Letter from Erastus Snow, 22 June 1842

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June 22d ’42
President Joseph Smith Dear Sir
I forwardeded a long letter to you not long since containing the minutes of our conference in and since then I have written another to the twelve or to .
I intimated that I should forwarded some money for the by Mr Alley of Lynn. He and his family or rather wife and one daughter is about to start to . The Saints in are mostly Mechanics and times are very dull and money allmost out of the question with the labouring classes. but if they could work on the or give such things as they get for their labour they would gladly do it. however as every little helps a little I forward what little I have got and considerable more is subscribed to be sent some future time when collected The followineg you will please enter in the books to the credit of the donors and notice in the Times & Seasons the receipt of my letter and the money and also the receipt of the letter and $34. I sent the latter part of April by Benj. Riter of Pa. which as yet I have not heard from. I wish you to tell the recorder to attend to acknowledging such these receipts if you cannot have time to do it yourself, my only reason is for the satisfaction of the donors that I have forwarded the amount and you have received it &c The following donars all belong to the branch
Abigail Gray 4,00 Nathaniel Ashby 20,00 4,12½
John Low 5,00 Hyrum K. Bryant. 1,00 Clara Homiston
George Alley 1,00 Samuel Scriggins 1,00 6 silver teaspoons
Lyman Homiston 1,00 Augusta Cob 5,00 Total 38,00 & 6 spoons
[p. [1]]
Two or 3 members of the branch are about starting west and more are calculating on going west in the fall But If you have not answerd my last and given me the council I asked relative to their going west before your get this I hope you will write immediately and tell me whether I shall let them go all that have a spirit of gathering as fast as they get ready or council them otherwise—
The great wheel is rolling in this country more rapidly now than ever in Peterboro Lowel[l] & . is going west soon but will return to preach in this vicinity through the winter if he is counciled so to do and he [is] rather partial to this section of country as a field of his labours and he is a first rate fellow and I hope you will send him back without fail. His labours are very much needed here and in conjunction with me as intends going west to winter and I should be exceeding glad to do so, if it is the will of God <​but I intend to do as I am councilled​> [p. [2]]
There is a tremenduous excitement here in at present is engaged with in a dissccussion with the great Dr [George Montgomery] West, D,D. foremerly of the Methodist and late of the Episcopalian order and I hardly know what he is now but he has been spreading himself in the chapels and in the papers here of late most dreadfully but he is now brought up all on four against a stump The discussion has been held two evenings as I expect will continue 4 or 5 more unless West backs out it is held in the most popular part of the in Marlboro Chapel Washington St. which will hold near 2,000 3,000 people and the way they turn out and the papers teem with accounts of the debate is a caution to yankee sinners— The saints have hired Boylston Hall for regular preaching it holds near 1,000. though a good hearted old man is nevertheless enthusiasting and childish and unwise and is not the man that ought to be placed in . though by no meanes should he be rob[b]ed of the honor due for what he has done here. Though much more would have been done by a wise elder. He shuts up a great many doors and ears in consequences of a lack of wisdom. He talks to opposers and sectarians of all the mistyries of the Kingdom and thousand wild notions of his own but he is humble yet he dont seem to learn wisdom.
Yours &c [p. [3]]
<​South Bank​> <​​> <​No 2704​> <​$3.00​>
<​Exchange Bank​> <​​> <​No 1986—​> <​$5.00​>
<​North Bank​> <​​> <​No 268—​> <​$10.00​>
<​Naumkeag Bank​> <​<​​>​> <​No— 430​> <​$10.00​>
<​Tremont Bank​> <​​> <​No 2674​> <​$10.00​>
Joseph Smith or {trustee
contains 38,00 money for the Temple
<​ June 22nd 1842​> [p. [4]]