of the Gods— and concoctd a scheme to create this world.— Soon as we begin to understand the character of the Gods, he begin to unfold th[e] heavns to us.—
Doctors say.— created the earth out of nothing.
Barau.— create.— it means to organized.— God had mat[er]ials to organ[i]ze the world.— Element— nothing. can destroy. no beginni[n]g no end.——
The soul. Doctor of Divin[i]ty. God created in the beginn[in]g— lessens the chara[c]ter of man.— dont [p. [68]] believe it.—— who told you God was Self existnt? correct enough.— in hebrew put into him his spirit.— which was created before. Mind of man co-equal with God him[s]elf— frie[n]ds separated. for a small mom[en]t. from their spir[i]ts. coequal with God. and hold conversa[tion] when they are one with another.—
If man had a beginig [beginning] he must have an end.—— might proclaim. God never had power to create the spir[i]t of man at at all.
Intiignc [Intelligence] exist upon a self existe[n]t principle no creation about. it. all mi[n]ds & spir[i]t God ever sent into the wo[r]ld are susceptible of enlargeme[n]t.——
all things God has seen fit proper to r[e]veal in while dwelli[n]g in mortality. are reveald.— precisely the same— as though we were destitute of bodies.——
what will save our spi[r]its will save our bodies.—— our taberacls [tabernacles]—— for our spi[r]its— All spi[r]its— who have not obedye [obeyed] th[e] Gospel must be damnd.— Who have not obeyed th[e] decrees of son of man.
we are looked upon by God as though we were in Eternity— the greate[s]t responibity [responsibility] resting upon us is to look after our dead.— they without us cann[o]t be made perfct without us. meet Paul 1/2 way.—
Hence the saying of Elijah.— [p. [69]]
God made provisio[n]s before th[e] world was— for every cr[e]ature in
all sin shall be forgivn in this world or world to com—— except one[.] Salvati[o]n for all men who have not committd a certan sin
can save ev[er]y man who has not committd th[e] unprdonbl [unpardonable] sin. cannot comm[i]t the unpdonbl [unpardonable] sin after th[e] decay dissolution of the body—— Knowledge save a man.—
no way f[o]r a man to come to undestadig [understanding] but giv his conse[n]t to th[e] comandmt [commandment]—— Damnd by mo[r]tification—— a lake as of fire of brimston[e]— as exquisite th[e] disappointme[n]t of the mind of man——
why? must commit the unpardon[a]ble sin in this wo[r]ld. will suffer in th[e] ete[r]nal world until he will be exalted.—
works of th[e] devil. the pl[a]ns th[e] devil laid to save th[e] wo[r]ld.—
Devil said he could save them all— Lot fell on Jesus.——
all sin &c fogen [forgiven] except the sin agai[n]st th[e] Holy Gh[o]st.— Got to de[n]y th[e] plan of Salvati[o]n. &c— with his eyes open.— Like ma[n]y of the apostates of chu[r]ch of the chu[r]ch of Jesus Christ.— of Lat[ter] Days
Let All be careful.— lest you be dec[e]ived. best man brings forth best works. [p. [70]] to the mourne[r]s your f[r]iend has gone to wait. the perfection.— of the reunion.— the resurrecti[o]n of your frie[n]d in felicity while worlds mu[s]t wait myr[i]ads of years befor they can receive the like blessi[n]gs.— leave th[e] subject. bless thoes [those] who have lost frie[n]ds. only gon for a few mome[n]ts.—
Shall mothrs have their Child[re]n? Yes. th[e]y shall have it with[o]ut price. redempt[io]n is paid possessing all the intelgen [intelligence] of a god. the child as it was before it died out of y[o]ur arm throne up[o]n thrones. Domin[ion] up[o]n domnins [dominions] just as you——
Baptism of water fire & Holy Ghost. are insepa[r]ably— connected.— found in th[e] Germ[a]n Bible to prove what I have taught for 14 years ab[o]ut baptism.— I baptize you with— water. but when Jesus comes having the keys— he shall baptize you with th[e] baptisms of fire & Holy ghost.——
