Letter from Eli Maginn, 1 and 3 May 1842

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N. H. May 1st. 1842
Prest. Smith
Dear Sir
I avail myself of this oppertunity of addressing this hasty written line to you as I wrote by mail for the “Times and Seasons” and did not forward the Cash having no Bank in this place it makes it rather difficult to transmit Money as it is running too great risk, to forward itt in a letter these times and having an oppertunity of forwarding this by Brother [Bingham] Bement a faithful Brother in the Lord. one who has assisted much in introducing the Gospel in this place noted for Priestcraft and its consequence (Infidelity) and feeling anxious to settle among the Saints I hereby recommend to the fellowship of the Saints as a verry worthy Brother one that is willing to receive and abide Counsel and as such I commend him to you that you may counsel him acording to the dictates of the Holy Spirit also Brother Saml. M. How [Samuel M. Howe] whose character is the same as the former.
I have by the Grace of God, thro’ the assistance of the Holy Spirit succeeded most effectually in breaking thro’ the Sullen mist of Priestcraft and Error— raised the ensign of truth which floats triumphant above the fabled Creeds and Dogmas of the age and the same in this place we are Blessed (a rather poor Blessing however <​, if a Blessing it is,​>) with 5 Sects in this place but they say they all are agreed, and I don’t feel disposed to dispute it now for I think they are about as much as Herod and Pilate when their gain was likely to cease [p. [1]] But he that sitteth in the Heavens and rules among men on Earth has rent assunder the vail of the mental Horison [horizon] dispelling the Clouds of darkness and superstition while the honest in hart are fast flowing to the standard of tru[t]h which has been boldly erected the Church in this place nos [numbers] 67. all have obey’d since last Nov. I have labored alone the whole time except one weak Elder made me a visit and preached 5 or 6 discourses the only one that has been in the place I have labored incesantly day and night preaching from once to 3 times almost daily— I am much exhausted at pres[e]nt and should be glad to have assistance is it not the will of the Lord that we should have some help. 20 Elders might find all they could perform in this vicinity I just recd. a Letter from at he informs me that he has attended the Conference at Expects Elder to come to his <​assistance​> Elder L[ysander] M. Davis, (he says) is <​at ​> on his way from Carolina to Windsor Co, V.t he will probably call on us as we are not verry far from that place I expect there will be quite a large Comp[an]y. from this place in the fall, as many more will obey in this place When at I wrote to you for many of the Papers my Letter was dated Mar 26. (I think) I forwarded a Check from the Asiatic Bank to the Leath[e]r Manufr. Bank for the Sum of $45,00 the papers have not yet came [p. [2]] near half this ammt. [amount] was for the I stated in it not to send back Nos. but the Subs[cribe]rs. would like to commence with “the Record of Abraham” the names of the Last ar[e] as follows viz
J Saunders. C[harles] W. Thompson, one year $ 4.00
E. W. Clark, W. M. Powers, Six Months 2.00
$ 6.00
I shall enclose the Money in this Letter I shall forward $25.00 for the it is like the widows might <​mite​> but I hope soon to be able to send more the Saints will also endeavor to do something this week I visit Lowell City the largest manufact’ City in the I have preached within 1½ miles before 4 to 5 discourses and 9 have obeyd. my friends have hired the City Hall the most splendid and popular in the place I shall deliver a Course of Lectures of 2 weeks every evening Elder Knopp the Baptist protracting Machine has just left I think people have Chaff enough to have some wheat there is the greatest excitement in this Country that was ever known The priest are verry busy tacking up the Bands, But they dont hold, they “Burst” I humbly request an interest in your prayers in common with all Saints for I feel that great responsibility rests upon me That I need much meekness and humility to teach this people (who now are a great people) as I have severall Hundred under my charge a part of the time If it was not entirely among the “impossibles” I should request you to write to me, as I am alone (and (yet not alone) will some of the 12 or Councillors write to me
in great haste with Respect [p. [3]]
Lowell Mass May 3, preached last night at the City Hall ab[o]ve 2,000 attended & paid good attention his Honor the Mayor together with many of the Priests <​&c​> attended we had a quite interesting time I continue for 8. even[ing]s. successively there is quite an excitement &c. Br. Smith you will probably receive a Letter (by the hand of Mr. J. S. Twiss an honest seeker after truth and a warm friend) from the citizens of concerning a spurious article (in a Pamphlet publish by order of the State of ) “signed by 84 Mormons” the names of some Brethren of good standing are appended (I believe) Br. and others I stated that it was not done by their consent <​but was spurious​> and they are writing to get something to bring me in a Lie, every device is used to obtain their Reffuge (Lies) posible
P.S. Elder L[ysander] M. Davis is here (Lowell) he informs me that Elder is preparing an article to publish (in the papers) to prove that the Millennum has commenced already has labored ardently and has strove to do good but has a rather imperfect understanding of the work, and has many singular notions, I do not write this to opperate against But as he is in where any thing incorrect is <​sought for &​> heralded forth to the World, which makes it verry hard for us spoke to me about it “said he was at a loss how to proceed” “it was a dilicate thing to write to the west about” it” I feel so too. but thot. I would drop a hint feeling it duty (tho. reluctant) that you may pursue the course best calculated to preserve the Honor of the Cause
Prest. Joseph Smith
By the politeness of Mr. B. Bement
<​Lowel Bank​> <​$ 5,00,​> <​N​> <​250 64​>
<​Hamilton Bank​> <​10,00​> <​"​> <​33 41​>
<​" "​> <​10,00​> <​"​> <​5 35​>
<​Rail Road Bank​> <​5,00​> <​"​> <​104 70​>
<​When you have made your entry Please return this to Recorders office ​>
<​May 1— 1842​> [p. [4]]


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