Letter from Francis M. Higbee, 8 September 1843

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Sept 8. /43
Mr. J. Smith
Sir— I have understood my name was brought before the public on Saturday last— When I was accused of having written to ; in connexion with & others— To which charge I plead not guilty. My Situation has rendered such and event impossible; for it is well known by your honor, I have been at during the past year; And consequently could not have written in, and subscribed, to the same letter, with , who was residing in — Nor did I return home from untill after the scrape, when I found you at home. All may <​know​> ful-well since my return home I have been sick all the time, and had much else too think about. My ’s death has been enough, when taken into connexion with other things of less moment, to engage engross my whole attention; without seeking to draw down upon my own head, and the heads of my mother’s family anothe[r] Scourge, such as we suffered in . Who suffered more, and hazzarded life oftener than did I— God forbid that ever I should be instrumental in bringing destruction upon not only upon my friends, but but upon myself and relatives— Then Sir please read this, or announce to the public, that the charge, with which I stand charged, is false— false— false— And greatly oblige
Your very humble and most Obt Svt.
— [p. [1]]
Prs. Joseph Smith
Sep 8 1843> [p. [2]]


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    Docket in handwriting of William Clayton.