Leaving th[e] pincipls [principles] of doctrin of baptism &c— one god. one bapti[s]m— &c one bapti[s]m— I.E. all three—
called upon all men. Pri[e]sts and all to repe[n]t and ob[e]y the gospel.— if th[e]y do not th[e]y will be damnd.— those who commit the unpdoabl [unpardonable] sin are doomd to Gnolom. without end.—
God dwells in everlasti[n]g burnings.——
Love all men but hate your deeds.—
You dont know me— you never will
I dont blame you for not believi[n]g my histo[r]y had I not expeind [experienced] by it could not believe it myself
5½ closed.— sung—— [p. [71]] [page [72] blank except for running dateline 7 April] [p. [72]]
8 April 1844 • Monday
Monday Ap[r]il 8. 1844— 10. A M. Prest Jos Smith called the congregati[o]n to order. Bro read. 15 chap 1st Corrinthins [Corinthians].— from an old translation. Prayer for some 1/2 Doz[en] sick and openi[n]g meeting by. :—
Prest. J. Smith said he must give up the subject of yeste[r]day—
made a p[r]oclamation—— I have another great and grand Revelation—— great discussion where Zion is— The whole America is Zion that is th[e] Zion where the mountain of th[e] Lords house shall be. about the central part of N. & South America.—
soon as the is finis[h]ed.— Lord hath ordaind where these last & mo[s]t impotnt [important] ordinance must be in a house.— provided for the purpose— where we can get a house built first there is the place.— [p. [73]]
Bap[tized]. washd. ano[in]ted. seald. &c for the dead the same as for themselves.—
from hencfoth [henceforth] the elders shall build chu[r]ches where ever th[e] people receive the gospel suffi[cie]nt.— then build stakes to this place:— I ver[i]ly believe that God will establish this place for the salvation of the dead.— those who want to save their dead can come hither. those who do not wish to come hither to live— can bring their families and attend the ordinances and return——
20 mi[nutes to] 11 [a.m.]— El[der] .— read <​17th​> Obadiah but upon mount Zion shall be deliveranc[e]—
Micah 3d chap latter part fore pa[r]t 4th chap.—
Gen 48. & 49.— about to gather up his feet. Deut 33. Chap [p. [74]]
Isa. 46:12; 13.—— paul. says: as it is written deliver[ance] shall come out of Zion
Isa 17.— close. rushing of the nation. Ho [woe?] to the land— &c—
48 Ps.— 102d P.S. [blank] not give sleep to mine eyes &c— in the fi[e]lds of the woods
1 Pet. 3 & 4 chap[te]rs—
24. Isa:— 2d Par—
Cor— 15.— I declare unto you
I bless God for a prophet to tell us what the old bible means where it dont tell what it means.—
Hosea.— [blank] o Ephraim what shall I do unto him.—
Jer. 31.— chap— [blank] 1. <​oclock​> 16 mi[nutes] Closed.—
by a blessing from President Jos. Smith through. : and the conferenc[e] refered to the Twelve. and the elderds [elders] notified to meet in 2 hours.
Baptism to be attended at 2½ o colck [clock] [p. [75]]
Confernc [Conference] of the 12. April 8. 1844
15— 4 P.M.— a large collection of Elders— assembld— at the .— add[re]ssed by patriarch on Spir[i]tual wife system.— The first one we heard repotig [reporting] such stories. we will repo[r]t him in th[e] times & seasons to come & give up his License.— he was decid[e]d against it in eve[r]y form.— and spoke at length
Concurred.— in his remarks followi[n]g .—
12 mi[nutes to] 6 [p.m.] adjou[rne]d to 8 A M. tomorrow [9 lines blank] [p. [76]]
9 April 1844 • Tuesday
April 9. 1844. Tuesday 8. A M. the elders assembld at the . and addressed the Elders—
After which spoke at considrable length. on elders preachi[n]g ist [1st] prin[c]iples alone.— when they go out.
