Lease to Willard Richards, 4 January 1842

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This Indenture, made the fourth day of December January in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred & forty one two, between Joseph Smith of Hancock County. and State of Illinois, of the one part, to , of the City of , County and State aforesaid on of the other part. Witnesseth, that the said Joseph Smith, for the consideration herein after mentioned, hath demised, granted & leased, and doth hereby demise, grant and lease, unto the Said his executors administrators & assigns, the New house, built by on block 155, off [of] the city of , situated on the corner of Granger & Water Streets, and the cellar underneath said house together with all the priviliges & appurtenances thereunto belonging, excepting the private office of the sd. Joseph Smith in on the seckond floor of said building which the said Smith reserves for his own personal use & benefit, together with the free ingress and egress to the same at all seasonable hours; To have & to hold the said premises with the appurtenances, for and during the term of one year, from fourth day of January A. D. 1842,
And the said for himself, his heirs, executors, and administrators, doth covenant and agree to pay, unto the said Joseph Smith, his heirs and assigns, the rent of five hundred dollars at the close of the year. & to surrender and quit the premises at the expiration of said term in as good condition as reasonable use thereof will permit, damages by the elements excepted.
The Taxes are to be paid by the said Smith party of the first part, and the Said Smith doth further agree. for himself, his heirs and assigns, that the said shall licence to occupy the house & appurtenances thereunto belonging, for the term of four years, next following the year above specified for & in consideration of the additional sum, of fifteen per cent, per annum, compound ratio, to the sum specified for the first year. provided the said shall require the Same. I[n] witness hereof we have hereunto set our hands & seals at aforesaid this 4th day January A. D. 1842
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    The phrase “appurtenances thereunto belonging” and its derivations are standard language in land and other real property transactions designed to cover anything that would traditionally be associated with the property.