Letter from David Orr, 14 June 1843

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Lawrence County State of Arkansas
June 14. 1843—
To Elder, Joseph Smith, Dear Sir——
Though personally to you a Stranger, yet not so, with relation to your sayings, and doings, as Man of God. I take the liberty of addressing you On a Subject of deep Intrest to myself, And others of my acquaintance.— The Information I desire, I presume, you can readily give, which doubtless will relieve the minds of many who are now in suspence.— In the “Arkansas Times and Advocate” of May 29. we have an Extract of a publication from the Quincy Whig of your , giving a Summary of an Extraordinary Circumstance which has latly occured near kinderhook in Pike County. It appears, that a Young man by the name of “Wiley” a resident of Kinderhook, being promped by the pressages of three Succeeding dreams, made the effort, and after penetrating the Mound to which his mind was directed, to some considerable depth “Six brass plateswas found, the Inscriptions, Or hieroglyphics on on which, Could not be deciphered by any one found in . Consequently they were Sent to— for your Inppection &c &c.— All of which Information, now in your possession, whether rivealed Or, otherwise, I ask at your hands. If published, please send such Papers as contain the Information desired, If not published send such Information as the Circumscribed limits of a Sheet will contain. Any Other Important Entelligence which you may see proper to give, will be Chearfully recd— Especially Your Mission to the ancient metropolis of the Jews: has anything been affected there? Or has those that were Sent returned? We have a few Mormons in this vicinity collected by Elder J. Stewhart some 2 years Since. They will participate [p. [1]] with lively Intrest in any Information which you may be pleased to transmit. That you may the more readly appreciate the purity of my motives and my Character as a man, I refer you to the 2 Elder Snow’s & Elder Farr with whom I contracted an acquaintance in in your Some 3 years Since— They Spoke in daytime and I Spoke at night— Also to Elder Stewhart who was Intimate with me while in this Country. Can you not Send an Elder through this country the present Summer or fall?, One of respectable talants, I think, could affect Considerable. The Mormons here are entirely destitute of Preaching from their Own denomination— Many of the Secterian Clergy are so proscriptive, and Dogmatical, that they cannot Enjoy themselves whare these hightoned Souls of Distinction, Lumber! As political DamagogueIsm, has well nigh destroid Our land and nation, bidding difyence [defiance] to constitutional liberty and the inalienable rights of man, so religious DemagogueIsm in many places, has bid defience to the mild precepts of Jesus Christ and his Enspired Apostles, and by the practice of Religious Fraud has duped and gutted their; Morally blind adherence, and arogated to themselves the Commanding atitude of a Cardinal Or Pope. Consequently Every Soul that does not Implicitly yield to Clerical Dictation, must, without mercy, be sacraficed upon the Alter of Secterion bigotry!! That I be no farther tedious, “My address is Lawrence County State of Ark, Reeds, Creek, P. O,.— may grace, mercy, and truth through God the father and [p. [2]] The Lord Jesus Christ, be with you now and Ever Amen.
David Orr
Eld. Joseph Smith
N. B. Have you any Revelation with relation to Millers Predictions? Or the Closing scene of this despensation?— If so please give us Item.——
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P. S. Gentlemen, and I direct this letter to You, My reason for doing So is this, In former letters, which, from this Country, we have addressed to , Elder— Smith &c. no returns have come to hand which has caused us to believe they were detained in — My Bro. Joseph with whome you are acquainted has advised this course— We therefore confide in you, to forward this Immediately to Elder Smith— Your Obt. Servt.
David Orr [p. [3]]
<​Reed’s Creek. ark​>
<​June 21​>
To Elder
Or, Esqr
Adams County
David Orr June 14—
Reed’s Creek P.O.
Lawrence Co— Ark
<​answered July 18th 1843 by facsimilie of Plates​>
June 14: 1843
David Orr
Joseph Smith [p. [4]]


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