Said the prophet’s declaration that all Ameri[c]a was Zion was a perfect sweep stakes.—
referrd to the building of the and the branches around to send teams and provisions. and work continually drawing stone.—
and to the election of Joseph—
10 mi[nutes to] 10 [a.m.] — referd to Joseph’s proclamati[o]n conc[ern]ing building up churches all over the land.—— also to the rights of franchise and the correct principles of electing good men for offices. especially Preside[n]t wa[n]t a prest of the
requ[e]sted all who were in favor of electing Joseph to the presidncy to raise both hands which they say— 1100 Elde[r]s and commncd [commenced] clapping their hands and gave many loud cheers— the opposite was caleed [called] for & only one h[a]nd raised.—
spoke of a figure. of the th[r]eshing floor.— mill. smut machine gra[i]n heads &c &c— neve[r] prea[c]hed my[s]teries &c
corrected. and told about the mysteries.— of breeches.—— Must take thought for thy brother.— [p. [77]]
20 mi[nutes] 11 [a.m.]: A call was made for those who— would volunteer to go preachi[n]g to pass out on th[e] green.—— a great company walked o[u]t. then retur[n]ed. to the seats on the right of the stand— and. the names of those wh[o] coud go 6 months wer[e] fi[r]st taken. <​then 3 months​> viz— &c 244.—— which were read and corrected. after which — made a few remarks.— in relation to principls—
20 mi[nutes]— before 1.— adjou[rn]ed for 1 hour
P.M.— met according to adjou[rn]ment. names of volunteers called and places assigned for their mission.
Gave the brethren some good inst[r]uction. to behave themselves and not come back crying cant you do something for me.— because they have been guilty of iniquity. [p. [78]]
and related several instances where God has heard the prayers of the brethren. to defend us from our inemies.— as .
El[der] said Prest Smith had to raise $1750.00 this month. and called on all who could to give. 5,00. each 1.00. each &c & more than 50.00 were paid down 100,00 offered to be lent. and the elders ag[r]eed to sustain the preside[n]t with uplifted hand. [8 lines blank] [p. [79]]
10 April 1844 • Wednesday
April 10 Wednesday 1844 The Twelve were in council arranging for conferncs [conferences]— [11 lines blank] [p. [80]]
11 April 1844 • Thursday
Thu[rs]day 11 Ap[r]il—1844 In council— in the A.M. & P.M. [15 lines blank] [p. [81]]
12 April 1844 • Friday
12 Friday— [17 lines blank] [p. [82]]
13 April 1844 • Saturday
Saturday— 13.— Ap[r]il— 1844 [6 lines blank]
1 P.M.— assembld in municipal cou[r]t in assembly Room. Joseph asked Dr . if he bore his expences to or any part thereof.— said he did not.— Joseph said said that he was taken in a secr[e]t council & you told him you had paid my expence &c—
said he never had a secret interview.— with . and stated what he [blank] [p. [83]]
Joseph have I ever misused you any way? . said I do not feel at liberty to answer this qu[es]tion under existing circumstances.—
did I ever misuse you? do not feel at libe[r]ty to answer under existing circumstances.—
Did I ever wrong you in deal personally misused you.— in any shape? I do not feel at libe[r]ty.— to answer— I have treated you I Christ[i]anly and fri[en]dly too— so far as I have had ability.— Jo. tell me where I have done wrong & I will ask your forgiveness.—— I want to prove to this company by you[r] own testim[o]ny that [p. [84]] I have treated you honorably.— I shall testify no further at pres[e]nt.—
<​Joseph​> Justic[e] did I ever make oath before you agai[n]st — not before the prosecution
<​Joseph​> Told the whole story—
A[ndrew] Colton come up on Habus and was discharged on the insuffici[e]ncy of the papers.
