Letter from Alonzo LeBaron, circa 29 June 1842

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City of June 23th <​29th​> 1842
President Joseph Smith. Dear Sir
I beg leave to be indulged in communicating my wishes and proposals to you through the medium of my pen in consequence of being buisy at labour and cannot well attend in Person. The subject to which I would call your attention is relating to the maner in which according to my limited understanding I view to be most proper to dispose of the amount due me on the [Oliver] Granger Note. But to begin with, I would inform you that at the time I loaned the money, I withheld not one cent, over which God had made me Steward. My heart was, and is, fully as I trust, engaged for the good of Zion. And I only regret, that it was not more properly aplyed, by him to whom it was entrusted. Since then I have spent much of my time, traveling to preach the Gospel. By this time you can easily comprehend my present condition. Indeed it was with much dificulty that I obtained only eleven Dollars to bear my expences to this place. I would not plead Poverty as an excuse; but I but, I am compelled by duty to myself and Family to make known my situation. [p. [1]] I might enumerate many article which are necisary to suply our immediate wants. But I forbear. A hint to the wise is suficient I will now come to the point and state my propositions. I find the amount of Principle and interest yet due to be about $815.00. I therefore propos[e], that you endorse the amount due on my Lot which with interest is about $142.45, and give me a Deed. I next propose that you place to my credit, or pay for me $150.00 $200.00 on the . And next; get me eighht <​seven​> shares of Stock in the .
The remainder is about $142.62 $122.62. Now there is a Cr. [credit] of $16.00 on my Book to which is not endorsed on the Note. Also a account you hold aganst me of $6 or $7 which subtracted leaves about $100.00. This amount I humbly request you to pay me in such as will suply my present necesity.
Now if these proposals meet your mind and you will acceed to them; please to inform the bearer of this, and you will oblije me much.
Yours in haste. .
President Joseph Smith. [p. [2]]
[blank] [p. [3]]
Pr. Joseph Smith
City of [p. [4]]