Letter from Abraham C. Hodge and Springfield, Illinois, Branch, 25 January 1842

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Jan’y 25th. 1842
The members of the in this place met agreeable to previous notice on at Br David Dicksons
Br Arnold Stephens stated the object of the meeting
Br was unanimously chosen President, and R, J, Coats Secretary of said meeting
After the organization of the meeting the following Resolutions were offered and adopted
1st. Resolved that we consider that the officers of this of the Church ceased at the time Br, Joseph Smith Jr discontinued this
2nd. Resolved that Br shall be the President of this Branch
3rd. Resolved that Br R, J, Coats be the Clerk of this Branch
4th. Resolved that the Clerk make out the proseedings of this meeting and forward the same to to the
5th. Resolved that the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints in this place give in their names to the Clerk
<​ President​>
R, J, Coats, Clerk
Br Smith,
We deem it necessary to state some of the most prominent reasons why this meetng was called, in order that you may have a fair understanding of the situation and condition we were placed in
You will recollect that sometime since this stake was discontinued as well as all others with the exception of those in , &c [p. [1]] Sometime after the discontinuation of this , our President (Br Mariam) moved from this place to and took our Records with him, After he left there was some difficulties arose between the two Counselors who <​still​> remained, which was the cause of animosities and hard feelings in the Church to some extent, And as we considered <​it​> our privilege as well as our duty in our then unorganised situation that there should be something done in order to be unitet and receive the blessings of Heaven in as much as the Stake was discontinued and the President had left and taken the Records with him; the two Counselors being divided, and the members being dissatisfied with their holding the station which <​they​> pretended to hold; Under these circumstances we deemed it our duty to call the Church together and choose a leader to preside over us; And at our meeting <​was​> nominated for our president and unanimously chosen with the exception of one vote
The reasons of our ad[o]pting the fifth Resolution was because the list of the names of the members was taken with the Records
We shall expect an a[n]swer from you whether the above proceeings are legal or not
Yours in Brotherly love
R, J, Coats. Clerk
By order of the
R, J, Coats Clerk
President [p. [2]]
[page [3] blank] [p. [3]]
<​PAID​> <​12​>
<​ ILL JAN 31​>
Mr. Joseph Smith
Ills [p. [4]]


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    On 24 May 1841 the First Presidency issued a statement to church members throughout the world decreeing that all stakes outside of Hancock County, Illinois, and Lee County, Iowa Territory, were dissolved. The statement instructed church members not living in those counties to gather there as soon as possible to assist with building the temple and the “corner stone of Zion.” (Letter to the Saints Abroad, 24 May 1841.)  

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    These early Springfield, Illinois, stake and branch records have not been located.  

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