after which. Joseph pref[er]red the following charge against Bro — “for unchristin like conduct in general. for abusing my character privately. for throwing out slanderous insinuation agist [against] [p. [85]] me. for conspir[i]ng again[s]t my peace & safety. for conspiri[n]g again[s]t my life. for conspiring again[s]t the peace of my family, and for lying”. Joseph Smith
about 5 P.M. the “Maid of Iowa.” steamer. arrivd at the House Wharf— filld with passengers from — led by El[der] Wm Kay— th[e]y started from . 110 210 souls— and nearly all arrivd in good health and spi[r]its. one smaller comp[a]ny arrivd about a week before fr[o]m [p. [86]]
14 April 1844 • Sunday
Sunday Ap[r]il 15 14— 1844 rainy day— no meeting at the [6 lines blank]
Committee of the coun[c]il met in the P.M. at the my office.— [7 lines blank] [p. [87]]
15 April 1844 • Monday
Monday April 15. 1844 at home. rode [6 lines blank]
rode out in the P.M.— [9 lines blank] [p. [88]]
16 April 1844 • Tuesday
Tuesday April 16.— 1844 At home [7 lines blank]
5 P.M. had a long talk with & . in front of my house. read to them & s affidavits befor . [p. [89]]
17 April 1844 • Wednesday
Wednesday 17. 1844 P.M Rode out
this days Nauvoo. Neighbor— pintd [printed] and s—— affdavt [affidavit] about . — Laws [ and ] &c— and my reply to the washigtn [Washington] Globe [8 lines blank] [p. [90]]
18 April 1844 • Thursday
Thursday 18[th] 1844 9 A M Council till 12.— noon
at dinner made mention of the report that &c were paying some one’s board at my table to catch something— against me.— so that if true they might have some thi[n]g to carry back.
2 P.M. to 5½ in council.—
6. [p.m.] . , , . . — of the 12— , . , , . , of the H[igh] Council. . . , . . . , . S[amuel] Williams . , , , held council & unanimous cut of[f] unanimously. . . . . & Howard Smith. of scott Co— Ill. from the chu[r]ch for unchristianlike conduct.— [p. [91]] [page [92] blank] [p. [92]]
20 April 1844 • Saturday
Satu[r]day Ap[r]il 20[th] 1844 went to [15 lines blank] [p. [93]]
21 April 1844 • Sunday
Sunday April 21— At home
at Conferenc[e] confernc [conference] at [7 lines blank]
Rain th[i]s Day [p. [94]]
22 April 1844 • Monday
Monday April 22— 1844 heavy rain this morni[n]g river very high— all mills stopped in .—
This morning, a man who had put up at the my house— told me he wanted to see me alone I went into my room with him,— and he told me he was a prophet of God that he came from . and he prophe[s]ied that this gover[n]ment was about to be overthrown and the governmet kingdom which Daniel spoke of was about to be establishd som where in the west & he thought in .—
Bro arrived from with some 40 or 50 saints.— I sp[e]nt some time with him [7 lines blank] [p. [95]]
23 April 1844 • Tuesday
Tuesday 23d— 1844.— at home
9— [a.m.] to 12— in general meeting— in hall to— elect delegate to Baltimor[e] conventi[o]n 1st monday may—
elected.— and & . from .—
P M. 2 3 to 5. in meeting— aga[i]n many speeches— about presidnts &c—
appointd 2d monday in may for— State convent[i]on at .
eve sun set calld at with
eve at with — [5 lines blank] [p. [96]]
24 April 1844 • Wednesday
Wednesday 24.— 1844 April at home and about the retued frm this mo
in the eve & & were in my room & a man who boa[r]ded at the I gave at their instgatin [instigation] a history of the Laws [ and ’s] proceedings in part in trying to make diffi[c]ulty in my family &c—— [6 lines blank] [p. [97]]
25 April 1844 • Thursday
Thur[s]day April 25— 1844 Retur[n]ed from
A brothr of the Gazetts came up at the same time and wantd to know by what principle I got so mu[c]h power— how many inhabitants & soldier armd men we had &[c]. I told him on the pricipls [principles] of truth & virtue.— which would last when I was dead &c
Coun[c]il from 10 [a.m.] to 12— & from 2 to 5—— adjou[rne]d sine die— appointd a state conv[e]ntion at friday after th[e] 2d monday in may the coun[c]il to disperse— abr[o]ad in the nation.
