Letter from Austin Cowles, 13 March 1843

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March 13. 1843
Dear Brother Joseph a Communication from me though unexpected may not Be altogether unacceptable to you Inasmuch as it Embraces a matter that needs your Counsel and for Which I am authorised to Corrispond with you and Give you the Circumstances as they have fallon under my Observation you will have Learned E’er this Reaches you that there is no Small Stir in Concerning this Sect that is Every where spoken against and as has Given me the privilege to write to you that you may know that he is willing to stay in that place if it Be your Counsel and also tell the Circumstances as under my Observation having had an Interview with him and List[e]ned to his Discourses Delivered to Crowded assemblies and the universal applause Bestowed on him from Every quarter I have no hesitation in saying that I Believe that No Elder in the Church Can at present fill his place in that that the access that he has to the people and the press: and acquaintance with Citizens Gives him an Influence over the minds of the people that no minister Beside however able Can Obtain But through much Labor this Communication I thought Good to make to the Intent that you might [p. [1]] know the Circumstances pertaining to the Case of and my thoughts Concerning it Indeed to me it appears Expedient that more able ministers Be Sent to these parts than that the Number Should Be diminished By Calling any from their fields of Labor. Dont Br Joseph say, that I Now Counsel you for you know that a Burned Child Dreads the fire the manner of my Travelling and preaching has Been such that I have Been able to <​Deliver​> in General But one Discourse in Each place and Consequently Could not Build up Branches but to sow and Leave it for others to Reap but I have been Enabled to Remove Mountains of prejudice and Leave the people Deeply Interested in the subjects Laid Before them at Gilsom I have Labored & Recently Baptised five one of which is your Cousin Chilion Mack and am Going to Return and hope to Baptise your uncle Mack [Solomon Mack Jr.] and Others of the family Cannot Expect to see till the first of June I Rejoice that the Boon of Liberty is again yours Remember me to all the saints
Yours in the Gospel——
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Presd. Joseph Smith
requesting to be sent back & Chilon Mack baptised
March 13. 1843
to Joseph the Seer [p. [4]]


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    Docket in handwriting probably of William Clayton.  

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    Docket in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.