Letter from Elias Higbee, 20 February 1840–B

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Feb 20th. 1840
Dear Brother
I received a letter this morning from ; who writes that he missed having the chills one week but that it had returned again— I forwarded him a letter from . Mr’s Richey has just received a letter from Baltimore in answer to one that she lately sent, stating that none of our are there preaching; which gives me reason to think that is not there. I have recd. the letter you gave me, mailed at . has gone home, Mr. Richards has forsaken use, and And also has not paid me the money which we lent him.
says he has not recd. any funds yet. I was obliged I was obliged to let have money to go home, and likewis[e] to pay his board here; which will take about all the borrowed money we owed him. Consequently it will not be many weeks before I shall send for more
made no objections to honoring the order from . I wish you would comfort my wife. If you have an opportunity I should be very glad to receive a word of comfort by letter or by the Boys. writes for me not to think of publishing the documents now as we have not the means of so doing. I shall write again soon. Be assured as ever of the best feelings of my heart. Give my love to all enquiring friends
Jos. Smith Jr.}
P.S. I do not preach publickly just now for I have not time: but am preaching privately. Some of them have got so much self righteousness that I have not been able [to] do much with them yet. yet [p. 96]
In my remarks I refered you to a resolution passed at a large meeting of the citizens of (which was), all mormons who would deny their religion should be protected in or any other County in the . The resolution was published in the Newspapers at , & I think copied by the Mo. Republican. I wish you would send me a Paper that contains that statement if you can find such a one; also the affidavits concerning false swearing by & Co or to prove their rascality or bad character and direct the same to
[p. 97]