Letter from Abraham Jonas, 21 March 1843

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— March 21, 1843
President Joseph Smith
My dear Sir—
At the request of some of my neighbours— I take the liberty of asking a favor of you— we wish the use of a canon for a few days— you have several at and if you will oblige me, and let us have one, I will send for it and pledge my honor for its safe return in a short time—— The object in getting it, is as follows—— We have had a Considerable contest for some time with the people— — Rogers— Wood &c &c— and in spite of all our efforts and with the aid of a party majority in the Legislature they have obtained the passage of a law for stricking us off into a new County called — after some old Catholic Monk— and this too in opposition to the remonstrances & prayers of every man living in the proposed new — the history of this infamous transaction— can be given to you by your brother who I am happy to say stuck to me [p. [1]] thr[ough]out the contest— for which I shall always be grateful— now whenever the people received any news from — favorable to them— in regard to this County matter— they fired their canon to plauge the people out in this section of the County— The organization of this new depends— on the people electing County officers— on the 1st. Monday in april— they have determined not to organize— nor elect officers— consequently the law will be inoperative— and the folks after all will be defeated— and our boys are anxious to retaliate— on the 1st Monday in april by giving the boys a salute in return for that which have been by the folks— if you will therefore loan us one of your Cannon we will take good care of it— and return it safe and <​in​> good order— an immediate reply will greatly oblige—
Your friend and Well wisher
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<​PAID​> <​10​>
<​ ILLS MAR 21​>
General Joseph Smith
Hancock Co
<​Ans. March 25. 1843 .— request granted​>
March 21. 1843
to Joseph Smith [p. [4]]


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