Inst[r]ucted my clerk to make out a writ of .— for a of who was expecti[n]g to be arrestd by the U.S. Marshal for getting money which was his due as he says at .
A play of on Rational amusemnt was to comence this eve— but a tremendo[u]s thunderous & rain comencd about 6— P.M.
. very high hi[g]her than known by th[e] old[e]st inhabit[a]nts about [p. [98]]
26 April 1844 • Friday
Friday April— 26— 1844 At hom[e]
10 A M. went up on hill to arrest for an assault on his Bro . for an assault in his own home—— . . &. . came down drew a pistol towa[r]ds me on the steps of my office.— I orderd him to be arrestd and the pistol taken from him. a struggle ensued— in which . . & resisted. and I orde[re]d them to to be arrested. th[e]y resistd, and I. Mayor, orderd the to be calld and his possey & went on to try. fin[e]d him $100— Bonds for to keep th[e] peace— 6 months— $100. Bonds appeald to municipal court. at once . . & .—— for resisting the auhoities [authorities] of the city. — sworn— — sworn— said — swore by God he would not assist the and swore by God th[e]y would see the may[o]r &[c] in hell before th[e]y would go [p. [99]]
. drew a pistol— . intefed [interfered]—— . & — said th[e]y would be God damnd. if th[e]y would not shoot. the mayor— breathed out many hard threatnig [threatening] and menacing sayings— would consider favord of God— for the privilege of shooting. or ridding the world of such a Tyr[a]nt. refrrig [referring] to the Mayor——
. swo[r]n.— confirmed the foregoing stateme[n]ts fined . . & fin[e]d $500 $100. each— appealed. to Municipal court.——
Issued a warrant for . on compla[i]nt of for breach of ordinance— in that , said to said . “You. shaking his fists in his face— are another Damned black hearted villain. You tried to seduce my wife on the boat when she was going to .— and I can prove it. and the oath is out again[s]t you.—[”] Jos Smith. .— .——
(Harding said gave a writing to concering s statemet about Joseph &c— charig him with crime) [p. [100]]
27 April 1844 • Saturday
Saturday April 27— 1844.—— A large compa[n]y of Gentlemen from — and othe[r] places on the . called at my the . and when they returnd to the boat it was gone.— and they returnd to the .— 9. A.M. come up for trial— after much conversation with the Mayor in which he charged Joseph with many crimes Danite-ism in —— and a great variety of vile & false epithets & charges court adjour[ne]d to Mo[n]day 9— A M.— agreed to meet Joseph on 2d— mo[n]day of may at the and have a settleme[n]t then said he would publish it paper— Joseph told him. if he did not agree to be quiet— not attempt to raise a mob & he would not meet him— if he would be qui[e]t he would publish it in Neighbor— would not agree to be quiet— and Joseph said he was free from his () blood. had made the last ove[r]ture of peace. deliverd him into the hand of God & shook his garm[e]nts ag[ain]st him—
Joseph continu[e]d in office some time in conve[r]sation— & then w[e]nt into the Big Room.— & read the Warsaw Signal— about mormonism—
Elder arrived from
Elder arrived from with 120 150 passengers—— Meeting at the at one oclock to give inst[r]uction to the elders going out Electineerig [electioneering] addressd by . & [p. [101]]
28 April 1844 • Sunday
Sunday April 28— 1844— At home—
Preached at the A M
