Letter and Revelation to Harvey Whitlock, 16 November 1835

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Nov. 16th 1835
I have received your letter of the 28th Sept. 1835, and I have read it twice, and it gave me sensations that are better imagined than discribed; let it suffice, that I say the verry flood-gates of my heart were broken up: I could not refrain from weeping, I thank God, that it has entered into your heart, to try to return to the Lord, and to his people; if it so be, that he will have mercy upon you.
I have inquired of the Lord concerning your case, these words came to me
Verily thus saith the Lord unto you; let him who was my servant , return unto me;— and unto the bosom of my Church, and forsake all the sins wherewith he has offended against me and persue from hence forth a virtuous and upright life, and remain under the direction of those whom I have appointed to be pillars, and heads of my , and behold, saith the Lord, your God; his sins shall be blotted out from under heaven, and shall be forgotten from among men, and shall not come up in mine ears, nor be recorded as <​a​> memorial against him, but I will lift [p. 42]
him up as out of deep mire, and he shall be exalted upon the high places, and shall be counted worthy to stand ammong princes, and shall yet be made a polished shaft in my quiver, of bringing down the strong holds of wickedness, among those who set themselves up on high, that they may take council against me, and against ones in the last days.
Therefore let him prepare himself speedily and come unto you; even to and inasmuch as he shall harken unto all your council from henceforth he shall be restored unto his former state, and shall be saved unto the uttermost, even as the Lord your God liveth Amen.
Thus you see my dear the willingness of our heavenly Father to forgive sins and restore to favour all those who are willing to humble themselves before him, and confess their sins and forsake them, and return to him with full purpose of heart (acting no hypocrisy) to serve him to the end.
Marvle not that the Lord has condescended to speak from the heavens and give you instructions whereby you may learn your duty, he has heard your prayers, and witnessed your humility; and holds forth the hand of paternal affection, for your return; the angels rejoice over you, while the saints are willing to recieve you again into fellowship.
I hope on the rec[e]ipt of this, you will not loose any no time in coming to [p. 43] : for if you get here in season, you will have the privelege of attending the , which has already commenced and, also received instruction in doctrine, and principle, from those whom God has appointed whereby you may be qualified to go forth, and declare the true doctrines of the kingdom according to the true doctrines of the mind and, will of God. and when you come to , it will be explained to you why God has condescended to give you a revelation according to your request.
please give my respects to you[r] family, and bee assured I am yours in the bonds of the
Joseph Smith Jun [p. 44]


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    See Book of Mormon, 1830 ed., 119 [2 Nephi 31:13].  

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    JS had organized and called to order a session of the school, sometimes also referred to as the “Elders School,” on 3 November 1835. (JS, Journal, 3 Nov. 1835.)  

  3. 3

    Harvey Whitlock married Minerva Abbott on 21 November 1830 in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. The 1850 census indicates that the couple had two or possibly three children by the time of this revelation: Almon, Sally Ann, and Sciota. (Cuyahoga Co., OH, Probate Court, Marriage Records, 1810–1941, vol. 2, p. 237, microfilm 877,912, U.S. and Canada Record Collection, FHL; 1850 U.S. Census, Great Salt Lake, Utah Territory, 56[A].)  

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