Letter from Chauncey Robison, 8 March 1843

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Recorders Office Ill
8th March 1843
On examining the Records I discovered this morning the Record of a Deed which may be of importance to you and the Citizens of
It is a Deed executed by and to Wm. H Elliott, [Samuel] J Hitchcock & as Trustees for Sundry persons conveying to said Trustees all the Lands owned by them in and bought of Alexr White & the Atchisons.—
The Deed is Dated 6th October 1836 and Bears Record 25 Nov 1836— I have not yet discovered on Record any Deed or power of Attorney authorizing the Said and to convey the Said Lands and am doubtful whether their Conveyance to you and your & is valid
I would recommend that y[ou] send some Competent person to search the Recor[d] and particularly the Dee[d] [f]ound [in] Book C pa[ge] [page torn]
And further that you make n[o] payment to said & until such search of Record be made And would further recommend that you suffer to be sold for taxes and bid in all the Lots on said Land [p. [1]] and endeavor to obtain a tax title upon the Same—
I find that the Deeds from to you were Recorded previous to my appointment and do not know whether due search of Record was then made— You will please consider this Communication Confidential and it may be well not to have the matter known to the public at present.
Recorder [1/2 page blank] [p. [2]]