Letter from David S. Hollister, 9 May 1844

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Baltimore May 9th 1844
Dear Brother Joseph
From the time of my departure <​to​> that of my arival here on Saturday last I was blessed with prosperity The feelings manifested by the passenge[rs] on the Boat to were quite favourable. at I embarked on bord the Steamer Vally Forge with about 125 cabin passengers I gradually introduced myself to those whose faces gave indication of honest hearts and inteligent minds: on Sunday I was invited to give in a publick discourse <​the​> points of difference betwen the faith of the Latter day Saints and other proffissors [professors] of the Christian religion. There was a methodist preacher on board with whome arangements was made to follow me and blow Mormonism to the four winds. well I led off in a discourse of an hour and a half, after dinner the Methodist tride [tried] to rally their preacher but he could not be induced to under take the fulfilment of <​his​> engagemint I spent <​the time​> in convirsing with groop of enquirers and giving further information to those who saught it. after tea the Methodist Priest was by mutch pursuation [persuasion] induced to preach but to the astonishment of all he never once mentioned Mormonism by the by we had a beautiful Specimen of treatment on <​to​> the Saints on bord: whil[e] I was speaking I refered to the many false Statements which found thier way to the public th[r]ough the papers, a case in point was that of Joseph Smith having just discarded his [p. [1]] After I had finished <​speaking​> and was standing on the guard of the Boat a Missourian step[p]ed up to me asking me if I wished to be understood that all who said Jo Smith had discarded his were liars! on my answering him in the affirmative he drew a Bow[i]e knife on me but some passengers who had had heard him threaten my life & <​were watching​> caught him as he was in the act of striking and I in the act of pi[t]ching him overbord but they saved him and I am glad of it; the whole affair turned mutch to my advantage it was an occular demonstration to the crowd of Missourians feeling toward the Church of Christ.
By this time the way was pretty well paved for introducing National matters and from this time onto our arival at Wheeling the time was principally occupied on that subject reading your views on political economy etc on ariving at Wheel[ing] a stranger might have imagined me to be a man of some consequence for it was will you take a seat in our coach? go with us in this stage, hold on and take a with us says the third in fact the mormon was quite a lion among the passengers But passing the minutia I arived in this city two days after the great whig Convention, all in Joy and enthusiam among the whigs, while doubt and consternation is manifest among the democrats This convention has ben got up at an immence expence hundreds of thousands of Dollars have been expended— The Democratic convention comes off on the 27th inst in the mean time I shall do what is in my power for the promotion of the good Cause and endeavour to be well accourterd [accoutred] for that occasion I shall expect the co operation of [p. [2]] [Orson] Pratt & tho as yet I have not heard from them
There are some few matters relative to the Boat Maid of Iowa which I aught to have named to You there was two guns on board which took for passage money while on Red river which took from the Boat I know of no account being made of them I suppose he appropriated them to his own use there was also a feather Bed lost over board and from what I could learn of the circumstances by the passengers <​and what was said to passify the owners & passengers​> I consider the boat bound to make it good to the owner who is poor. I mention these things thinking they may be matters to be considered in a settlement with — I shall expect to r[ecei]ve from you the proceedings of the convention held at on Monday last together with such instru[c]tions as you may deem proper to give. I shall expect to remain here untill after the 27 and by that time be able to determin wheather to stay longer in the mean time I may go to but you will please direct to me here The present indications are that we have a very strong current to contend with here The whigs have their minds Settled on it is quite doubtful what the Democrats will do but if I judge correctly they will not nominate
Please remember me to your family as also mine— and as often as I have any thing of interest to communicate you shall hear from me
I am Dear Brother Yours in the Kingdom of our God
[p. [3]]
Gel Joseph Smith
Hancock Co
May 9. 1844
Letter from to Joseph Smith
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