Letter from George Brandon, 6 July 1842

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☞ July the 6the 1842 Illinois
To the Editor of the Times and Seasons
Dear Brother in the Bonds of the Knew And everlasting Covenant.
It is with feelings of Gratitude and delight that <​I​> take my pen to address you in a fiew lines
Dear Brother in as much as I have lately arrived at this place from Tennessee I feel it a duty that I owe God And myself and also my Brethren
To give you a short account of the state and Condition of the Churches and Brethren in the counties of Henry Benton Stewart and Montgomery Tennessee so fare as I have a knowledge of their standing
I will first give a short account of the Charity Branch which Branch was raised up by myself in 182 1839 and was Organised with seven members some of whom lived in Henry County and some in Benton Cty Our most usual place of holding meatings were in a few hundred <​yards​> of the County line between the afore said Counties and near to where they cornered east
This Branch grew from 7 members to 18 Seventeen of whom were in good standing in April 1842 so fare as we could ascertain One by the name of Eli Casteel was cut off from the church about the first of May last Eight of the Branch landed in On the 30 day of May last some others of the Branch have removed els where til— there is But five members remaining in the Branch 4 of whom are women three of whom have unbelieveing husbands and one of whom was the wife of Eli Casteel who was Cut off from the Branch about first of May 1842 the other member is <​a​> young lad by the name of Britton Morris. But Two Elders had moved within a few miles of them this spring it is hoped that they will Take care of them by uniting with them &c— [p. [1]] The Acadimy Branch in Henry County Tenn was built up by Elders and . it now numbers about 22 members all of whom are in good standing excepting four Three of whom has caused a good deal of strife in the Church. may God keep them in the faith is my prayr for christ sake Amen. There are 8 or 9 members in Stewart County Tenn. on wells’s Creek and Elk Creek which has never been Organised in to a Branch att all There is no official member among them They desire Traveling Elders and Brethren to call on them They desire an interest in the prayrs of this people. May the Lord bless them with all spiritual Blessings in heavenly places in Christ Jesus So that They may not Come behind in no gift But grow up in to him Christ in all things until they are filled with all the fullness of God even so amen
My labours since I was ordained an Elder has been extended from Joseph Chumnies on blood river Henry County Through the north East Corner of Benton County thence across the Tennessee River in a south Easterly direction to wells Creek thence north across the Cumberland River at The Cumberland Iron works Thence <​a​> little East of North 9 miles to Nathaniel Abners in Montgomery County where I Baptised Two members One female by <​the​> name of Abner and One mail [male] by the name of John B. Williams There has never been much preaching in montgomery County consiquently Brother William and Sister Abner is left alone not recognised with any Branch at all They are anxious for some Elder to visit them and I give it as my firm and decided Opinion that Much good might be done in and about Abners Montgomery County if some prudent Elder would [p. [2]] Elder would Tarry there a few days or weeks my labours was extended as I before Stated from Blood River Henry County to montgomery County Through Benton and Stewart Counties making a circuit of about 80 miles <​in length​> which lies in the the Shape of a half moon Commencing at Blood river the west point and extending in a circle south like a half moon to a parallel <​point​> East in Montgomery County through Out this circuit I have preached all I could my circumstances being vary limited I suppose that I have preached about five hundred Sermons in The last Three years and Baptised alone Twenty Six persons my circumstances have ben such that I have been compelled to labour all the while for the support of my family and not only this I was near Two hundred dollars in debt which I had no other way of paying only by my labour which I have paid excepting a few dollars that was given me this last spring by my sister Abigail Brandon. I suppose she gave me as much as fifteen dollars in money a good many of the poor sisters and Brothers has helped me to a little provisions &C as they could spare. I have suffered some loss by the mobs of Benton and Henry Counties But out of all these Troubles the Lord has delivered me for which I feel to thank and a dore his name for he has not only made me able me to get here myself but he has made me an instrument in some degree of helping some of my Brethren to get here also to with Brothers french and Stacy with their families which are now in now to God be all the praise both now and for ever amen. There is a deacon <​in​> the Acadimy Branch But no other Officers the two elders having removed to Benton County this spring whose names are as follows Alexander W. Morgan and [p. [3]] and George Roberts These both lives near the Charity Branch to which Branch I belonged Those Scattering members on wells Creek and elk Creek and <​in​> Montgomery County not recognised with any Branch are eleven in number all in good Standing This will afford in some degree an outline <​of​> the Condition and Standing <​of the​> Brethren in Tennessee and of my Travels and Success in <​the​> building up of my Redemers Kingdom in my Spiritual youth. the recollection of which things are so deeply implanted in my mind that time itself cannot efface it. I subscribe myself your Obedient Servant in the new Covnant
Mr. Joseph Smith Jnr.
City of
Hancock County Illinois
Mr. President Joseh Smith sir please read the peace that is folded inside first— [p. [4]]