Letter from George Miller, 4 September 1842

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Mo. Septr. 4th 1842
Dear friend & Brother
I did not get off from until Thursday morning 2 oclock on the Steamer Leander. The Sheriff [Thomas] Jasper & a man that I supposed to be from also got on the boat at the same time that I did, having arrived there from just immediately before the boat left; Having as I supposed, been to the of to make a demand of him for our friends which conjecture I found corroborated by he having informed me that the Messengers from had returned some day’s ago. And since my arrival in this Mr. Raplie [Uriah Raplee] the proprietor of the St. Louis Hotel informed me that the Messengers from were here 8 or 10 days ago Making thus boast that they were on their way to our place to make the second effort to get Br Jos. S— swearing that they would have him living or dead. I take this method of giving you this information just as I have learned it. promised he would write from touching the matter if he did, the story twice told will do no harm. I have been detained here since friday noon waiting for a boat, since which time time the S Bts. Borias, Rosalle, Amaranth & Ohio, have severally arrived at this port on one of which I expected to have met with his not coming has given me much uneasiness lest all should not or has not been right with you all— I am almost tempted to return home; but it being a maxim with me when I put my hand to [p. [1]] to the plough, not to look back; and not withstanding my anxiety I <​in regard​> to matters at home, I shall prosecute my journey on the first boat which will likely go down to morrow. Every thing is dull but vice, that seems to be on the gaining hand. I have not heard any thing said in regard to our people since I have been here except in my conversation with Mr. Raplie who is an acquaintance of mine, and quite friendly. The people here from what I have ilicited from Mr. Raplie is <​are​> about as elsewhere, a majority not believing stories,—
I think long the time since I have seen you and shall husband every moment of time <​it​> well until my return.
May the Lord bless & preserve you all is an[d] shall be my prayer until I see you again.
Present me to Mrs. [Mary Fry] Miller & my children, and all other friends.
yours Most truly in the bonds of the everlasting covenant
PS I send this by mail) as it may be the faster conveyance)
Shew this to Br Jos.) as it is written for him) [10 lines blank] [p. [2]]
[page [3] blank] [p. [3]]
<​ MO. SEP 5​> <​18​>
Hancock County.
Illinois [p. [4]]


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