Letter from Erastus Derby, 9 October 1843

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Oct 9th. 1843
Beloved Brother Sir
I deem it my duty to write you a few lines that you may know the Situation that I am placed in at the presant time it is allso because I know and realize your expectations of me, at least the responcibility that now rests upon me in having char[g]e of your property and Some other to rule over it, made an exertion at , after Left to Ship another Clerk but I told him that I should not give up the keys unless I was autherised by you to do So and told him that I had had inStructions from you and Should follow them, till otherwise instucted by you I will give you a little Statement of things, our trip up and down was about one hundred & Eighty four dollars I paid that out at on bills and left. numbers of bills and notes that ware not paid I Should have taken the amount but had not time; but have now in my posession bills to the amount of one hundred & twenty dollars that has been contracted Since we came down nearly the amount that I have paid for the Boat I candidly believe thare are more debts against her than She can pay this fall, with the best of management that knows some thing about, allso a Steam boat is no place for a family to Live when they med[d]le with that that is not their buisness, [p. [2]] There is a man on the boat that has come with us to See what She can do that wants to charter the half of her if he can to run in the Azoo River in the State of Louiseannah and is very anxicous to get hold of her but Brother Joseph if you want to get your money out of this boat you must get it in different hands that is certain but I Supose you know how that is as well as I do I have kept an acurate acount of Every thing since I come on this boat and shall till removed I must close as are a landing at Naples I have wrote this in great hast[e] with the boat joytin [jolting] as hard as it well can
I remain your true friend
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<​Naples Ill. 10 Oct 1843​>
General Joseph Smith
Hancock Co [p. [4]]


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