Letter, Don Carlos Smith to Oliver Granger, 11 July 1841

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July 11,th 1841.
I sit down to improve a few moments this morning, (having an opportunity to send by ,) in addressing an old friend. I am in tolerable health, but the health of my is very poor, Joseph is in good health, but his has been very sick, has been sick ever since died but I think she is improving; is is in the east his family are well. There is some sickness here now but not many deaths. Persecution is kindling up again against the saints. The devil can’t let us alone, he seems to be our perpetual enemy.
I learn by that you are getting your health again; this I am pleased to hear: I hope you will get sufficient health to visit , again. I should be pleased to he see you.
I understand that you are the owner of the house and lot that used to be mine: I am glad the property is saved. I hope that you will consider my circumstances and let me have the property by paying you back the money that you have paid. The claim I have on that [p. [1]] property is all my dependence May I have that property by paying you the amou[n]t you paid? Will you write me and let me know? Will you give my the deed and take my notes payable in six months and one year? Or, Will you take land here if I will procure it for you?
Will you write me on receit of this and let me know all about the matter
I am with respect your friend &c. &c.
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Lake Co.
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