There was a meeting at Gens & s— near the saw mill— of those who had been cut off from the church & their dupes— Several affidavits were taken and read against Joseph and othe[r]s— . . John Scott sen. , and . were appointed a committe[e] to visit the diff[er]ent famili[e]s of the & see who would joinn the new chu[r]ch— (IE) was it was decided that Joseph was fallen— prophet. &c— & was appointed in his place. & Counillors [counselors]— & to the 12 apostles.— &c as report Says— El[der]— preahd [preached] up Joseph in the A.M. & P M. joind th[e] anties.—— Chas Ivins Bishop—
Several were baptizd. in the foot of Main st.— [p. [102]] [9 lines blank]
suddenly sick eve could not attend Prayer Mee[ti]ng eve— prayed for our enemi[e]s— Lawsuits &c— &c— [p. [103]]
29 April 1844 • Monday
Monday April 29— 1844— At home received a visit from of who gave me a gold pencil case sent me by <​Bro​> Theodore Curtis.— now in & the first—— I wrote with it was “God bless the man
At 11 [a.m.]. came up for Trial—— Joseph Transferd the case to Alderm[a]n objected to jurisdict[io]n of court. & info[r]mality cou[r]t decided— he had not foundati[o]n Esqr Noble— from assisted . was present Leut [Alexander] Williams filed affidavit (v.s.) Major Gen. .— & he was suspe[n]ded from office to await triale frm for— ungentlmnly conduct. &c
& were suspe[n]ded for trial about th[e] same time.—
Steamer Mermaid touched at — 5— P.M. going down [p. [104]]
30 April 1844 • Tuesday
Tuesday— Ap[r]il 30— 1844 at home— counselling the bethen [brethren] ab[o]ut ma[n]y thi[n]gs mu[c]h company— &c
Complaint was comm[e]nced (vs) & in th[e] &c— [6 lines blank]
The Osprey Steamer touched at — eve— [p. [105]]
1 May 1844 • Wednesday
May 1— 1844 Wednesday— <​Heavy rain & wind La[s]t night.—​>
At home— Much counsilly [counseling] with the brethrn &c this day—
rode out in P.M.— [7 lines blank]
& arrivd from [p. [106]]
2 May 1844 • Thursday
Thursday May 2d— 1844— at home—
Many calld for coun[s]el
10 A.M. Maid of Iowa startd for after wheat for th[e] & . went to attend court. Joseph vs. & .—
P.M. went on Prairie to see about selling land. while gone— retur[ne]d from .— [6 lines blank] [p. [107]]
3 May 1844 • Friday
Friday May 3d 1844 10 At home counselling the breth[re]n &.
2 P.M. In council. gave a repo[r]t of his Mission— presnt adjou[rn]ed from 6 to 8.— council— adjou[rne]d till 10 next monday— wrote a letter to uncle . to come to council. [8 lines blank] [p. [108]]
4 May 1844 • Saturday
S, May 4[th] 1844— Satu[r]day [5 lines blank]
P. M Rode out on the Prairie to see some land, & sell to— [blank]
4 circular windows finishd on the upper sto[r]y of the
very pl[e]asant day— [p. [109]]
5 May 1844 • Sunday
Sunday May 5[th] 1844 at home.
Inst[r]ucted my cle[r]k to go to and pay Walsh 500 100 dollar due on my farm.
Rain— messeng[e]r did not go.—
Elder Grant preachd at the 1 2 P.M.—
A large co[mpany] in Bar Room P.M & eve Joseph spoke a long tim[e] on politics read s letter, s letter. &c—
Atte[n]ded Confenc [conference] at Satudy [Saturday] & to day.——
Rain continues [p. [110]]
6 May 1844 • Monday
Monday May 6th 1844 at home
10 to 12 in council.—
2 to 4½ P M in council. voted go on a Mission to . on a mission to .— & be candidate for th[e] vice Presidency of the .—
had a warrant served on me from circuit court. on complaint of . dam[ages] $5000. Petitiond for writ of .——
writ issu[e]d by clerk of Munic[i]pal Cou[r]t
6— eve in converatin [conversation] with and othe[r]s in my office on s correspondenc[e] with .—
very pleasant [p. [111]]
7 May 1844 • Tuesday
Tuesday May 7. 1844 At home pleasnat [pleasant] Morning—
Rode out on Prairie with 3 or 4 Gentlemen to sell them some land. at 9——
10 Munic[i]pal cou[r]t met. adjued [adjourned] till tomorr[o]w. 10 A M.
at one a severe storm of rain Comm[e]nced with wind. and I stopped at my