Letter from B. G. Weedgil, 29 May 1844

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Mobile May 29th 1844
Sir, you must excuse me for takeing the liberty of writeing to you, and I have no doubt but that you will when I give you my reasons, I have frequent controversies about religion wherein your name has been brought in, and you have had heaped upon your respected person all manner of vile abuse, which I not haveing the facts could not deny, you must have seen many newspapers wherein you have been shamefully abbused, that would not ammount to any thing if it was not believed, and reiterated, I wish you would condescend to inform me as regards the facts of your mission, the establishment of your religion, your troubles with &c. &c. also send me one number of the Times and Seasons, a paper which I have never seen, and if I agree with Yer <​its​> views of it I shall subscribe to it, I read your corrispondence with and was well pleased with it, it would do your cause much good, weather correct or otherwise, by being circulated in the If one of your desciples was to visit Mobile I think he would get many converts to your religion, I am not connected with any sect, and If your faith goes to make man more happy here, I will, be one of the number, but few systims of faith elivate the morrals of a people, a spedy answer to this would be gratefully recieved,
Your very obedient and humble servant
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<​MOBILE ◊◊a. [Alabama] MAY 30​>
Mr Joseph Smith,
The head of the Church of Latter Day Saints.
May 29, 1844
Letter from B. G. Weedgil to Joseph Smith [p. [4]]


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