Letter from H. A. Cyrus, 1 May 1843

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Land for Sale.
N. E 28, 6 N. 8 W. 160 acres. Patent— Title perfect
N. W. 28, 6 N. 8 W. 160 "— "— "— "—
E ½ N. W. 33, 6 N. 8 W. 80 " Improved— Congress title
Terms— $5 per acre, Cash—
☞The above will be sold, in lots of any size, to suit purchasers; provided a company will take an entire lot.
For description, see Pleasant Ewell, or Abraham Godden Golden, near the premises
Address H. A. Cyrus,
P. M. at Houston, Ills–
Houston, May 1, 1843—
Houston, May 1, 1843—
President J. Smith,
Sir, I have the above lands for sale. As many apply to you about land, I send you the above notice; which I hope you will do me the kindness to have posted up, in some conspicuous place.— If you will call attention to the above lands, so that a company, (or an individual) shall take any one or all of the lots; I will pay you $10 for each lot. I do not expect that your various avocations will permit you to pay much attention to matters of this kind. But when emigrants arrive, & inquire for lands, please point out the above lots, for they are desirable locations; and on their sale I will pay you $10 for each of them— It is small compensation; but these hard times, it is all I am authorized to give
Very respectfully
H. A Cyrus—
3X10= 30$ [p. [1]]
President Joseph Smith,
H. A Cyrus, per
Houston Ills
H. A Cyrus
offering 3 yrs Sects of land


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    Docket in handwriting of William Clayton.